Before You Start A Website Ask Yourself This


Before you start a website, before working your online marketing strategies, online marketing tools and techniques. Ask yourself this Question?


What is my purpose for creating a website?  What is your goal?


These two questions are very important and can determine your future online.

If you already have a website created and you are not succeeding then you may also need to ask yourself the same question.

But for the majority, this is mainly for those planning or thinking of creating a website online for various reasons some of which are described below.

Is the purpose of creating a website online aimed at promoting a brick and mortar business?

Let’s take two examples one is a brick and mortar business located out there in a Suburb near you.

The other example will be an online business with a really successful website built and based on the purpose and goal of creating a website online.

Example 1


First, you’re Restaurant (Brick and Mortar business).

Your goal is to create wonderful dishes with the purpose of building a successful restaurant.

One that will attract many customers and hopefully returning customers as well.

But before you decide to purchase your brick and mortar restaurant business you need to determine what type of dishes you wish to create.

Do you have certain culinary skills for a particular type of cuisine?

It is Italian, French, Asian, Swedish or is it a restaurant that also caters not only for in-house guests but also take-away foods?

These are the type of ideas you need to plan first before purchasing or building your restaurant.

Example 2


Perhaps you wish to create a website and do a review of Self-Help Books

A great example of this type is one that a good friend of mine has created.

The purpose Kristina had in mind before creating her website was to help others who may be in need to learn about some form of self- help.

There are many reasons why the need for learning about Self-Help can be beneficial for many. Some personal some for the benefit of others.

Some people may not have access to various shops or live too far away to purchase certain self- help books not readily available near them.


Kristina Founder of Books for the New Age

Kristina Founder of Books for the New Age


Mobility could also be an issue for some.

This is again where Kristina comes in.

Kristina realised that such books have not only helped her in life but also knew that others can also benefit from her wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

She knows that not everyone has the means to obtain certain things in life as stated above.

So the goal Kristina had and still does with great passion is to learn as much as she can.

As she reads, learns and understands more she is able to convey her wisdom by way of a review for your benefit.

You see it is not about the money that can be earned but what value you can pass on to others seeking some comfort in their life.

This brought Kristina to the point that now she has the foundation of what her purpose and goals are.

Kristina has now been able to successfully create a website that helps others along their journeys in life.

You learn but you can also earn, and grow in many ways. Kristina is a prime example of that.

You can see more on the books Kristina reviews here books for the new age   Feel free to visit.

The Definition


So whether you are creating a brick and mortar business such as the restaurant for the purpose of expanding your business and expanding that important customer base.

Or creating a website online just like Kristina’s in doing book reviews for the benefit of visiting guests on here website.

Both have one thing in common and that is very important for your success and in creating a website.

Now, this term is mainly used online but has the same meaning in the brick and mortar world even the business e-commerce world.

It is called a Niche.


You can read more about a Niche here but for now a short description of what a niche is.

This is basically a group of people interested in the same specific concept you have to offer your customers.

In this example for potential customers to visit your premises and purchase a meal specific to their needs and wants at the time.

Remember this could be a fine culinary dish people will come inside and sit down to eat or grab some food because it is a local take away or drive-thru store.

You need to decide what it will be as this is part of that Niche decision which comes back to being part of that purpose and goal.


Remember the niche is something specific that the same group of people are interested in.


You wouldn’t expect someone selling you Sushi in an Italian restaurant.

Nor will you expect to be serving meat dishes in a vegan restaurant as a vegan restaurant is something specific for a particular group of people a niche.

This is the type of niche idea you need to be seeking before you start creating a website online.

The more specific you are the better understanding you will receive in creating your website online.

This is the vital part that needs to be thought of even before choosing a domain name and a website created.

Once you have that purpose and goals set and you have decided on what your niche will be then you will be ready to start creating a website.


Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve



12 thoughts on “Before You Start A Website Ask Yourself This

  1. Jewel Carol

    Dear Andre

    Thank you very much for yr “successfulaffiliateru” website. I like it as it is clean and neat.

    Regarding the niche market, if we are able to find a niche which is hidden and not competitive,
    we should be able to dominate that niche market.

    One of the best ways I have found by learning from the Wealthy Affiliate education platform is find low competition long-tailed
    keywords, these keywords are much easier to rank your websites highly on Google!!

    Andre, thank you so much for such a wonderful blog post on “Before you start a website
    ask yourself this”.

    Jewel Carol

    1. Andre Post author

      Thank you Jewel for the visit much appreciated.

      Yes selecting a niche is very important as this will be the basis for your domain name and how you approached your website.

      Definitely Wealthy Affiliate shows you the right way to learn how to become successful with online or affiliate marketing.

