Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich Written in 1937 with Over 70 Million Copies Sold Around The World Has Been Making Changes to a Better Life for Many In Need

Napoleon Hill holding his book Think and Grow Rich
Image of Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich holding his book

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

It still remains one of the biggest sellers with over 70 million copies sold around the world.
His book is still widely read today (that’s way over 70 years later) and considered by many great motivational speakers both past and present as a must-read.

Napoleon Hill believed in the concept that by what you can create in the mind and through your strong belief and action you can achieve what will make it a reality.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve.” 

As quoted by Napoleon Hill during one of his broadcasts.

At the age of 9 years old his mother passed away and like any child had difficulty with his loss.

His father found difficulty dealing with single parenthood. Napoleon didn’t help as a child with a high and vivid imagination proved to be a handful not to mention to be a little wild at times.

Although his father struggled it wasn’t for too long as Napoleon’s father remarried an educated woman called Martha.

Now Martha took a liking to Napoleon, regardless of his wildness she saw potential in Napoleon and knew he could use his high imagination for better use.

She discussed this with him and they both agreed that Martha would help him out.

So with her education skills and his strong imagination and talents were put to better use in a different form by way of writing.

By the age of 13, Napoleon was already working and writing as a reporter for a small newspaper nearby.

With the income received it was enough at the start to take himself to Law School but later had to withdraw due to financial issues.

Turning Point

Napoleon was given a great opportunity as a reporter.

A new task was given to interview one of the most powerful and wealthy men in the world, Andrew Carnegie (Founder of Carnegie Steel).

During their interview, Andrew Carnegie saw there was something different and special about this young reporter but wanted to test his idea and theory out with Napoleon.

Mr. Carnegie discussed with Napoleon a belief which he called “A Philosophy of Achievement’.

Andrew stated that using this philosophical concept that was the secret and way to true success in life, not just financially but in all forms of life.

Andrew Carnegie felt that all that was needed was a simple formula that anyone who understood this philosophy and uses it correctly would be able to achieve their desired results of success.

He believed that this should be available to anyone regardless of their social status or education and they would be able to achieve success in all facets of life provided they understood the secret to this simple formula.

Philosophy of Achievement

Now the idea was there but in order to discover this formula it had to first be formulated and presented in a way that those who truly understand this “Philosophy of Achievement” would see the answer and use it wisely to gain the success they are worthy of.

Many successful businessmen knew of this so-called formula and although it was never written, they made vast fortunes themselves.

As Andrew Carnegie saw Napoleon Hill had something special about him he gave him an opportunity that through him this formula could be found.

Napoleon was told this would require serious devotion as he had to interview many successful businessmen who became millionaires in their own right (in fact 500 was the number he ended interviewing).

He had to not only interview 500 powerful businessmen but also had to discover what these principles of success were and find the common factor that resulted in all who achieved their vast fortunes as a result.

Andrew Carnegie put the question to Napoleon if he would be willing to handle this role as to do so would require 20 years (that was the serious devotion required).
Napoleon accepted this task with no problems. Andrew Carnegie let him know that only travel expenses would be reimbursed as was only going to reimburse him the rest was up to him.

The Law of Success

The Law Of Success by Napoleon Hill

It was during this time that Napoleon Hill created his first main work which he originally presented his works as a course.

Later it became a book where the title was changed from The 16 Laws of Success to The Law of Success.   

This did prove popular and made a good profit for Napoleon, however, this slowly dwindled as The Great Depression came.

As a result, all the royalties he was receiving soon dried up.

This did not stop Napoleon Hill from wanting to be successful and he continued to push through.

The Great Depression:

During this terrible time, many people suffered financial ruin and some lost much more than just a business.

But that wasn’t going to slow Napoleon Hill as he continued to spread the word of hope and that you still can be successful in life not only in the business world but also in your personal life too.

Napoleon still had that urge to spread the word to those who wanted to believe and succeed in life.

