Affiliate Marketing In Australia

Affiliate Marketing In Australia is on the rise. More Aussies are finding working from home in affiliate marketing is the way to go. Learn how to earn today.

It has been pretty tough for many Australias during the pandemic however, the resilience of Aussies has shown we are not giving in to these issues on hand but are able to take action and forge forward as we always have.

There is one thing that this Pandemic has shown, is that more people are seeing the many great benefits while working from home.

This could be a result of a work environment where some are able to work from home during the time.

While others are finding that working as an Affiliate Marketing from the comforts of home can bring many rewards not just financial either.

As a result, this has shown to have many other benefits when working from home.

Here are just some benefits of working from home can bring you.

Affiliate Marketing In Australia

Benefits of Working from Home Online

  • Set your own hours
  • No commuting required
  • Work anywhere you wish
  • No Stock or inventory required
  • No staff costs involved
  • Spend more time with family
  • No Customer Services required
  • Anyone can learn Affiliate Marketing

So imagine how you could be when you can work from home, be able to gradually ditch the boss, and become your own.

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Australia has been lagging behind but now is gaining momentum as businesses are starting to realize the opportunity for greater brand recognition and increase awareness.

They are seeing the fact that it is better to focus online rather than just at the local level (brick and mortar).

Affiliate Marketing In Australia With Commission Factory

Over the last few years, there has been a 12% increase in growth within the retail sector according to Roy Morgan Research in their State of the Nation Report.

State of the Nation Report First Quarter 2013 Image.

They have indicated that some of the popular purchases made over the internet were in the travel and leisure sector which is around 45% of purchases made online and closely followed by fashion coming in at around 23.4%

The weekly online expenditure worked out was $285 for each person. This is a growing trend and shopping online is becoming the norm.

Not only is the increase in growth encouraging but there is an increase now where over 50 percent of Australians are shopping online and rising steadily and over 60% of people are using the internet more than once daily.

This is great news not only for businesses that are now incorporating and focusing on the online world.

But also for people such as you who wish to become involved in Affiliate Marketing online.

As they realize the potential for increased awareness of their brand (products or services) they start to have the need to allow affiliates to help spread their wares to a greater level.

A win-win situation for all concerned. The advertiser, the affiliate, and the consumer.

Affiliate Marketing. This is where you come in.

Here the business welcomes, in particular, website owners who deal with online promotions or affiliate marketing.

You have the opportunity to join their affiliate base for free.

This is a great time now for Australians to grab hold of this situation as the growth is ever-increasing and the opportunities to have your foot in the door earlier than later.

As the business expands so will you when you become an affiliate with the business or organization handling the affiliate network.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

This is a very simple process where you go to the business or organization and fill in your details along with your website name and other requirements they seek.

Once you are accepted the organization will notify you of your acceptance generally via the network they are with. Once accepted you are then able to advertise their products or services.

You will be provided with your own unique affiliate link either as a banner or a code where you can link this to your text.

This can be a special link you add to an image or anchor text or even a banner that has the embedded link inside.

Once done you continue to promote that product or service on your website.

When a visitor comes and visits your site, they will read what you have to offer, and should they like what they read and see, they will click the link which will take them directly to the main website you are affiliated with.

The affiliate network will handle all the financial details along with the delivery details.

Once payment has been accepted and processed your affiliate group will then proceed to send your commission on the sale of the item the new customer has purchased.

That is the simple explanation for becoming an affiliate.

Below is a chart courtesy of Commission Factory which I am part of.  I will add more on Commission Factory in a later post.

This will show you the Circle of Life for an Affiliate Marketer working online.

How Affiliate Marketing Works
How Affiliate Marketing Works

Not sure where to start with Affiliate Marketing.

There are many Scams online don’t be deceived by these online so-called gurus who would lead you to believe you can simply earn thousands with the click of a button sit back and watch the money rolling in.

They use your personal emotions to take advantage of you.

To learn Affiliate marketing properly requires you to learn correctly all the basics such as what is your Niche about, and how to build a website relating to that niche.

There is a lot to learn if you want to establish a solid foundation for your website for years to come.

Remember this is your future business online and just like a brick-and-mortar business, it takes some time to build the foundations and become an authority in your niche.

You can even create your online business relating to your passion that you have knowledge about and wish to share worldwide while at home.

So if you are serious about wanting to create your own business online, willing to learn the right way, and have the right positive mindset.

I have the perfect place you can start from and depending on your efforts, even earn while you are still learning.

Heck, you can even start for free just to see if affiliate marketing is for you.

If not then nothing to lose as the first 10 lessons are free with no credit card required.

Once you see the benefits you can choose to take the next level up and upgrade to gain over 120 lessons, 52+ additional training videos that can be watched as often as you want in your own time. 


This online training platform is not a get-rich money-making way.

As I said, you will need to make the effort and put in the work but the benefits are there for you to finally find the lifestyle you want and enjoy a better life for you and your family along the way.

So if you are interested this is for you.

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