How to start your online business


Want to start your own online internet business but do not know where to begin? Learn how to build a solid foundation working from home.




It is great to be able to work from home with your own online or affiliate business.

To think, no travel, work your own hours, no boss to deal with, be more relaxed and most of all enjoying what you are doing and much more.

However, before you get to that stage one needs to ask some basic questions many would have learned in the school of life.

These questions are simple, yet when asked properly and answered honestly can shift your perspective in life in the most wonderful of ways.

Based on your response the answer you give will determine the way you are heading or at least, help you see if you are heading in the right direction.


When you are ready, get a pen and some paper out and as you go through each question physically write out your response.

Here are the five basic questions.

hand of 5 questions


Why, What, Who, How, When?

1. Why do you want to have an online or affiliate marketing business?

2. What is the reason you want to do this?

3. Who will benefit from this?

4. How are you going to do this?

5. When do you propose to start on this?


Now if you look at these questions did you notice that there is no mention of Money in any of the questions?


Why is this so?


The questions above can be used in anything you need issues that need sorting.

It could be a personal issue, family issue, working issue, or any other issues that need a proper response in order to change a problem into a solution for all concerned.

When you can focus on the above issues the money side will follow later but you are the first and foremost important part of life.


Let’s get started


Ok, let us focus on the title of this post “How to start your online business and keep it simple” using the five key questions.


Question 1



It is the reason that you feel working the 9-5 job is getting boring and you are just going through the motions.

Perhaps it is a financial issue which can co-inside with work as well.

For example not getting enough money to live a life beneficial to either yourself or if you have a family.


Question 2


This can bring us to the next question of what is the reason behind why you want to have your own online business.

Perhaps you feel you and/or your family deserve better than what is happening now.

Are you bored?

Do you feel that you can give more of your abilities or even improve? One that will make your life happier than just the day in day out lifestyle you currently face at work?


Question 3


This is a very important question, which will determine much of what you will do with your online business.

Who will benefit from this in you having an online business?


Hint! It is not just about you.

Question 4



Once you have written your responses on paper you will now be able to sit down and think. How are you going to do this?

How are you going to do this?

Responding to this website is one of the first and important steps you have taken, so well done on your achievement to date.

There will be some great ideas coming up on the how shortly once the last Question has been finished.


Question 5



This response is your second vital step to taking control of what you wish to do within the online marketing world.

The first step was finding and going through this website.

When is a powerful step and action to take in life?

It doesn’t matter if it is a half-step or full-step as long as that step is moving forwards and you keep moving forward regardless of any obstacles trying to drag you down.

Here are some of those words that tend to drag people down and much of the reason why people quit many things in life.

Have you heard these statements by others saying things like?

You will never be good enough, or this is impossible blah, blah, blah.

Heard of those statements in your life?

Perhaps you even said them to yourself at one point in your life.


Remember nothing is impossible the Word Itself says I'm Possible - Audrey Hepburn Click To Tweet

Nothing is impossible Quote by Audrey Hepburn





Your online business is the beginning of the rest of your life

When working online this is one aspect that is important to have.


A Website!


Website Learn Earn Grow Online Affiliate Marketing

Without a Website, having your presence known in the online world become close to zero.

It is not impossible, but in this current day and age and the way the world is moving online, you will find success most unlikely without a website.

Unlike a physical shop where you have a building and signage for local passing by customers to visit, in the online world, no one will see you if there is no website as you have no presence.

You need to establish yourself to make your presence known.

The main purpose of you being here is to help you gain the knowledge where you can have a website that you can build a solid foundation from, one where you can learn, earn, and grow with and become a successful online entrepreneur.

In doing so you will learn how to build your website but also to promote what your Niche which will be beneficial for the visitors who will come to your website.

What you are giving your visitor is called a Niche, which you can read more about here.

OK, so where can I learn about building a website and become successful online?

Of all the places, I have searched online, the best and one that is honest and respectable with no strings attached is called Wealthy Affiliate.

