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When I first heard of Wealthy Affiliate two thoughts came to mind. “What Is Wealthy Affiliate”? The other “Can I trust something called Wealthy Affiliate”



Wealthy Affiliate Home Of Affiliate Marketing Can Change Your Life



The reason I asked myself if I could trust something that goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate was that I joined a few places previously that promised a quick and easy way to make money which ended up as a scam.

Everyone I joined (which is on my scam list now) was just that. A scam nothing more nothing less.

I had spent thousands all up on these so-called quick rich schemes that promise to make you money in the thousands by the end of the month if not more.

You know the ones where you watch their videos with all those fancy cars, the Yacht or Beach, the mansion they say they bought in cash.

The use of actors many of who are scammers themselves helping each other out in their woven wolf packs.

Your mind is imagining all your dreams at once as you watch their videos, you are hooked and you join the first of many stages you don’t know about yet.

Because at that moment you are thinking you are on to something great and already counting the imaginary millions you are supposed to have in your bank account according to these thieves.

You continue to dream and are already in La La Land while you watch further videos of their deceitful lies but you don’t think of that.

You are thinking of how rich you will be in the next month or two mainly because you are already desperate to make money or at least sick and tired of the way you are living now.


Like a Shark hunting its prey


  Shark hunting its prey

They will try to get their teeth and latch onto your credit card as they convince you for more options that you really don’t need.

Here comes the crunch they tell you to get the extra advantage over the others (probably the same suckers as you and me) that you need to purchase this (up-sell so you do).


What do they say next?


Why settle for mediocre why not get to that millionaire status where you belong. Be that 1% just like the multimillionaires.

This option will finally get you there.

By the way, you have just most likely spent a couple of thousand of dollars and nothing in return except a note from your bank saying your credit card is either over the limit or you have reached your limit.

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Wake up sleepy


After a while, you then realize once your imagination has settled down you are getting nothing in return just some scams with copy and paste techniques which for the most part is illegal because it is not your work but someone else.

It is their hard work you are copying.

Have you just plagiarised someone’s work?

That is against the law do they care?

No of course not!

They only care about the money they got from you not your wants or needs for success.

You try to stop and get out of the programs you just joined.

If you are lucky you may get some refunds back while some others well let’s say don’t hold your breath waiting.

But you still are in that dream stage of “I need to make money” so you do it all over again and again and I know many others have.

Some are still going through this out there in the online world, hopefully, it’s not you.

All these problems and you start feeling that despair and feel that you will never make money online.

 Well, there is good news and great news.

This blog is getting long so let’s travel to the next blog relating to this and Wealthy Affiliate on what is it?

For the second half referring to Light at the End of the Tunnel.


So if you want to Learn The Right Way then Wealthy Affiliate is for YOU

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