The Gabriel Method Affiliate Program


Lose weight, stay healthy with The Gabriel Method why not join the Affiliate Program also where you can earn up to 50% commission.


A Win-Win situation for your body and pocket.

Love to maintain your ‪‎weight‬ and still learn how to earn an income?. Let the ‎income‬ grow not your body.

Improving your lifestyle will not only help you feel better, but it will also help you become more positive about yourself.

Jon Gabriel is also a great Motivational Speaker touring the States in USA and Australia, along with many Television shows to boot.

As stated above, you can lose weight using Jon Gabriel’sMethod along with having an opportunity to become part of The Gabriel Method Affiliate Program.

This will enable you to build Up a Stream of Passive Income With a Proven System That’s Easy to Use plus no Diet involved.



Build Up a Stream of Passive Income With a Proven System That’s Easy to Use


  • You Earn 25%-50% commission on personal sales every month
  • We manage all customer service for your customers!
  • You’ll have all the easy to use resources you need to promote the program at your fingertips!
  • We have a completely optimized system to ensure the people you send our way make YOU the most money possible!
  • You can track your click stats, sales, commisions, ledgers & more live in our affiliate center!
  • You’ll have all the banners, email copy, & training you need to promote right away!


21-Day Meditation Weight Loss Challenge

21-Day Meditation Weight Loss Challenge


You can track your click stats, sales, commissions, ledgers & more live in our affiliate centre!

You’ll have all the banners, email copy, & training you need to promote right away!

Build Up a Stream of Passive Income With a Proven System That’s Easy to Use

There is no cost to become an Affiliate of the Jon Gabriel Method

To join, just click on the picture above it is as simple as that.


Special Note:

Good News for those interested in the weight loss side.

Previously there was such a huge demand of the MicroFlora they actually ran out and had to order an extra 1,000 products.

Not sure how long this will last either but to be sure order your 6 or 12 month supply now.

The body will love you for it and will return you to good health from the inside.

Check it out and click the image below.


Mircoflora 50 with Jon Gabriel Method


Tapping for Weight Loss


Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve



4 thoughts on “The Gabriel Method Affiliate Program

  1. Marie

    Hi Andre!

    Thank you for this information. I have been fascinated by the Gabriel Method since I heard about it less than two years ago. By learning how to eat better, how the body works and by taking care of yourself and the things stopping you in life you can lose weight. He shares so much know-how and give some great information about how to change things. I love the program.

    I’ve been thinking of joining their affiliate program. After reading this, I have decided to contact them when my website is ready for it. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.


    1. Andre Post author

      When you are ready you can go onto the same page here and there is a link you can become an affiliate.

      Don’t forget even before you have your website ready for this have a look at some of the free recipes I have received from Jon along with his 21 day meditation that can get you started even before.

      These are already on this website called Promotional Products Online where you will find some free recipes such as Turkey Stuffing and more recipes when you click on his image you.

      Even if you are not needing to lose much weight, you can learn to relax more understand more on the healthy way to a better lifestyle without going on a diet.

      Along with fun new ways to eat foods.

      You don’t have to give up on your favorite foods.

      I tried some of his recipes and over the last two months have lost 9 kgs so far.

      Please come back as I will be updating more soon that Jon Gabriel Method has to offer.

      Thank care be well and thank you once again. Please come back as I will be updating more soon that Jon Gabriel Method has to offer.


  2. Della Hicks

    The Gabriel Method has been around for awhile and is a trusted product. Thank you for showing this on your page. We don’t really hear enough about it.

    1. Andre

      Hi Della

      Welcome and thank you for your comment and also your visit to my website. It is much appreciated.

      Yes The Gabriel Method is a trusted product and have done the rounds so to speak.

      However I do agree with you in that more should be mentioned about such a great program that not only helps you to lose weight but give you body back what is needs most. Health.

      This is one of the reasons not only do I promote the product and will be doing more but also give the opportunity for others to become an affiliate as well.

      Then again this website is about showing you how to become an affiliate but at the same time show you what is on offer or about a particular program.

      This is in this case where the relationship of being an affiliate and also discussing about weight loss.

      To me knowing details about the product is important in order to promote that particular product.

      In time I will add more about The Gabriel Method along with some more free trials/information.

      Keep visiting once in a while as there will always something new somewhere in the pages or some pages will get revamped as new changes become available as well.

      Thank you again

      Take care be well


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