Gold Growing On Trees Not Money

Gold growing on Trees, not Money. Understand the growth cycle of a tree learn how to apply these principles, build a strong business foundation and earn online.

For the Eucalyptus tree to survive a long time it needs to have a solid foundation to make it strong and tall.

In the process, it is able to adjust to the current conditions and as it does, by steady growth is able to absorb the gold within its roots that bring this beauty to its leaves.

Now imagine this tree is your current or newfound business.

Learn how to grow your own website, in the process, instead of growing gold you will have the opportunity to earn an income as you learn the right way to work online.

It’s a simple process just Learn, Earn and Grow just like the Eucalyptus Tree did.

Eucalyptus Trees Absorb Gold into their leaves not money.
Eucalyptus Trees Absorb Gold growing into their leaves not money


 So Gold Found Growing on Trees?

 Yes, Gold has been found growing in the roots, bark, and leaves of Eucalyptus Trees would be closer to the mark mainly on the leaves.

It was Geoscientists that made such remarkable discoveries as minute traces of Gold particles were found in the leaves of some Eucalyptus Trees in Australia.

The area is around the Kalgoorlie Goldfields of Australia and to some extent shrubs growing around them as well. As a result of this amazing discovery, the Geoscientists managed to receive and learn vast amounts of knowledge.

This could have a large impact on mining exploration companies in the future.

Such a discovery has given mining companies a new outlook on new ways of searching for gold.

One that can take place above the ground first rather than automatically drilling into the ground.

This can reduce so much unnecessary damage to the land as well as its surroundings.

Diagram of Gold being absorbed via the roots of the Trees.
Diagram of Gold being absorbed via the roots of the Trees.

The detailed diagram shows how Gold grows on trees.

(To see a larger version click the diagram) as the trees are sitting on top of gold deposits that are buried deep underground, up to 30 meters (about 98.5 feet).

During times of drought (which can be long) these trees search for moisture via their root system.

Some of the roots go much deeper into the ground (refer to diagram) in search of more moisture.

In the process of absorbing the moisture, the gold particles are also taken up by the roots of the tree.

This is then carried all the way to the top into the leaves.


Before you decide to go prospecting in the Goldfields with the hope of growing your own trees or plucking leaves from the trees in the area.

Remember that if you are thinking of getting cash fast this way it most likely won’t happen.

According to the Geoscientists you would need to harvest about 500 trees growing over a gold deposit site just to make a gold ring.

So don’t grab that passport just yet unless you want to visit my beautiful country then, by all means, you are most welcome.

It might be more prudent to look at other opportunities to make money.

Even Harry Potter had to go to the bank to get his cash from Gringotts, there was no wand waving for any instant cash there.

No push button techniques, no easy money-making techniques.

That just doesn’t exist and if anyone told you otherwise they are like Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

So what does gold growing on trees have to do with having an online business?

As I stated in the beginning that by understanding the growth cycle of the Eucalyptus tree.

You will learn how to Earn and Grow your online business.

From the roots up. But this time with money.

Clicking the Getting Started link below will show you not only how to get started with your future in online marketing but also will show you how you can learn, earn and grow in more ways than one.

Getting Started – How to start a Future.

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I look forward to saying hello again.

To your success and good fortune in all, you do in life.

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  1. What a great introduction to a way of making money! I was ready to move to Australia and grow trees, until you mentioned a seemingly better way to approach money making. I think I may just give that free trial a go! Thanks for the information!

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  3. Thank you Jenny for your kind words. Yes when I first typed the old aged term of Money grows on trees I found out about the Gold growing on the Eucalyptus trees.and being an Australian couldn’t help but let people know about find from our Australia Scientists. I will be building more details about better ways to find our own form of gold,(online marketing or affiliate marketing) you are most welcome to come back and visit and let your friends know as well. The more the merrier. Take care and be well.

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  9. Thank you Sharyn for your kind words. Yes it is important to be able to combined both a the business and personal development in as much a natural way as possible, amongst other aspects in life. It makes life so much more enjoyable. Hope you succeed in all you do in your life. Take care and be well.

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