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Getting Started How To Start A Future Learn Earn Grow while you Create Your Own Online Business. The Right Way In Affiliate Marketing

On another page, Gold Growing On Trees Not Money, I spoke about the growth of the Eucalyptus Tree and how the gold came to be on the leaves.

Now as you are on your way to starting and creating your own online business.

You will learn not only how to start a future with your own online business, but you will also gain the knowledge necessary within Wealthy Affiliate.

This will enable you to earn as you grow your website online.

Simply put, Learn, Earn and Grow with Wealthy Affiliate that’s how to start a future the right way to online marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here Learn Earn Grow

Now that is the right way to online success that you are looking for!

The pattern of the growth cycle of the tree and its end results as explained on the previous page is not much different from the growth of your online business.

Here I will begin to explain how you can benefit by following the same pattern as the mighty Eucalyptus Tree.

Both the tree and your business require certain needs in order to grow strong, tall, and powerful enough for its roots to be able to dig deeper and touch that gold reserve waiting to be absorbed into its own system.

The result of the growth of this tree will result in gold in the leaves of the tree and your money in your bank account.

As you build your website your roots to your business are reaching out to over a possible 3.6 billion people who are around the current usage of people using the internet.

So how would you like to have the roots of your business tap into those Gold reserves?

Before we start here are 2 valuable quotes from a man who went from being a pants presser to a millionaire within 4 years.

This talented man was the catalyst for other great motivational speakers of all time.

He was called John Earl Shoaff who was a mentor to Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar.

Not to mention having a strong influence on many other greats such as Anthony Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield to mention a few.

The Law of Success would have started through Earl Shoaff who was formally known as The Millionaire Maker.

“The planting of the seeds, in the earth, is basically and absolutely the same process that you use in the mental world.”

“When you plant a seed in the earth, you must plant it properly.”  John Earl Shoaff

Note: These quotes were made long before the internet as we know it but the idea is nonetheless the same way when building your new Online business.

So with the wisdom of Earl Shoaff let’s see the comparison with the tree and your online business.

 • Choose your seed type (Niche)

• Grab your land (here you can select a name and bring in your own domain (premium only) such as .com .net .org).

• Get some free land and learn to prepare the soil (Set up your free website with siterubix ).

• Plant your seed (Create your pages/posts relating to your niche)

• Add the nutrients and water your seed (choose your keywords and create content)

• Take care of your seed and watch it grow (maintain your site for your readers to visit)

• Supply further nutrients and water along with its growth (update and create more posts /pages)

• Ensure it gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air (ensure that the site is regularly updated to improve your social connections)

• Enhance the opportunities for its growth (Always look after your visitors/communicate with replies and follow through when required to increase social networking)

• The tree now enjoys the fruits of its labor along the way to its full growth potential (by being honest and truthful and continuously updating your site for your readers you will earn your rewards and tap deeper into your reserves even while you are still growing).

Can you see the similarities?

The growth of the tree is not much different from the growth of your online business. Click To Tweet

Just like a tree, your online business needs to learn how to secure its foundation.

You will be able to earn the benefits of its growth and in doing so you will stand out from the rest.

With your roots firmly planted in the ground and showing the Fruits of its labor for all to see but only for you to receive.

As you build on the growth process, the roots you plant (Your Online Business) will start to dig and want to go deeper in search of that Gold deposit just waiting for you to tap into its reservoirs.

As you learn along the way you can still earn and tap into those reserves while you grow your online business.

Through your determination along with added support, you will change that dream to reality when you realize you have stuck your own Pot of Gold with an increase in your bank balance.

The main difference:

The Tree relies on the elements it is surrounded by and is left on its own to survive in the ground it is planted on.

Your business is not restricted to one spot like the tree.

You are able to reach out to the world as shown above.

Remember? 3.6 Billion Users?.

So how would you like to tap into those Gold reserves?

Remember this motto: Learn Earn Grow the right way to online success.

Ask yourself?

1. Do you have the time to wait years for that golden moment, just so you can make a gold ring?


2. Will you decide to take action now and start the beginning of your financial success through other means?

Now it is your turn to decide.

If you choose: 1: Lie down, as I don’t want you to hurt yourself when you faint and collapse from holding your breath waiting for the trees to grow.

However, if you Choose:

  2: Then that’s great! You are about to set the plan in motion for your success online.

Plan and establish a foundation.

Before you plant your seed, know your reasoning behind it. You need to choose the type of seed you will be planting (your niche).

Along with that, you need to work out where is this land and soil to plant your seed(s) niches on?

So the first part will be to plan your intentions for your online business.

Sit down in front of the computer, with your word processor opened


with the first and original manual computer.

My First Computer

The good old pen and paper and make an action plan for the following questions.

Be specific about your goals and be true to yourself.

What are your goals?

• Why are they important to you?

