What Is An Affiliate Network

Once you learn more about What is An Affiliate Network you will then understand the best way to earn as an Affiliate Marketer and grow your website Online.

This will help you understand the basics of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing online.

As you become an affiliate with the many Affiliate Networks available to you over the internet.

So let’s first work out what are these groups we will be discussing.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Advertising your website, products, and or services available for a local business to the general public can be quite expensive.

These costs can restrict many merchants from expanding their brand and some even give up due to the costs involved.

In order to alleviate this, merchants now have the opportunity to join an organization that will take care of their advertising, create links and banners, and helps to expand their brand on a broader scale.

In turn, this helps you as an Affiliate Marketer get the most from Affiliate Networks.

This is Where the affiliate network comes into play.

What happens here is they bring together many different merchants into one group within their network.

Some may have similar products while others are totally different.

By doing so they are able to expand their presence online on a broader scale as well as their particular brand the merchants want to establish for their particular customer.

How Affiliate Marketing Works.

Cycle Chart on How Affiliate Marketing Works curiosity of Commission Factory
Cycle Chart on How Affiliate Marketing Works curiosity of Commission Factory

The affiliate networks bring together many different types of merchants into their collective books.

They are able to assist them further with the overall advertising by allowing affiliates (you) to join and advertise on behalf of the merchants via your website.

How do they expand and saved costs for the merchant’s business?

By allowing affiliates to join the network you are able to promote that specific product or service for the business of your choosing on your website.

As your website develops further along and becomes ranked higher on the many Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are the main ones.

You bring the awareness of that particular product and brand of the merchants to the forefront with the public on a larger scale along with your own website as well.

Why join the network why not the merchant itself?

There is nothing stopping you from going to the merchant directly if they have the affiliate option.

However, you will find in many cases should you go directly to the merchant’s website most will tell you if you wish to become an affiliate for them, you will need to join that particular network they are part of.

So you are back to square one and need to join that particular affiliate network.

By the way to join an affiliate network should be free.

Merchants may pay a fee for the privilege of being part of a network but their return is greater with the lost cost involved compared to the high costs if they went it alone.

What do I get out of it when joining as an affiliate?

There are some points that will benefit you to join as an affiliate.

  • What you get is the various opportunities to join many different merchants based on your niche from one place.
  • This saves you the hassle of looking constantly over the internet and researching the ones you wish to join.

As the networks have thousands of merchants on their list you are able to find the ones you like and feel are most beneficial for your visitors.

The beauty of affiliate marketing

  • As an affiliate, you will receive various types of banners, links, etc. that you can place on your website.
  • As a result, there is no need to create or deal with any coding (Great for those with no techy experience).
  • When you promote the products relating to your niche, you will attract visitors that are looking for something specific to their needs. 
  • As your visitor reads and sees what there is to offer, should they like what they want and choose to purchase, they will click the link you provided them with.
  • From here, your visitor is taken to the merchant’s website where more in-depth details of the item are given.

This is where the purchase will take place.

  • Affiliates do not need to have any products or handle any financial transactions or delivery details as the merchants take care of that as well.
  • Once a sale has been made your visitor is now considered a customer and according to the policy and agreements you have with the merchant, you will be paid a percentage relating to the sale in the form of a commission.
  • The other benefit is that all commissions you receive from the merchants will come directly from the Affiliate Network itself as they handle the final distribution part for the affiliate.
  • You will also get reports and most likely a statement of earnings. This is normally on a monthly basis so you can keep a record.
  • The main benefit you can take as well is that you are not only becoming more successful as an affiliate, but you aren’t only helping many potential visitors come to your site but sharing what is important to the visitor.

Providing a specific need for what they are looking for.

OK, so now you understand the basics of what an Affiliate network is and how it works.

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