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How to make money online at home with online or affiliate marketing. Learn, earn, grow while you build a solid foundation with your website.


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Have you seen the many questions and thoughts people have in wanting to make money online especially this question


How to make money online at home


One part that’s on many people’s minds when they are seeking some financial independence online, is the thought of how to make money on the internet, “how” to being the operative word.

Well, the great news here is the how-to part is being achieved by many people known as WAUers.


So what is WAUers?

Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate University Members.

What do the WAUers do? And who is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Learn Earn Grow the Wauers Way with Online or Affiliate Marketing

WAUers and what it represents; is/and/ or/ are probably the greatest thing since Affiliate Marketing came to the online world and that is better than sliced bread.

WAUers are members of an online business community called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Normally we call it WA for short because just like selecting a niche (Refer to The Niche Definition later) we like to break things down simply to focus on an important aspect of WA.

That important aspect is you the reader the same person who wants to be successful online and go forward.

You see Kyle and Carson the Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate felt there was a need for affiliate marketers to be able to learn the proper way to online or affiliate marketing.

There were too many issues when they started, too many wrong paths to take and not enough support and definitely not enough training to help and give you the knowledge to succeed.

Many others have failed in the past simply because no one could or wanted to teach them the right way.Kyle and Carson Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

So both Kyle and Carson teamed up and in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate was formed.

What they have managed to do over the years and they still are looking for better ways to improve the user experience is nothing short of fantastic.

With over 22 years of combined experience, they have created many training lessons, live and recorded video classes, blogs, other training platforms, provide keyword tools to increase your chances of visibility with the search engines such as Google, Bing/Yahoo and various other smaller engines.

A great technical support team who actually reply on the same day within hours (I know for a fact as I have had their tremendous support to when I started to resolve any issues I had).

WA even provides you with Web Hosting and if you are one of those people who may have a website but need to learn more so you can go forward and be successful you can.

You can even bring your website and redirect this within the WA Web hosting services which are included in your Premium membership, that way you are not paying extra for web hosting elsewhere, which is further saving you more money in the process.

Why paid for web hosting when it’s free within the premium membership?

How do I know this is not a scam?

Good point!

Of course, as a Premium Member I can give the best accolades about Wealthy Affiliate, but when you have been scammed in the past, these are just words and you may still feel cautious in case it happens to you again.I don’t blame you either.

Been there, done that and I felt the same when I first found Wealthy Affiliate. I was cautious and in two worlds on what I should do for the same reasons as you.

After going through the free training session that is available to you when you join. I soon found out this place was the real deal.

Within days I went further forward and became a Premium member, never looked back and also not interested in any other programs.

Everything you need to learn on how to make money online from home is here in Wealthy Affiliate.

What I found is with all the knowledge you gain here (especially as a premium member) to get that type of knowledge anywhere else would cost you thousands.

Then again I haven’t seen anyplace yet that can match Wealthy Affiliate with what they have to offer to their members.

Why go elsewhere when you are already with the best in the world?

Seriously it is the best training place in the online world. But not only training you get personal support from fellow members at all levels along with support from Kyle and Carson too.



As I stated just above I have been scammed in the past a few times too many probably just like many of you.

You can read about some of those scammers in my review of Scams Watch Out! Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.


I can truthfully state this is not a scam.


If it was I wouldn’t be here and still be working that 9-5 job plus the extra couple of hours of travel involves going back and forth day in day out.

I still wanted to have my own online business and when I found this Wealthy Affiliate.

I started to look into it at a bit deeper level this time and found one very important part that made me give this online venture one last chance.

What I found was that Wealthy Affiliate gave me the option to join for free (Yea that’s what I thought) but it was true.

You were given the option to try out as a Starter member for free along with some great incentives to help you go forward.

Should you wish to benefit further and upgrade to the Premium level that would be your choice and yours alone no pressure for you to do so.

Upgrade that hit a nerve.


But what I found out was that after the 7 days had passed you could still stay as a starter member for free.

You can still continue to use the two free websites with free web hosting and work on building a business and earn money but there is a limit to the learning.

Obviously, that 7 days bonus you had would disappear yet you still have the following is available to you as shown in the chart below.


This is a list of what I got as a free member when I joined:


Start To Premium Comparison Chart

  • 20 lessons available to you plus other areas from members.
  • Use of 2 free websites to develop and earn from.
  • 30 keyword searches available to you free keyword tools within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Create blog within the community that also gets ranked by the search engines.
  • Your work gets ranked by the big search engines such as Google, Bing/Yahoo etc. as well as increasing your online presence.
  • You can still be an affiliate and earn extra income.
  • If you choose to stay, starter members can earn commission from WA while Premium members will receive a higher commission (double payout).

As you can see there was still a lot to receive for free.

Yet I was still cautious and uncertain and hesitant, why? Fear of failure again.