• How are you going to achieve these goals?

• What are you prepared to do to make those goals happen?

• What are you prepared to do to make those goals happen?

The goals are now set.

Now you are ready to start preparing the foundational groundwork for your Future Online Business and its success.

Choose your Seed Type.

Now that you have made a plan you’re ready to embark on your journey to success, together with support from Wealthy Affiliate, you are ready to pick and choose the seed you wish to plant.

This seed is called your niche (a niche is where a group of people is seeking something particular to their needs and your seed is just that answer).

Your task is to select that niche/seed, promote it on your free website available with, then establish and connect with that group of people seeking your advice and support.

If you have experience in that niche/seed that’s great if not pick something you feel will be of interest to you and your future customers.

Just make sure that it needs to be specific and not too broad because when it’s too broad every man and his dog will be there and you don’t need all that competition at any time.

This is where you come in and stand out from the crowd as you are now being more selective in what you want to do with your online business.

For Example Weight Loss can be too broad however losing that Belly is specific.

Get Fit is too broad, however, getting fitter with a low-carb diet is more specific.

Get the idea?

Once you get on the Wealthy Affiliate program you will see many more ideas and options together with lessons about selecting niches.

The great benefit comes when you start to grow your seed (niche) that you have created on your own Website at WA.

You are ready to think about how and where you are going to plant your seed.

Wait!! Hang on!

 Where is your land? You need the land before you can plant the seed.

Grab your land.

When you start with Wealthy Affiliate, one of the lessons will be on helping you with selecting the domain name you will be using.

When you select a name, make sure it is relating to the niche that you have selected.

A tip would be to select a broad name for your domain name but choose a niche that is more selective and broken down as described earlier.

The reason for this is as you expand and grow within your niche you will be able to expand because you already have a broad name.

If you do the reverse it won’t work out as you become restricted in your movement unless you wish to stay put and not go anywhere.

You can refer to an example I have given on “The Niche Definition“.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short is just the place for all this to happen.

One of the benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, is that they can help you prepare and enhance your foundation so you don’t have to get your hands too dirty when dealing with the soil (That’s all the Technical background areas).

You still need to cultivate, but the major stress is taken out for you.

Many of the features and tools of the trade that for some, are too technical or complicated to understand are already included in your Starter Membership.

These technical parts are installed within the SEO (search engine optimization) tools for you, thanks to the brilliance of Kyle and Carson who are the Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Strive to Succeed and You will Achieve. Andre Learn Earn Grow Click To Tweet

Prepare the soil.

This is where your website(s) comes in as any successful business on the internet will require a website to succeed.

Just like this one you are currently on and soon so will yours.

Within WA as a Starter Member, you get a Free Website via to build your seed/niche in.

This is a gift from WA as their way of paying it forward to your success in the near future.

Wealthy Affiliate has your Back.

Now I can relax knowing this.

The added benefit of being in Wealthy Affiliate is that they also have their own Web Hosting that will look after your website.

Should you have an already established website you can also transfer it here when you join and become a premium member.

WA hosting is included in the memberships either for your free given by WA or as a Premium member where you may either already have your own domains or create extra new domains.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that WA is not only helping you along the way but also protecting your interests.

Remember you can’t just sit back and go on Autopilot like some others out there.

That’s one of the reasons why many businesses fail, they sit back and wait.

Their business gets no support they originally had, so when you need help there is no one out there, you begin to lose hope and your tree starts to wilt.

The good news is, being a member of WA along with your fellow community members there is always help and support within the various forums that can help to make your tree grow stronger, better, and taller because of all care for each other’s success.

So now you have your seed (Niche) you have your Land (domain name) the soil has been prepared (your website) with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Now you are ready to start planting your Seed so that as it starts to sprout you will then begin to let your visitors know “Please come and visit and see my creation I have grown for you to enjoy”.

Plant, add nutrients and water to your Seed

This is where you will add keywords and start creating your pages for your website.

What are the keywords?

 A keyword is simply a word or phrase that people search for in search engines.

Every time you type a word or phrase in the search box of your browser that’s a keyword that you have entered in.

In general, terms, when you go on the internet to search for something, you type the keyword then a list of sites comes up dealing with that word or phrase you just typed.

You, as a member of the public, you are now able to scan through the pages until you find what you are looking for.

However, you are now on the other side of the online business.

Here you will select some keywords for your website that will attract visitors to your site.

Along with the content that you create, this will draw your visitors because they are interested in what you have to offer then that is for their benefit.

Your Niche.

Now there are keywords and there are keywords, some are not so great, some OK, some fine, some are excellent.

These are the ones you will need to use.

Of course, that depends on your niche, so to help you within Wealthy Affiliate, there is a keyword tool section within the free membership that will help you select great keywords for your niche.

Some members who go premium select another keyword tool that will further enhance their business to a greater level and even show your competition.

