Napoleon Hill The Law of Success

Based on the book, Napoleon Hill The Law of Success Grow your Personal Success through the wisdom that many Affiliates have achieved in their career while earning online


In Napoleon Hill The Law of Success

Napoleon Hill wrote: “Teaching, for the First Time in the History of the World, the True Philosophy upon which all Personal Success is Built”.

The original book was called “The 16 Laws of Success” but was later changed to “Napoleon Hill The Law of Success”.


Napoleon Hill The Law of Success


His original multi-volume collection called “The Law of Success was released 20 years later (refer image below).

This included the secret to the success of all the 500 business people Hill collected the knowledge and wisdom from.

Hill believed that having negative emotions particularly issues dealing with being selfishness or fearfulness did not belong or have a right to be part of The Law of Success.

Napoleon felt that such emotions were a source of failure that would only be suited for unsuccessful people.

The only way to gain personal and positive achievement according to Hill was that unless the solid foundation was built, success could not be achieved.

This is the foundation that The Law of Success provided, and anyone displaying such negative emotions is already on their way to failure.


Who said it could not be done? And what great victories he has to his credit which qualify him to judge others accurately? Napoleon Hill


Although first released as a course, Napoleon took these works around every major city throughout the states for around 7 years.


Each Volume is available separately and the four-volume set would make a wonderful collector’s edition.

Law of Success the Original Unedited Edition 4 Volumes
Sold separately via Amazon


The 16 Lessons were as follows:

1. The Master Mind

2. Definitiveness of Purpose

3. Self-Confidence

4. The Habit of Saving

5. Initiative and Leadership

6. Imagination

7. Enthusiasm

8. Self-Control

9. The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

10. A Pleasing Personality

11. Accurate Thinking

12. Concentration

13. Cooperation

14. Profiting by Failure

15. Tolerance

16. The Golden Rule


Napoleon Hill The Law of Success


He dedicated The Law of Success to Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Edwin C. Barnes who was an associate of Thomas A. Edison.

Plus an acknowledgment of 45 (this included the above three as well). These were the most powerful men on Earth as per Napoleon Hill’s statement in the book.


List of 45 names Hill Thanked


Here are some of the other names mentioned:

List of 45 names Hill Thanked
Napoleon Hill’s List of 45 names He Thanked


 Not a bad list of people to associate with is it?


Although the release proved a success, the earnings were short-lived as the Great Depression hit and so did the royalties.

Did that stop Napoleon Hill? Hardly.

After the Great Depression Napoleon still felt that calling in spreading the news to people that there was hope and that you can be successful.



Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich



Shortly following this book Napoleon Hill’s most famous of all books came out Think and Grow Rich which is a further condensed aspect based on the above 16 Laws of Success.




The Laws of Success doesn’t always relate or is restricted to finances.

These laws also work on a person’s private life be is physical, mental, or spiritual.

That is also part of the secret as it’s is available for all who wish to use it for the right reasons.



Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve


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