How To Create Your Own Free Website

With The Right Training and Support, Learn How To Create Your Own Free Website, Build A Solid Foundation While You Learn How To Earn Online

How To Create Your Own FREE Website

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In the process, you will not only build a solid foundation for your own business online but you can learn how to earn along the way.

Back in the old days to build, your own website would require technical knowledge of coding such as HTML or CSS.

This would also require many months or years of training to do so.

To a certain extent, this is still being used by website developers who could charge an arm and a leg to create a website and for many starting out can be quite costly.

Even more so, if you are still not sure of what your website will be about (more on that below)

However, here is the good news

You can learn how to create your own free website without the technical skills by way of: 

• A CMS (Content Management System) platform that makes building a website so much easier than ever before.

• You will also need a great training platform that will show you not only how to create your website but how to build a solid foundation that can earn you some money online either as a part-time option or for those who really want to get stuck into as a full-time revenue working from home or even while traveling around the country or world using your laptop

How to create your own Free Website

One of the best and easiest CMS Platforms to use is WordPress and together with a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, you will get all the training you need that can show you how to be successful online.

They will also give you 20 lessons along with two free websites to get you started.

Yes, there are other places that can offer you a free website and some are wonderful most are great for businesses as a one-page display.

Unfortunately, you are restricted in what you can do with it unless you pay them more.

Some may give you a wonderful theme for your website, most of which you are restricted in how you can use it, unfortunately, most do not give you the necessary training.

Many such places as part of this free service will include their ads that you have no control of unless you pay a fee to remove this.

In the meantime any ads your visitors may click will earn them money, not you.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can pick your own themes to choose from or change if you wish.

If you feel you changed your mind about the first theme you choose you can select another theme instead without any costs involved.

There are no ads on any sites and you are in full control of the content you produce which includes any advertisement you choose for yourself.

You will have full control of how you want your website to look and what content you wish to place within your website.

With the two free training sections (of which there are 10 lessons each).

You will be shown what is required to get started online, and by the 10th lesson, you should already have your own website off and running live for the world to see.

Below you will see what is within these training lessons available to you when you join as a starter member.

Online Entrepreanurs Course Level One

As you can see all the necessary steps covered are in a certain order to get you where you should be to get started online.

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Each lesson is about 1 hour long and you can always go back and listen to them whenever you need them in case you missed or forgot something within each lesson.

The second training available to you goes on a deeper level in showing you how to monetize your website.

Bootcamp Phase One

As you can see, there is a lot covered in the training lessons given.

There are more lessons available but this is for Premium members.

My suggestion is to begin as a starter member with all given to you.

As a bonus for the first 7 days, you will also receive an insight into what premium members have available as well.

This gives you a glimpse should your wish to go further forward online perhaps to make this your personal lifestyle rather than the average 9 to 5 job.

However, I do suggest using the free starter membership to your advantage and maximizing all given to you in those 7 days.

If the 7 days have gone you have gained greater knowledge along the way at no cost to you.

You are under no obligation to become a premium member if you do not want to and no one will email you or pressure you in any way.

You make the decision and the journey begins with you.

Wishing you well and hope to see you on the other side of Wealthy Affiliate by the way no credit card is needed either, it’s totally free to join as this also gives you the chance to see if this is what you are wanting to do.

Still, not sure

Here are some added benefits you get as a free starter member most of which you would have to pay additional costs elsewhere for having a website either free or one that you paid for.

Site Domains

The features below is normally additional costs you would be required to pay elsewhere however at Wealthy Affiliate all these features are provided free with your website

  • WHOIS Privacy Protection
  • 24/7 Support
  • Next Year Guarantee pricing (should you wish to purchase your own domain down the track).
  • Domain Security
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Advanced DNS Management & Instant Set-up

Virus & Malware protection

There is always someone wanting to hack into a program including websites that may be unprotected elsewhere.

You can rest assured that the Technical Team are real people and not robots.

  • They have many layers of defense against such attempts within their hosting which is free by the way another saving in cost.

Expanding with your website as you grow online

As you begin to build a solid foundation for your website there are many who wish to expand further and create more websites with different niches.

There is no concern that the space your website takes will not overload the servers.

Some places will charge you extra as your business takes off especially as you gain higher traffic.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, they have the best and up to date servers in the world which allows you to build a multi-million dollar website without compromising the space should you desire.

In fact, premium members can have up to 10 websites all with the same free hosting as you have with your starter membership where you received a free website to get you started.


This great service created just for its members gives you the ultimate writing platform for your website.

  • Templates are available to use that will help you not only with writing your own content but you can also save your own template for future use.
  • Build content in a much more efficient and organized manner.
  • Track and set any writing goals you wish to have along with helping you with your writing abilities as you grow online.

Grammar & Spelling Perfection

No one is always perfect with grammar these days and many of us including me may forget such grammar.

  • The platform helps to correct our grammar as your type or even perform a spell check automatically.


It is normally stated that content is King but keywords are Queen.

Keywords are an important factor in helping you gain an added advantage over others online.

Lesson 8 within the second course explains this more.

The powerful Jaaxy keyword research tool available to you will give you an added advantage regardless if you are starting out, or experienced as an online marketer.

  • Find keywords using Jaaxy within a matter of seconds
  • Get 30 free searches included in your starter membership

There are many more features available to you within the Starter membership.

Therefore, if you feel you want to learn how to earn online this is for you.

As I said, it is free to join, there are no obligations to continue if you decide that this is not for you or you want to give up.

That choice is only up to you but you won’t know if you don’t give it a go.

Success starts here how far you go is up to you
Success starts here how far you go is up to you

Test it out you will be surprised how much fun you can have creating your free website and have the opportunity to earn online.


Believe in yourself, Keep going forward and enjoy all you do in life.

I Look forward to meeting you on the other side.

Should you decide to join, I will connect with you and give you some added incentives along the way.

When you do join, all you need to do is provide an email, your name, and a short description of yourself.

That’s it once done you will be able to continue your free lessons given.

So why not give it a go and learn how to create your own free website here

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