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The Gabriel Method Totally Transform Your Body Diet Free Way is the Holistic solution for the Body, Mind, and Soul by Jon Gabriel




Why keep trying to lose weight with these so-called Yo-Yo diets where you lose a bit then you gain a lot back. You can still enjoy many foods you love by taking a different approach to the way you eat and think. 

Over a period of about 12 years, Jon Gabriel had gradually massed an extra 91 kilos (approx. 200 Lbs) to his body weight so that by 2001 he weighed in at 186 kilos (410 lbs).


Jon Gabriel Fitness Program
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Had he been a boxer this would have been the equivalent of having two heavyweight boxers in the ring fighting each other.

In fact, weighing this amount Jon was fighting, not as a boxer but slowly was fighting a battle for his health and possibly his life.

The problem was he did try to lose weight with many diets.


Does this sound familiar to you?


Jon stated in his book The Gabriel Method “I had tried everything I could to lose weight: every diet under the sun. 

Unfortunately, this resulted pretty much in the same way as many of these diets end up”.

He ended up gaining weight, at times more than what he started with.

Although you tend to lose weight at the start after a while you plateau and instead of losing weight you are now trying to maintain that current rate until your body is ready to go it again.

In the meantime, you are craving for those foods you can’t have, so you start to lose hope and then what happens if you give up.

You try some of those foods you had to stop eating before.

Yum, never thought they tasted so good you say to yourself then you take another one.

Next thing you know you have gained not only the weight you recently lost but most likely gained some extra just for good measure.


21 Day Meditation 

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The meditations can be about 10 min long each day that can help not only transform your thinking about your body but also your life.



21 Day Meditation Weight Loss Challenge


Body and Mind Discussion


Mind: Why did I gain the extra weight after this diet?

Body: Why? It’s because you need to store that fat for those lean times.

Mind: What lean times?

Body: You know the lean times back in the Ages when we had to hunt for food and sometimes it was scarce. So you need to eat everything including the fat for body storage that lean times?


So the Mind realizes that the body is in control and gives up.

What happens to you then is you start to gain that weight you lost and then some.

Now you are heavier than when you started.

 Don’t Fight The Fat Trigger


Find Out What Your Fat Trigger is Now



That’s why you keep losing.

Your body has a built-in Fat Trigger that can override the Mind. The more you fight the body the more you will lose the fight.

So if you want to win this battle you need a different strategy and different methods.

You need to learn a new way to fight that battle.

As you earn that knowledge of how to think differently you will grow in strength.

You will build that strength your real body needs to be able to establish itself not just for lean times as the body thinks but for all times and keep that balance of mind, body, and spirit.

The best strategy you need is the one that works and has been proven to work.

You will not only lose you the weight you are seeking but you will also gain a healthy you from the inside out.

This method is not a quick overnight miracle you won’t be losing heaps of weight within a week.

There will be none of these crash diets where you need to sacrifice what you love.

In fact, it’s not even a diet so don’t think of it that way.

The problem with weight gain and much like a lot of other issues in life is that it takes some time to build up and remove the problems if you want to do it properly.

So the best method to lose weight is not by going on a diet and restricting or abandoning what you love to eat.

The best method is to learn and how to eat properly and efficiently using The Gabriel Method.


Remember what The Great Napoleon Hill stated?


Napoleon Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve. Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet


So too can your mind conceive and believe that you can and will lose weight the proper way, where you will achieve the desired result because you took control with the intent on losing not only weight but the want for better health and life!

Remember the Journey begins with you.

You will feel happier, you will become healthier, you will be a better person for it.

Below you will find some ideas and ways you can lose that weight just like Jon did.



Tapping for Weight Loss




Listen to the free Video with Jon Gabriel on Night Eating click the image below.


Free Video Night Eating
Free Video Night Eating



The effect of insulin on weight loss

Why eating at night is not conducive to burning fat.

Tips to change your eating patterns


 Wishing you great success in losing weight.



Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve




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