If this didn’t work then the heck with this online world as far as I was concerned at that point in time everything was a lie all these options were just scams.

I was about to give up.

Fortunately, I didn’t and now I am glad I joined.

I learned from my mistakes,  I have earned a new respect for online marketing and as a result, I can now grow and go forward as it was meant to be.


 “Always Strive to Succeed and YOU will Achieve”.

(Quote from Andre Kozelj)


Have a look at the comparison and see if you like it, then decide if you want to upgrade or not.

The above starter membership is a 7 day trial period that included the Premium membership.


Please note:


This is not a get rich quick scheme.


You won’t be earning thousands by the end of the week or month.

If you are looking for a quick fix don’t bother that is the way to failure.

Here you will learn the right way on how to build a solid foundation to your website which will be your own business.

There are many training sessions in the form of videos, blogs and even the general support from the members, There is even a live chat so regardless of where you are in the world someone will be online to help out if there is a need.

Please remember that this part is very important!


It’s YOUR Business.


So shouldn’t you learn to build it from the foundation up?

As you grow in strength you earn that respect as a business owner.

Not only will your website grow further online but also grow your income and improve that lifestyle for you and your family.

Now that’s the way to earn money online from home. 

Where you can learn how to build, achieve the recognition online for your hard work and succeed in earning an income online from home.

Does your family deserve the best you can give them?


The great part of starting your free membership when you join is you get to try it out for 7 days with premium options.

This enables you to truly see how great the learning lessons and experiences are, you will find the immense support you receive even on the first day of joining.

When you join; just so we know you are a real person and not a robot, simply fill out your name, email address, create a username, password and enter.

That’s it, no credit card details required, once details are recorded you will be advised you are all good to go and can start learning how to earn and grow as a free member straight away. 


There will be no one trying to push you to do what they want but you will receive a welcome from the Co-founders Kyle and or Carson or both along with a personal welcome from myself.

You can then make up your mind whether you wish to stay as a free member or go further forward as Premium members there are no up-sells on up-sells.

Just the two choices available Starter or Premium and that choice yours to make.

You see it is all about what you want and what and how willing are you to learn in order to grow and earn and be successful in life.

Trust me you will learn more than how to earn an income you will learn respect not only for yourself but for others, and grow as a better person for it.


Remember the saying:

Albert Einstein

I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success. - Albert Einstein Click To Tweet




This was like that 100th time.


I took the plunge and signed up for free as a Starter Member plus all I had to complete was to create a little profile with a picture and a bit about myself.

This helps other members know who they are communicating with and to welcome.

I found out the community are real people just like me.

Now many of them are considered as family and you will see that happen to you too once you join if you wish.

There is no pressure either you make the decision on where you want to go in life.


That was easy to do.


I started the training courses (both of them) I wanted to learn as much as possible before that 7-day mark came.

After 3 or 4 days I saw that I had made the right choice and was happy finally with the decision I made.

I took the option of going Premium plus there was an added bonus that I can give you also should take the same options as me.

Originally I went monthly and paid $19 for the first month of Premium instead of $49 (this was available if I took up the offer of going Premium within the 7 days trial period).

Now I have taken the yearly option which saves even more than before.

You will know what options to take if you decide to join for free or take up the option just like I did.

I will ensure you paid the same $19 for the first month ($49 pm after that) that’s if you wish to become a premium member within the 7 days.

You will always be learning new ways to improve your website, there will always be updates available for you and even now after 11 years, Wealthy Affiliate is always looking for ways to update and improve the user awareness just so you can grab that extra edge over others still trying on their own.





This is only if you do so within the 7 days otherwise you would need to pay $47 pm but that is your choice and yours alone to make.

Why not! My thoughts were “If I am going to go Premium might as well save some extra money in the process”.

The great thing about all this there was no one telling me I had to take this option I could have stay for free but I saw the great value.

The only messages I got when I joined was welcome messages from both Kyle and Carson.

Then the rest of what I now call my new family members who welcome you and help you get settled and ready to help out should you need their advice.


Feels like a second Family


That is something you will find here in WA the community at many times feel like a family all there to help and support you along the way.

Best decision I made, I now have my successful affiliate website up and running.

I am helping many members both newbies and others along their pathway to success.

While earning, I am still learning and growing at the same time.



How great is that!


And you know! All this is happening at home.

No driving to work.

No traffic.

No bosses to answer to except yourself and the creator.

If you need that snooze you can without getting in trouble.


Learn Earn Grow. The WAUers Way!


This is the place to be if you want to learn to build a successful business online.

To your future success whatever it may be.

Looking forward to saying hello and helping you along the way.

Remember it really is for free to join if you wish to try it out, give it a go what have you to lose, but also what have you to gain?

The crossroad is there your choice on which road you wish to take.



Failure or success the choice is yours

Failure or success the choice is yours


Remember Learn Earn Grow as always go forward.


Take Care and Be Well Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve



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