Eucalyptus Oil Uses and Benefits

Eucalyptus Oil Uses and Benefits are many, from helping sufferers of asthma and other respiratory issues to helping to sanitize as a cleaning product and more.


Mother with Baby Koala on her back holding on to a Eucalyptus oil 

Not to mention the fact that one of the most beautiful Australian marsupials, the Koala, loves Eucalyptus Oil Leaves.

Centuries ago, when explorers came to Australia, they saw how the Aboriginal people of Australia used the Eucalyptus Oil found within the leaves in various ways.

They were amazed at the healing properties and other uses this amazing tree had.

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Back in 1852, a man by the name of Joseph Bosisto came to Australia from England.

Joseph was a pharmacist and became aware of the awesome power and potential properties of the Eucalyptus tree.

The Blue Mallee tree is a popular shrub grown in the southern parts of Victoria in Australia.

Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

Botanical name:  Eucalyptus polybractea  

Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Polybractea

Although there are many Eucalyptus varieties, the Blue Mallee is the most popular and beneficial for Essential Oil production.

This abundance of Blue Mallee helped Joseph Bosisto become the first commercial place of production with Eucalyptus Oil extraction.

Hence, the business’s name is Bosisto’s, a recognized and trusted name worldwide.

Bosisto’s manufacture and production of 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil.

But it has a wider range of uses and benefits other than what is mentioned above, benefits not only for the human body but also for other uses we will discuss as we progress here.


What is Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is derived from the Eucalyptus tree and has many practical, industrial, and healing benefits and uses.

However, as there are various varieties, not all oil produced from the Eucalyptus is the same or to the point of a higher grade.

Although many other Eucalyptus trees are used to produce Eucalyptus oils, many do not have a certain high-grade quality classed as pure essential oil.

Here we will discuss the higher-grade version of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Before I explain Eucalyptus oil’s benefits and uses, there are always the usual warnings to be aware of.


I must advise you of contraindications and warnings of its use that may affect certain individuals, depending on their physical condition and age.

As Eucalyptus Oil is highly volatile, some issues may result from the skin’s sensitivity when using the oil.

Other health-related issues such as high blood pressure, pregnancy, and even young children need extra care so check with your doctor first.

It is best to refer to your medical practitioner before making any changes.

It has been known that excessive use of eucalyptus oil can cause headaches and be fatal, particularly to children, if consumed internally.

Generally, the oil is for external use only.

Do not use it internally unless instructed by a medical professional.

 Did you know?

There are many other uses and benefits of using Eucalyptus oils. Below we will discuss some of those for you.

Eucalyptus oil is highly flammable, meaning gum trees may explode if ignited, including in bushfires.


Benefits-Uses of Eucalyptus Oil.

 Medicinal use of Eucalyptus Oil:

 As stated above, the Eucalyptus really is an amazing tree due to its versatility in its contained properties.

Tests have shown many of the properties of the oil contained within the leaf have the following properties.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, and expectorant properties.

This is mainly due to an active compound within the oil called Eucalyptol.

Because of its strength, only a few oil drops are required when dealing with illness, such as the flu or cold.

Eucalyptus oil benefits

• Used as a gargle to help soothe a sore throat.

• Promotes the breakdown and reduces mucous around the sinus area.

• Helps to expel mucous, thereby relieving congestion and sinus infection

• Relieves muscular aches and pains

• As an antibacterial /antiseptic kills some germs and

• Aids in the healing of minor skin conditions. Such examples are insect bites, acne, and cuts/bruises (the cuts are mentioned as one of the uses by the Australian Aboriginal people of this country).

As it has an invigorating action on the mucous membranes, it is one of the main reasons it is so effective for many respiratory ailments and other health issues.

Other Eucalyptus Oil Benefits

Respiratory problems:


Because the oil in Eucalyptus has many different properties, the benefits of Respiratory ailments alone are worth its weight in Gold.

The vapor of the oils, when released, has a calming effect and also helps to soothe and calm the throat.

It also helps to dilate the blood vessels, increasing the amount of oxygen in the lungs, thus aiding in normal breathing.

The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus essential oil also come into play in using it to get relief from asthmatic symptoms.

The benefits are greatly increased when the Eucalyptus oils are used with a Steam Vaporizer.

A Steam vaporizer can benefit the person with an ailment and assist as a decongestant and anti-inflammatory.

This can also benefit the rest of the family household, sending refreshing vapors around the house.

Steam vaporizers are quite popular.


There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on a vaporizer.

You can get a good cheaper steam vaporizer, which is more than adequate to perform the task at hand.

