Rewards Central Australia


Rewards Central is an Australian company that has been established since 1999 in fact since then they have rewarded members with over $34 million Dollars.


This gives testimony to the long-standing relationship Rewards Central has with their members as well as the various shopping reward partners they are associated with.


Rewards Central Australia Office

Rewards Central Australia Office

Who is it for?

Rewards Central is for any resident of Australia and is over the Age of 14 along with a valid email account is able to join.

For the youngsters, this can also be a great way to save money by accumulating the various rewards points available.

How does it work

When you join Rewards Central Australia as a member you are then able to earn rewards points in various ways from within the site itself.

There are many ways as you will see below on how you can earn either points or prizes even win cash.

Ways to earn


Enter competitions and have a chance to win a share of $10,000 Cash

Rewards Central Any resident of Australia can join


Earn reward points when you shop online at Reward Central


Register for Special Offers


Receive email offers to receive more points


Participate in surveys some can give you over 300 points for the one survey


• Fill in details for quick short surveys


Get web clicks and once click you can earn 2 points a day just by clicking one site.


Enter free guessing game by correctly guessing the winning number and you’ll d win 2,000 points.

  Depending on your Exp (more on that later), and how you play the game, you could win up to 14,000 points.

  This game starts at 11 am every day

Rewards Central Free Guessing Games


Become a Gold Member to upgrade this can be done in three different ways.

Rewards Central Free Guessing Games

1) Pay via Credit Card,

2) Pay via B Pay or best option, once enough points have been saved you can pay for your Gold membership using your points instead.

This requires just 495 points for 1 year or 1,500 points for a 4 years membership.

Mind you if you wish to pay by credit card or B-Pay the 4 years membership only cost $15.

Can you manage $15 for a 4-year membership?

If not then just save the required points and pay via points instead and you have not spent any of your only money.

That’s how I did it back in 2007 when I joined.
• You can also refer a friend to join and when the account is verified you receive additional competition entries to that share of $10,000 cash prize.


Join my alerts within Rewards Central and received various alerts that can include extra chances for cash prizes, new products, bonus reward points or entries you just never know which it can be.


EBank .This is awesome I use this regularly.

You can bank your points with Rewards Central. Depending on the term chosen and points given, you will receive interest in the form of extra points on top of the original points you selected as the start.

There are 3 terms 1 to 3 months and also three different levels with varying interest rates.

I have added all three rates for you to see how being a Gold Member will benefit you.


E bank interest options

Gain Experience points along the way.

Here there are many simple tasks that will give you extra points as you progress along the way.

Such as one-offs and as on-going I will let the image do the talking on this.

So that is the many ways to earn points that will let you earn cash down the track.

There are many more fantastic opportunities within Reward Central Australia but I have already given you many opportunities on how to earn cash here.

All that is required is to join and as I said it is free the best option for Gold Membership is to do what I did.

Collect the necessary points for say 1 year which will give you extra points and further discounts compared to an ordinary member.

But the next renewal you will surely have more than enough points to take the 4-year membership.

Enjoy being a member here there are also games like rock, paper, scissors you can earn points from as well plus more.

If you are interested this is the place you join.





Be Rewarded Join Rewards Central Today for Australian Residents only


Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve



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