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What is Wealthy Affiliate? Here you will learn from the best affiliate marketing training platform teaching you how to be successful online. No BS No fluff.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Home Of Affiliate Marketing that Can Change Your Life


Let’s get this off the bat straight away.

Wealthy Affiliate is not any type of those get-rich money-making schemes and you won’t be earning crazy amounts straight away.

There are no guarantees it is all up to you how successful you want to take it. No yachts, no mansion, and definitely no hidden upsells along the way.

So if you are looking for a get rich quick way then this is not for you.

If you want to learn properly I will show you what it is, what it can offer you, along with how you can learn to be successful online from the ground up.

No BS No Fluff only the truth. It is as simple as that.

This is a long-term commitment if you are serious about having your own online business for many years.

It is not to be confused as an overnight success according to some fakers.

I will show you all you need to know about what is Wealthy Affiliate.

One that will benefit any beginner and for some who have had limited success online.

Ripped off!

You see, I have been ripped off in the past with fake gurus promising you the world of riches only to fall to their scams, tricks, and false teachings.

So I know how you feel about being scammed and I don’t want you to become a victim of false claims made by others.

You don’t need to go through the same scenario as I did that is why the reason for this article.

Once you will learn what Wealthy Affiliate truly is you will quickly see the value in the training on offer.

You will be the best judge if Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not.

I will be honest with you in that Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect then again is there any other training program out there that is?

No business is perfect regardless of whether it is online or within the Brick and Mortar industry.

Any form of training can only teach you so much the rest is up to you.

If you want to learn properly and be successful in your own right this is your opportunity.

A doctor can only receive so much training, but if they don’t make the effort and have a positive mindset do you think they will become a good or even a great doctor?

No, they won’t.

Their success is dependent upon their own attitude, willingness to learn and apply what they are taught and continue to move forward.

It is the same with Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have all the right training but your success online is up to you.

So if you are up to wanting to be successful online and become a better person for it then let’s get started now.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is first and foremost an affiliate marketing training platform created by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers.

It has been in operation since 2005 which is unheard of these days with any affiliate marketing training programs out there if there are any.

Wealthy Affiliate has been considered as the #1 training platform worldwide together with a strong community of over 1.4 million members, you won’t be disappointed with what you learn.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

Sure there are many negative reviews out there but there are many positive ones as well as you can see here on Trust Pilot which is not part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Many training programs just fall by the wayside due to their poor teachings and often misleading statements.

Here you will learn the right and proper way in a step-by-step training fashion.

All the necessary training is covered that is important to your success online.

The training will teach you’re the basic vitals for any beginner as many have never created a website let alone tried to work online.

Then you have some who may already have a website but as they were never taught properly in the first place.

As a result, they have not done well.

Here you will have all the necessary training, added tools of the trade to give you further insights.

This will help to improve what you don’t understand regardless of your level online.

There is always something new to learn along with any updated training to keep up with the current times.

Depending on your level of membership you will learn all the true basics to more advanced levels that cover many areas vital to your success online.

As mentioned at the start there is none of this quick rich crap method.

They are just false dreams these so-called gurus would want you to believe you can earn thousand by the end of the day or week.

That is not real affiliate marketing; they are scams out to get your money.

Many will take you for a ride with nothing to show except your emptied bank account.

So don’t fall for them as there are many still out there.

Why do they have free Training?

There are a few reasons for this and I will be transparent with you.

As you already read I am not a fan of scams if this was a scam you wouldn’t be reading this as I wouldn’t be here.

Free Trial has three reasons

  1. As this is a business and like any other business that has memberships you have options to take with Affiliate marketing to the next level.
  2. The free trial gives you an idea on what affiliate marketing is but also to understand how it works.
  3. Having a free trial gives you not just a glimpse as per reasons two. It will also give you an opportunity to test and dip your toes into the water (so to speak) and gives you the option to see if this is for you or not.

So there is none of this it doesn’t teach you anything as some false reviewers would state.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by two friends who started in 2005.

They already were successful online in their own right and together originally started their own keywords program.

Gradually they felt it was needed to show others how to learn to be successful as they were and as a result Wealthy Affiliate was created.

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim are their names.

As you can see from the image below they have their own family.

Kyle and Carson Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Not only do they provide support to their family but through the insights they give.

They are able to share with their members how to benefit as a result of their teaching online.

They give their all and much more than you may realize until you join where you can see for yourself

What do they offer to their members?

There are three levels of membership available.

These are the starter, premium, and premium plus memberships.

I will only cover the starter membership but at the end will provide you with a chart you can check out what all three offer and there is too much to show in one article.

Starter membership

The starter membership as I said is free to try out and no credit card is required.

When you take this first and preferred option you can test the waters, dip your toes and see if this is for you or not at no cost to you.

You have the first ten lessons at Level one at your disposal with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

Here you will learn all the basics I mentioned earlier.

In all the training lessons regardless of which membership you have, each lesson has three tasks for you to complete.

This helps you to make sure you first understand what to do and second to make sure you are doing it correctly

The great advantage with all the lessons is at the end of each lesson you can also ask questions right there and then while all is still fresh in your mind.

You have a strong supportive community worldwide only too willing to give you a helping hand.

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Members come from all walks of life and there are also many super affiliates who come and help answer any question you may have.

I will be there for you as well.

Remember there are no stupid questions so go ahead and ask.

You will quickly find this becomes more like a second family who understands what you are going through.

Here are just some of what you will learn in the basic training at the start.