The same with purchasing a personal steam vaporizer; be careful with the young ones due to the steam produced towards the face.

My preference would be to use a steam vaporizer that can spread further and cover the whole room and benefit all who may be in the household.

I would tend to use the personal steam vaporizer only for Adults mainly as a safety measure.

But that is my preference only.

I have both at home and always used the larger vaporizer for the kids when they were young and a personal steam vaporizer for me.


When using a personal vaporizer that will cover the face.

Please do not open your eyes as they will sting.

As stated above, the larger steam vaporizer would be my personal choice for a family with kids.

For adult use, the personal steam vaporizer would be better for adults rather than children.

Be safe with your children; remember, steam is scalding and can burn if there is any misuse or mistreatment of the unit.

All that is needed is to fill it up with water add a few drops of Pure Eucalyptus oil.

 A list of recommended Eucalyptus Oil is displayed further below.

Using a vaporizer will help spread the vapors throughout the household, thus alleviating breathing, and helping relieve sore throats and or blocked noses.

Asthma and breathing issues

This can be of great benefit to people living with Asthma.

The other wonderful benefit of using a steam vaporizer is that it adds moisture and humidity to the air, which helps with breathing and avoids dryness.

The warm steam helps to soothe the dry, sore throat and loosen any congestion present in the lungs.

Remember, the vapors will help calm the throat, thereby allowing more oxygen into the lungs and breathing.

So with all these actions, all members can benefit from the household.

Further health benefits of eucalyptus oil

The health benefits of eucalyptus oil include the following:

Did you know?

It takes about 5 kg (12lb) of eucalyptus leaves to produce 50 ml of Eucalyptus oil.

You will get 100% of the natural product in your 50ml Bottle.

Eucalyptus oil is powerful, so each drop goes a long way.

This is the one that works so well with many of the healing benefits, as listed below.

As an antiseptic:

  • Eucalyptus oil helps with the healing of wounds, burns, cuts, sores, and abrasions.
  • Protects the open wound from developing any further infections from its microbial actions and exposure to the air as it creates ozone around the wound.

As an anti-inflammatory:

Here we have discussed how Eucalyptus Oil can benefit people with Asthma, which affects millions around the world.

  • The steam vaporizer helps with breathing.
  • It helps to relieve tension in the chest.
  • Helps to clear congestion

As a stimulant:

Eucalyptus oil helps to create a refreshing effect on the body via its vapors when used effectively with a steam vaporizer.

The vapors spread around the room, which helps relieve mental sluggishness and remove some of the exhaustion.

Eucalyptus Oil can also rejuvenate the spirits of sick people.

It can help and become effective with stress and mental disorders through the stimulant actions of the oils.

Another benefit of this works well as a stimulant, where the action of vapors flows around the room, and by doing so, it increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates mental activity.

By increasing the blood flow, the blood vessels around the body. This is due to blood vessels relaxing.

This is due to blood vessels relaxing.

As an anti-inflammatory:

Massage Eucalyptus oil into the skin and allow the anti-inflammatory benefits to take over.

Recommended for people who may suffer from aches and pains, rheumatism, lumbago, and even some sprained ligaments of the body.

As an antimicrobial:

Because Eucalyptus oil has been found quite effective due to its action in fighting germs, it works against microbial activity against various dental infections such as gingivitis, dental plaque works well, and is quite effective against cavities.

This is one of the main reasons you will find oil as an active ingredient in toothpaste and other mouthwash products.

Eucalyptus Oil as a natural pesticide:

Yes, Eucalyptus oil can work as a bug repellent, especially for Lice.

That dreaded problem we see with many of our school kids at various points during the year.

Here in Australia, if there is a reported incident of lice (quite often it is one of the school kids) are not allowed to go back to school until they have been treated for lice, and a doctor’s certificate is provided stating that the child is cleared of lice and able to resume going back to school.

This has a very drastic effect and can easily spread, particularly with school kids that can transfer not only at school but spreads to the family.

If unaware or ignored, infected parents can infect others at work, thus creating a vicious circle to the new parents to their children going to another school.

Lice is a serious issue at school, but you can also see it within an adult working environment.

When my kids were young, they too fell victim to getting lice from someone at school, and as parents, this became very frustrating as they were not able to go back to school until this was cleared up.

We have tried many products; some didn’t really fit the mold; some helped but did not get rid of the problem properly.

The problem is the eggs that lay there are not all destroyed by most products, plus some products with all the other chemicals don’t always do wonders for your hair and skin, which can have severe results.

So every attempt to eradicate this is essential.

This is where Eucalyptus oil can come in, preferably before the issues, as it will save you money, time, and many parents’ lost time at work.