This tool is called Jaaxy I have a link for this further just below if you are interested.

Remember the words Jaaxy.

This brings us back to the other part in adding nutrients and water that is creating pages. King Content goes hand in hand with his consort Queen Keyword.

Content is known as the King and keywords as the Queen when it comes to creating pages.

Together they can go hand in hand, but like all couples sometimes they work better alone without the other pestering them too much.

Our King content works best on his own most of the time, however, as usual, will need our Queen keyword to get things moving.

We can’t do without them.

What else is new!

As you create great content working with your selected keywords along with the support you gained in the lessons.

Your Website will start to get noticed by the main search engines which in turn will rank your site and move you up the ladder to success.

The search engines I am talking about are Google Bing/Yahoo.

Plant, add nutrients, and water to your seed continued.

Here is where you start to create the basic pages you need to have and start with on your Website. These are normally the first three pages.

These are normally the first three pages.

The first page would be much like your introduction page that relates to your Niche.

This is where you would associate and link your niche idea to your Domain name.

This first page created usually becomes the home page people will go to.

Remember what I said earlier about the broad domain name and the gaining muscles with weights they need to be relevant to each other.

Both the niche and the domain name should have a connection with each other.  

The Second page is known as the About Me page.

Here you will present a small introduction to yourself and normally how you came to create the site.

It could be due to a personal interest such as muscle building and you want to share the knowledge you have or can give to the visitors to your page.  

Privacy Policy is the third page.

This is a standard page on all web pages and is a must, however.

Don’t worry too much about what to write, Wealthy Affiliate will be able to help you.

All of this is covered in the course content you get for free when you join as a starter member.

Now with all the other comparisons that were mentioned earlier such as adding extra nutrients, and giving your site the extra sunlight it needs which will enhance the opportunities for your growth and gradually help you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

All the extra knowledge is included in various sections of the course content within Wealthy Affiliate.

These are the main parts of building your online venture.

The other comparison made earlier such as updating and creating more pages and content, and enhance your presence with other social media sites are all included within the training course that is available to you when you join.

Remember it is totally free to join as a starter member

Give it extra nutrients and sunlight.

Your website will require regular maintenance in that you will need to update and parts of your site such as plugins, themes, and extra pages will need to be included along with regular posts.

All these maintenance issues require work on your behalf. As you improve your site you will also benefit from the search engines.

These search engines search around their engines and they will find your site.

During their search, they will notice that you have created great content, and in doing so acknowledge this by moving you up the ladder in the page ranking.

The higher you go the more opportunity you have of being seen by visitors looking for what you have to offer them.

That’s when your tree will receive the extra sunshine for it to not only grow but the light will shine on your site for all to see and visit.

You see, search engines love seeing sites that are maintained regularly.

You don’t want your site to go stale and wilt away, do you?

While it’s good to have a foundation, for it to continually grow into that strong, solid, tall tree you need to give it the sunshine and air to grow via your regular maintenance.

That is the growth cycle of the tree and your online business.

Know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich scheme.

However, you will receive a vast amount of learning materials, tools, and support.

All this is available to you.

As you learn at your own pace you will grow stronger for it, just like the tree, and be able to earn while still growing your site.

You will see it grow quicker not at a rabbit’s pace some of these so-called millionaire gurus would like you to believe in their get-rich schemes.

Yet by managing your online business as discussed above and ensuring that it is given the nutrients, is watered, receives the sunshine and grow for the entire world to see.

In no time, you will have created your own special tree.

The leaves may not have the same gold on them, but your bank account will have the Fruits of Your Labour instead.

This will give you the financial freedom and security you were looking for.

To learn how to succeed where you will be able to earn a living that will help you to grow and keep growing for you and your family.

Your call.

money grows on trees

 ABC. So close yet so far.


Many people, I know within the Wealthy Affiliate community choose to strengthen their roots firmly into the ground and are prepared to do the extra work, learn more, seek help/advice where required, grow more.

Because of the training, they are also able to tap deeper into that Gold Deposit Reservoir they are standing on, where they can also learn along the way while still building their successful online venture in life.


Some, on the other hand, have overlooked and not realized just how close they were. 

To think, if only their roots had dug just a little deeper and found that extra support that was available to them.


While there are those who just ignore the opportunities of support available or given, only to either stunt their growth or even failed. Which are you A, B, or C? Remember!

It is very important to remind yourself, that everyone’s quest is at different stages of growth as is yours. Isn’t that the same with life?

Building a solid foundation with Wealthy Affiliate
Learn How To Earn While You Grow A Strong Foundation Between Yourself And Wealthy Affiliate

You can learn how to earn while you grow a Strong Foundation between yourself and Wealthy Affiliate.

You have the determination to dig deep into that deposit of gold that is available to you.

Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve

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