These are general as the training in each lesson is more detailed.

Lesson one:

This starts off with a walk-through video of Wealthy Affiliate.

How to complete your account setup along with a look at what the premium membership has to offer.

Remember this is free to start with no obligation to you

Lesson two:

In lesson two you will learn to understand the process of how to make money online.

Note at this stage you are not ready yet to earn but you will as you go through the training.

So don’t skip lessons, trust me I did that when I first started and found the hard way as I missed many vital areas so I decided to start all over again properly.

You will be asked to join in on some discussions and hopefully as you learn to comment on some questions or make comments within the community.

Lesson Three

Here is one of the most vital and important steps for anyone creating their website ad that is choosing a niche.

You will be guided in the direction to take for your niche before deciding what your website will be about.

Simple a niche is something people are looking to solve a problem or solution to their needs.

You will help your future visitors to your website find that answer in helping them with that problem or solution.

Lesson Four

Here is where once you have decided on your chosen Niche which is entirely up to you and how to build your website relating to that Niche.

You see before you build a website you need to know your niche first then create a website.

Too many people online create a website and talk about everything under the Sun only to fail online because they are not focused on one Niche at the start.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo also will get confused about what your website is about.

If you try to promote everything you won’t get ranked up high and no one will even know you exist online.

Choosing a niche first before you create a website is vital and most beneficial for you.

By the end of lesson four, you should have your website up and live online but there is more to be done for you.

Remember you are still learning along with building a website and all this is still free to start.

You will also get a free sub-domain SiteRubix website to get you started.

Lesson five.

Here you will learn how to set up your website your initial framework for your website.

You will already have a free WordPress theme included along with some important plugins which make it easier as no technical knowledge is required.

The video training shows you what and how to set this up.

Lesson Six

Here you will be getting your website ready for the Search Engines so they know you exist online.

This will get you closer for your website to be found within the search engines a major step towards your visitors to gradually find you.

Lesson Seven

Now you are set up you will learn how to create your initial content based on your selected Niche.

You will learn how to create some important pages most of which are required worldwide for all.

This will be your about me page, affiliate disclosure pages along with your Privacy Policy

 All this is explained what they are and how to create them within your free training.

Lesson Eight

As if all the above isn’t exciting enough now you will be learning about what are custom menus, and how to go about creating them for your website.

You have videos to show you how.

Lesson Nine:

Here you will learn and understand the importance of keyword research.

This is where you really get more serious online as here you will learn all about keywords and how important they are.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own Keyword tool is Jaaxy.

All starter members received 30 free searches to get you started.

Premium and premium plus members get this and more searches included free within their particular package bundle this is also dependent on the particular membership they choose..

Lesson Ten:

Here you have now completed all your initial training as a starter member along with completing all the tasks ask for.

Now you will be asked if you wish to continue to upgrade to the important membership levels and that is entirely up to you.

Just to let you know that although you are a free starter member you can continue to stay as a free member but you are limited after the first seven days.

Your free website is only available for six months which is more than enough time to see if this is for you or not.

I believe that is fair with what you get for free, and in fact, many have applied what they learned and still are able to earn along the way.

I won’t lie to you as using a subdomain is hard to rank compared to one you own.

But it is achievable; in reality, your best option is to go premium or premium plus membership.

Just know you are not being forced to upgrade if you don’t want to.

Remember the reasons I gave at the start of the free membership?

As I stated right from the start I am sharing with you regarding the question on “What is Wealthy Affiliate” with No BS and No Fluff just the truth.

No strings attached.

Your future is up to you.

If you are serious about wanting to secure a future online with your own website down the track for yourself and or your family then that is a final decision for you to make not mine.

Remember all this is free to join and start with the worst result is you have gained knowledge on what affiliate marketing truly is.

You do need to make the effort you do need to have the right mindset and definitely patience along the way.

What are the cost of memberships?

The Starter membership as stated is free to join no credit card is required.

The Premium membership is discounted at $19 for the first month then $49 per month after that and ongoing until you cancel.

You can take the yearly which works out to be cheaper in the long run which is for $495 per year.

The Premium Plus membership is discounted at$49 for the first month then $99 per month again until you cancel.

For the yearly, it is $995 which is a big saving compared to taking the monthly offer.

Again the chart will show you all you get plus the many bonus packages along with each paid membership saving you more along the way.

Have a look at the three benefits of each membership, with this chart when you click on it and you will see what each membership has to offer you.

So if you are interested in at least trying it out, I will be there waiting to welcome you along with the Co-founders in Kyle and Carson.

Personally, I would prefer you to start from the beginning for free, learn the ropes and make your own informed decision on how successful you want to be.

You deserve that don’t you think?


When you realize the many benefits you get and you decide to be serious in wanting to learn to be successful online the upgrades will be of great benefit to you.

There are over 120 lessons for premium members along with 52 live training classes.

For Premium Plus, you have an additional 200 expert live training given by many of the Super affiliates.

They own all their success from the training you are about to learn.

Many of these super affiliates are earning over $10,000 per month and more.

Note about the Super Affiliates

They worked hard and gave their all to be successful online and learn and own all their success to the Wealthy Affiliate Training in the process.

Now they are paying it forward to their fellow community members giving them insights on what works best and how to achieve what they did.

So what do you say?

Would you want to give it a go and try it out for free?

When you realize this is for you then you can always upgrade to get more training and many other resources to take you to the next level?

So if you want to Learn The Right Way then Wealthy Affiliate is for YOU

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Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve

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