One that I am a proud member of and I know you will be as well should you wish to take either option when you join.


Options: Two choices.


The first option is to become a starter member, which is free to join.

Yes, that is correct, “Free” to join with no Credit Card required either so put that away.

What you will get with your free membership is not one but two free Ssiterubix websites.

That you can learn how to build a website presence on or even use the same website as your permanent site to grow online.

With these, you can learn how to build a website, increase your presence online and grow and go forward.

Along with this, you will also get access to the same membership options as premium members for a 7-day trial (more on Premium shortly).

You will also receive two courses both with ten lessons each as a gift.


Getting Started Course 1


The first course called Get Started (see image below) will show you how to build your website and build from there.

This is the first of 5 courses with ten lessons in each one.


Get Started Course 1



Bootcamp Phase 1


The other course you receive called Bootcamp. 

This is the first of 7 phases in the course again with 10 lessons in each.


Bootcamp Phase 1



This is normally is reserved for premium members as part of their membership.

Both of the extra courses are for those who are serious about seeking success online and look in finding financial freedom.

As I stated above I suggest you take the first one, I will give you honest reasons for this as well.

1. It is free, simple as that

2. This gives you an idea of not only how to build a website but also how to gain success.

3. You will also have this time to see if this is for you or not at no cost to you.

4. You have 7 days you can choose to either become a premium member and open all the many opportunities you will receive as a bonus for joining, many of which you will see when you join for free.

5. Should you wish not to become a premium member (which I might add there is no pressure to do so) you can either stay as a free member for life but without the added bonus and extra features or you can just leave and forget about it completely.

6. The websites for free members belong to Wealthy Affiliate as they were not purchased but are owned but by Wealthy Affiliate. That’s why when you are serious it’s best to buy your own domain which is explained more when you join.

7. I would not want to see you spend money becoming a premium member if you are not sure still on what to do or even cautious. This is your chance to test it out and make your own decision which I respect.


These are the main reasons I suggest you start as “Free” starter member as it is being as open and honest as I can for you.

This support is 24/7 by the way as they also have their own support team for technical issues as well.

There is much to learn but also much to gain as well.


To help you out further when you go to this link you will see the benefits and difference between the two memberships.



This is not an overnight money making machine nor a push button overnight success, you will not be drawing in the money within a month as those are just for scammers and rip off frauds.

To be successful online you will need to learn from the best in the field and put in the effort yourself but you will have the support of the many community members last count the membership was over 500.000 and counting

So if you expect to make money within the first week or so, don’t join as you will be wasting your time.


It’s time to build your reputation online.


If you have a physical store you need to build up your reputation as you go on your business.

With the physical store, some will just come in and window browse while other will walk in and purchase what you have to offer.


What do you normally say when staff ask you if they can be of help “Oh just looking”


Well, this is similar online you build your website and as you do, visitors will come in to visit your site.

Some will just look around and be curious, others may even like what you have the first time and you made a sale.

You will need to gain their trust and focus on helping your visitor in providing a service or product they are looking for and that is beneficial for them.

This is why learning from the lessons given and more are so important.

They have been developed by the two Co-Founders who worked hard and in turn, created Wealthy Affiliate so they can share there thoughts and techniques with you that made them a success they are now.

That is an honest reputation which has been built on and no wonder there are over 1,400,000 members. 

Trust, patience, and knowledge are what is needed for success.

Not to mention the right way to online success with the training given.

Not to mention learning the right way to online success with the training given.

There are many websites of the past and some still exist that use bad and sneaky methods designed to rip you off.

Especially the ones with the video’s claiming to make you money almost overnight without you having to do much at all.

You can read about these Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing to give you an idea of some. 

Your choice.


If you are serious, I am sure you will take the premium options I did after 3 days of joining as a free member.

You will find more on that should you wish to join on either option you take.

Should you join I will be one of the first to welcome you along with the Co-Founders of WA.

See you on the other side of success.


Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve



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