      You are so right with the use of long tail keywords as this will help you when looking for higher ranking on search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo.

      What I found that by using the Jaaxy research tool which you can find more details on one of my pages it that when using Jaaxy this will help you refine further on those long tail keyword and even give high accuracy on the traffic, the power of the words used and many other benefits.

      There are too many to mention here but you can find more details on Jaaxy here if you wish

      This will help you gain a greater edge over your competitors when using the long tail keywords you mention above.

      The Jaaxy research tool along with being part of the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform is all you need to start being successful with your website.

      Thank you once again for your visit and please so you require help or assistance just drop me a line and we will work it out.

      Take care be well

  2. doug

    Great post. I’m writing about my interest and also to help (warn) others. I’m hoping that as time goes on I can refine my website so it doesn’t look so dull…

    Best Regards


    1. Andre Post author

      Thank you Doug for your comments and your visits hear I really appreciate this moment.
      I had a look at your website you are developing and you are doing well.
      Keep going forward and and I say Always strive to Succeed and you will Achieve.
      Take care be well

  3. Joseph D. Anderson

    Nice site Andre! Really good content and liking how easy your site reads. I also like how you have spaced out your sentences. Thanks for making this website:) , Joe

    1. Andre Post author

      Thank you for your visit Joe much appreciated. Yes spacing out the sentences makes it easier to read it gives it a more relaxed feel. Wishing you well in all you do in life.
      Take care and be well

  4. Rob

    Hi Andre,

    I really like the way you have crafted this post. Using examples is such a good way for people to be able to see the identification process of a niche, and what is involved. Getting a passion off the ground and online is not always as straight forward as people like to think.

    You have provided some very useful information to help newbies make informed choices about niches, well done!

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Rob
      Thanks for the visit appreciated also thank you for your comments as well.
      Yes I agree that showing examples really is a great way people are able to see that process when breaking down a niche and breaking it down further to find that selective niche one needs to go forward.
      There is work to be done so there are no quick fixes or quick money to be had.
      If you want to build up a successful online business you need to know how to build a solid and strong foundation for it to survive the storms that may come at you from time to time.
      Wealthy Affiliate has done that for me and for many others.
      Once again thank you Rob please free to visit again and your input is valued.
      Take care and well

  5. Sebastian

    Hi Andre,
    I want to start an affiliate Marketing Website and I am still thinking about the kind of niche I should target. Would you rather recommend to have a domain name with a brand in it or rather some main keyword of your niche?

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Sebastian.

      Thank you for visiting my site much appreciated.

      That’s great you are thinking of starting your own affiliate marketing Website online. I wish you much success on that.

      As for the niche that would be dependent on who your target audience will be.

      They would need to be a specific group just like you are targeting and focusing within the website you currently have.

      When using keywords it is best to use some form of long tail keyword this will help you rank higher than using a single word.

      As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have an additional keyword research tool I use successfully this is called Jaaxy. But Jaaxy is more than a keyword research tool which not only helps you work out the best keywords to use, particularly with ranking and search terms but also the program can help you out with possible available domain names relating to your keywords to your selective niche.

      I have a written a post about using a Niche. It is called The Niche Definition you can either click on the link or search for the page under July 2014 in the Archives on the right hand sidebar.

      Here I have created an example relating to the broad word Healthy Diet and how Jaaxy can help with using a long tail keyword within your niche not only as a keyword but you can brainstorm and create a niche related keyword as part of your domain name.

      Hope you have a great day thank you again for visiting my sight you are more than welcome to ask further question should you need.

      By the way you have done well with your current site relating to diamonds. Well done.

      Take care be well
      Always strive to succeed and you will achieve.

  6. Kristina

    Hi Andre,

    love your post! It really is very important to figure out why you want to start a website and also if it is something that you are passionate about, because if not; you will lose interest in writing and creating more content. I really like working on my site and also working with Wealthy Affiliates, since there is such a lovely feeling of support and there is always someone around to pick you up when you need it.
    Love and light always my friend!
    Namaste, Kristina

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Kristina
      Thank you for the visit it is a privilege to have a talented person as yourself come along and communicate here.
      I really appreciate that so thank you for that.
      Yes you are correct in saying that the passion needs to be there if you wish to make a success and this would apply in other aspects in life as well as here as a website owner.
      It is great fun to be able to communicate with others via our own website knowing that along the way someone is being helped.
      I noticed that you are doing that as well with your own website dealing with New Age Books helping others with your reviews as well as expanding with your Remote healing that is totally awesome to hear.
      I certainly wish you well of that you certainly deserve it.
      Take care thank you once again and yes love and light always. 🙂
      Namaste Andre

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