The Niche Definition

The Niche Definition What is it? What is Your Niche About? Before you create your own Website you may need to read this if you want to be Successful Online

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The Niche Definition What is your Niche about

Before you create your own amazing website have you considered The Niche Definition? What is your niche about? Click To Tweet

What is the definition of a Niche? Can we use any niche? How do I know if my niche is right? Is my Niche too broad? Here we will look at all these questions and more.

Who are the intended visitors you wish to help?

Well knowing and understanding more about the definition of the Niche will help you to focus on the specific group of people you want to help.

These are some of the questions you will need to ask before creating your own website.

What is a Niche?

According to Miriam Webster, the definition of a Niche is;

” A Specialized market” is “The situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people”.

In other words, a niche is a group of people that are interested in something specific to their needs.

This is the group of visitors that you will want to attract to your website because you have something to offer them specifically according to their needs or wants.

As they already have an interest in what you have to offer they will come to your website for further information.

So what Can I offer them and what kind of niche can I have? Can I have anything I like?

Yes, you can offer any type of niche you want but it will depend on how you approach it.

You see the best niche to choose will be the one you have the most interest and passion in, perhaps a skill via your experience throughout the years.

It may even be a hobby, a passion, or an interest in a cause that you want people to get involved in and benefit from.

You may even want to become an affiliate and market products online and make an income at the same time.

The main aspect you would need to ask about going to be

As stated above, this will be something you want to avoid because it is for a particular group of people.

Choosing Your Direction

Here is a great video that can explain more about choosing a niche

Should you have a broad vs a narrow niche or both?

Page from Amazon with Babies and product. It all starts with a niche

Let’s work this out together.

For example:

Let’s say you are interested in being healthy and want to tell the world about having a healthy diet.

You are thinking of creating a website on this topic and want to help out those who may also want to have a healthy diet just like you.

Now you have selected a niche idea “healthy diet” and this is what your Website will be based on.

You have something to offer your future visitors to the new website you created.

The only problem is the words Healthy Diet is still far too broad to be beneficial for you to use as a niche.

I will show you why.

If you look at the diagram below, I am using the keyword healthy diet taken from, in my opinion, the best keyword tool around called Jaaxy.

Using the keyword Healthy diet within Jaaxy Keyword Tool

As I said above the first issue you will have is using the words “healthy diet” this is far too broad of a niche to use and I will show you why.

Here I have done a search for your niche “healthy diet”.

Now when you look across, you will see a list of metrics showing more details on your chosen niche.

This shows you that there are 539,806 monthly searches on your niche (that’s great) and 91768 (wonderful as well) estimated traffic.

This sounds great to have such a large amount of visitors.

Jaaxy metrics sample

However, when you go to the QSR (Quality Search Results) it shows an amount of 351 this amount is the number of actual websites you are competing against.

This is your competition based on the keyword you have selected in this case “Healthy Diet”.

Normally anything under 300 is good however you need to also take into consideration and focus even further on the other last two metrics.

That is KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) and also SEO Power (This is the score based on traffic, QSR, and competition).

KQI shows three different colors (only one is shown here) Where Green is great, Orange is OK and Red is poor (which is this one).

The last metric is SEO Power as explained above healthy diet is 41 so this is also not the best one to use as a niche.

So what do we do to fix this?

Well, this is where the real niche definition comes in.

You start to break down your original niche idea and now focus on your selective group of people.

Now as our original keyword is “Healthy Diet” we begin to make a breakdown list and brainstorm a bit.

Ask yourself this?

Who are these specific groups of people I am thinking of with regard to having a healthy diet?

Here are some ideas to help break down your original niche, in this case, it was a “Healthy diet”

  • Healthy diet for diabetics
  • The healthy diet for diabetes.
  • Healthy diet to lose weight (this can be broken down even further depending on what type of weight loss and the reason for it).
  • Healthy diet to lose weight quickly
  • Healthy diet to lose weight while pregnant
  • Healthy diet after pregnancy
  • Healthy diet for your children
  • Exercise with a Healthy Diet.
  • Healthy diet for those over 50’s

Or change it a bit

  • Healthy diet for those under 50’s
  • Best diet for women over 50
  • Diet women over 50
  • Best diet for men over 50
  • Best diet plan for women over 50

Are you starting to get the picture?

This way you are now breaking down your original niche and focusing on that group of people looking for something specific.

OK, I have done another search for you with the last 5 from the list above as this is the type of specific niche we have been discussing.

These are a group of people looking for something specific to their needs.

Jaaxy sample for Diets of 50's

Now that you understand the metrics you will see that you are narrowing down to a select group of people in this case over 50’s both men and women.

This is where Jaaxy comes into play compared to other keyword tools around one that will help you in finding high-ranking keywords for your niche.

There are many keyword tools around and many will show and give very basic details but you still don’t know how you will rank on Google and getting on page 1 is your aim.

Jaaxy will help you get there.

Here the chart above shows that the Monthly Searches and Estimated Traffic are still there (this is still fine not as big as the original but it is a good result as you are focusing on a selective niche).

The main aspect of this search we really need to focus on is the other three QSR, KQI, and SEO Power.

We know that the Quality Search Results need to be under 300 the lower the better even 0 can work well if the other two are great to use.

All have a green light on the Keyword Quality Index which is great.

And SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will help you greatly. These scores are 96 and higher.

Remember the closer to 100 the better.

Once you create quality content on any of these 5 niches your chances to be on page 1 on Google are high and that is the aim of where you want to be, Page One on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine.


So now we have gone from a very broad niche in Healthy Diet to a selective niche as per any one of the five on the image above.

And by using any of the five above if anyone would ask; What is your niche about? You can happily and confidently say; This is my Niche and I am here to help you out.

Ok so now you have an idea for your niche now you want to get your own domain so you can create a website for all to see.

It is best when choosing your website domain name that it is related to your chosen niche.

In this case for example if available you could call your website or something to that effect should the domain name be available.

Having your keyword within a domain name makes it much more helpful with Google and other search engines when they do their searching over the internet.

For more information on domain names, you can check it out here What is a Domain Name? 

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Niches and anything else on my Website.

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Wishing you great success in your future and for your family.

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