Applying a few drops to the hair and using the fine-tooth comb will sort out these issues.

This can become an annual ritual. 

 More Eucalyptus Oil Uses & Benefits:

 Not only does Eucalyptus oil have some great uses and benefits for the human body, but it also has some other benefits as well; here are some:


Hanging Eucalyptus in the shower
Hanging Eucalyptus in the shower

Relaxing baths:

Placing a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil in the bath will give you not only a refreshing atmosphere, but its antiseptic properties can also go to work while you relax in the bath.

 As a Room Freshener:

The antiseptic and pleasant aroma is also used as a room antiseptic freshener in many hospitals and homes.

Please note:

The oil is solid and powerful. I use the Bosisto’s Parrot Brand Eucalyptus Spray at home, and just one quick press is all that’s needed, so don’t use it like a fly spray as it can be very overpowering if overused. It will last longer as well if you use one short burst in the area.

Plus, its use would be better than using those air fresheners that contain all those other unwanted hydrocarbons or whatever other toxic chemicals they put in.

When you vacuum, you can also place a few drops of Eucalyptus oil near the air filter so as you vacuum, the scent of the Eucalyptus will fill the room with that clean fragrance Eucalyptus is known for.

As you smell that fragrance, you will feel refreshed, knowing the oil destroys those bacterial airborne bugs you can’t normally see.


Eucalyptus oil kills bacteria and germs floating in the air, so it makes sense to use this to sterilize the air and keep the rooms clean.

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray gives you the natural air freshener you need to keep the rooms smelling fresh, including keeping the bathroom, toilet, and guest rooms fresh with that natural aroma of the Bush.

So why not benefit the same within your own household as well?

You and your family are worth it.

Cleaning Products:

The antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties would make perfect sense to have Eucalyptus oil used in soaps, detergents, and household cleaners.

Don’t forget as part of a housecleaning product; you can always place a few drops in the mop bucket if you use a mop or even in the water if using a steam cleaner as the steam will only enhance that aroma as you clean.

A few drops in the toilet cistern can certainly improve the atmosphere as well, or a drop or two when you do the laundry, which can leave your clothes with a fresh scent.

There are many other places you can use around the house; the list can be endless.

That’s why with the cleaning product, rather than spending a lot on many different chemical products, Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Solution works a treat.

Not only is it cost-effective, but it can be used on a wide range of cleaning as mentioned above without the harsh chemicals to breathe and deal with.

Not only do you receive that woody and sweet aroma, but you are also ridding the area of germs and other microorganisms not wanted.


Works well as a stain remover when using Eucalyptus Oil.

It works great for removing gum; even on your carpet, clothes, and many other types of places, stains can occur.

Always test a small area due to the many new materials created due to manufactured ingredients; it is always good to do a small spot test first.

Remove unwanted odors:

We mentioned using it in the bathroom and toilet areas but did you know you can also attack those smelly shoes, even the dog bed?

With the dog bed or even other places, you can create a spray mix of some Eucalyptus oil with water, and even you can use some other great oils such as lemon for a different fragrance and even include tea tree oil, another great product designed to rid of germs.

Steam inhalers and Vaporiser:

The first two, the steam inhalers and Vaporizer, shown below, are the same as what I have at home, so I can personally recommend them, I have had them for over 18 years still with no problems.

So they have had their share of use, but to this day, I still use the inhaler and the vaporizer when someone in the family starts those sniffles.

I love using the vaporizer before the family goes to bed as the Eucalyptus fragrance will already be in the air, not only disinfecting and refreshing the air but as the vapors are in the air, it begins to work their magic when we are in the room by working on the breathing passage sooner than later.

Because the vapors are already being inhaled, their breathing is already somewhat smoother and more relaxed when everyone is ready to sleep.

This will help the sleeping process work faster; thus, everyone gets a night of better sleep.

This will help to ease the sleeping process to work faster; thus, everyone gets better sleep.

Of course, you can make your own choice, but I know this works great for adults as well.

As for children, mine are young adults now yet they still use the same procedures as when they were younger.

Below you will find some of my personal choices both with inhalers and oil products.

However, you can also search further below and see if there is anything else that will benefit both yourself and your family, including your pets.

Do you have an interest in the use of oils and their benefits?

Perhaps you love Aromatherapy or love using essential oils aside from Eucalyptus.

Below you will find some great Aromatherapy Oils for your personal use.

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living now available on Kindle

I would love to hear of what uses or benefits you have found when using Eucalyptus Oil, even along with the inhalers.

Please leave a comment below with your opinion, and the benefits you have received are valuable.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve

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