That was the power of the law of success that no matter who you were rich, poor, smart or an unlearned person.

In 1935, Napoleon was offered and accepted a position from the then President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be part of the staff with the National Recovery Administration designed to inspire and motivate public confidence.

This was for a couple of years so in 1937 to which he left and decided to go back to his lecturing status.

In that same year, he began to work on a new manuscript which he called The Thirteen Steps to Riches, and presented this to his publisher.

The publisher didn’t want to publish this book as he felt it sounded much like The Law of Success and didn’t feel the need to publish this book.

However, after a bit of persuasion, the publisher agreed to publish his book, but only if it was called “Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle”.

When finally published the book went to press under the Title Think And Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich proved an even greater hit as in the first three weeks of release it was sold out.

The book has sold over 1 million copies after the end of the Great Depression.

In 1940, Napoleon Hill was worth more than $1 million.

To date, both books are still a must-read for anyone wishing to seek success in life.

This is a great testimony to the greatness of not only Napoleon Hill in the compilations of such great books but also to Andrew Carnegie who’s thought of a simple formula to make this a possibility as well.

Law of Success

In one way, the publisher was correct in saying this book closely resembled “The Law of Success” as much of the book did condense the laws further by the original version of The Law of Success which involved the 13 principles of the philosophy of personal achievement.

But in saying so this book proved much more powerful than The Law of Success.

The Law of Success started by providing the compilation of the ways of success by such great successful business people of the time.

It gave their thoughts, views, and perceptions of what is required to achieve such success in life regardless of social status or standing.

Which in my mind, was the original intent of Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill who set out originally to find the formula but over the long years finally created the right formula with the publishing of Think and Grow Rich.

Andrew Carnegie believed that what was needed was just a simple formula called “A Philosophy of Achievement” which is a definition of purpose being the crucial factor to success in life.

Napoleon Hill found the answer wrote the principles in the Law of Success but refined this further in The Think and Grow Rich book you now can read today at your leisure.


That this book although will be of great benefit to those seeking financial success in whatever business that may propose to be in.

This will also be of tremendous help and value to those who have the desire and a definite purpose in life.

To achieve a higher level in life one would need to be focused on the positive attitudes and aspects such as faith and persistence rather than living a life in negative energy allowing the thought pattern to keep you defeated and always failing in life.

The secret to achievement is not mentioned directly but if you truly believe in the possibilities you will find it.

Napoleon Hill did at one stage think about providing the answer directly.

However, the feeling was that if you really are ready for this then you will find it at that point in time.

By reading the book along with The Law of Success, will certainly reveal the answer to you.

Remember everyone is at a different level of learning in their progress in life so what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

But know that when you are truly ready the secret will be made available to you.

Always believe in yourself and continue to go forward for all the right reasons.

The Secret

Napoleon has stated many times that the secret is mentioned at least a hundred times in the book.

So for some, you will find it at the beginning for others it could be anywhere else.

This was also why Andrew Carnegie wanted to test his theories out on Napoleon Hill as he strongly felt he understood what that secret was and he was correct.

That’s why Napoleon Hill got his powerful opportunity which proved of great value not only to himself but to many along the way both past, present, and future millionaires.

Perhaps you are one of those future millionaires I am talking about.

This is why you won’t find the name of what that secret is. When you are truly ready and by really taking a good look at the books it will present itself to you.

This will only happen if you really focus, believe, and have faith.

When that moment arrives and you are ready you will know this secret which is there at least once in every chapter.

This is why to this day many motivational speakers still read Think and Grow Rich themselves on a regular basis and endorse this book for it is the Catalyst to their success and can be yours as well.

Let me ask you this:

Are you able to follow what is written in this amazing book? Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich?

“You are able and if you truly believe and you plant that seed in action what you sow so shall you reap”.

Believe in yourself, continue to go forward because you are worth it.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve


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