Learn How to Make Money Online With Your Own Website

Learn how to make money online with your own website. Be like a Gardener and create your own Garden of Eden If you want to Learn to Earn and Grow read this


Learn how to make money online. Be like a gardener
How to learn to make money online is like being a Gardener, plant your seeds, nurture it, and watch it grow.

You are like a Gardener did you know that?

Regardless of what you do in life, online or offline, the way you operate in life is the same as a Gardener would, when looking after their special garden.

The Gardener

First, a Gardener would want to learn how to select the best seeds that they wish to grow in their particular garden.

After all, if you intend to grow flowers as a business you will find difficulty in being successful in the flower industry if you have chosen apple seeds instead.

From here, a Gardener would learn what essential tools are required, not only to start with but also how to continue maintaining their growing garden for a sustainable future.

Much knowledge is gained, one that will enable them to reach the stage where their once newbie garden has now blossomed and become their own Garden of Eden for the world to see.

The Affiliate

Now consider yourself as the affiliate who wishes to be involved online with your own website and using the same thinking style as the Gardener.

First, you will learn the best way on how to find a niche (seed or flower of choice) of your choosing (more on this later).
Then as you learn, you will find out you can also earn not only the knowledge of how to create their own website (your laying foundation) but also earn an income and grow at the same time.

Over a period (depending on your actions), you as the affiliate will help to grow your website and through this process enable others to benefit from what you have created online.

In doing so, just like the Gardener who now has their own Garden of Eden.

Your website will have a strong and solid foundation that can create that financial stability that can give you the freedom and lifestyle you have been seeking.

Two Questions your choice.

The Question you need to ask:

Do you want to be an Affiliate like the Gardener and create your own website?


Do you want to be the one who was so close to finding success but gave up not realizing just how close you were?.

Success starts here how far you go is up to you


Earlier on, I mentioned the word Niche.

A simple explanation of what this means is that a Niche is something specific, that is a group of people who are looking for something that can serve the needs of their purpose.

For example with the Gardener, if people want to purchase flowers they will not go to the apple orchard but would go to a business that sells flowers.

This would be a niche but in a general sense.

More importantly, a flower business that would specialize in something specific would serve the purpose of that particular group of people wanting what you have to offer to them.

You may have a flower business that only grows particular types of exotic roses, compared to one that grows your general type of flowers.

If you want further details on a Niche you can check it out here The Niche Definition

Image of three Exotic Roses of various types

Now we are getting somewhere

This now becomes a niche that is something specific that people are looking for which can serve a purpose for their needs.

As you become successful, the bed of roses you have created now became your own Garden of Eden.

Therefore, in saying this, the niche you selected for your own website will be dependent on two very important aspects.

  • 1) Does it meet the requirements of the term “Niche”, as explained above,  for that group of people seeking something specific to their needs?
  • 2) The other aspect, is this Niche, something that you love to do and work on? If not then you will have great difficulty in motivating yourself to continue to go forward with a successful website later.

This is why it is important to learn from the best so you can become the best at what you do.

Your Niche is very important.

Remember the saying?

What you Sow so shall you reap?

This is not just a saying; it is a fact of life that works on all levels.

If you want to be successful with your own website in affiliate marketing or any other form online, then what you put into it will determine what you get out of it.

This is one of the reasons why many people looking for financial success online fall by the wayside.

You need to love what you do and do what you love. (Refer to point two above).

Always do your best what you plant now you will harvest later
Wealthy Affiliate The Home of Online and Affiliate Marketing

So just like the Gardener and as a website owner, you would be asking the same questions.

How can I gain the necessary knowledge that can get me from living that daily grind of 9-5 jobs, (just over broke) and learn to live a life that I can truly enjoy?

Learn the secrets to making money online


You need to work at it, particularly in the beginning stages just like any other business be it online or offline.

Fortunately, you won’t be left in the cold as you will have plenty of support.

The lessons show you not only how to learn how to make money online but also learn to build a solid foundation for your website.  

Learning how to set up your Website business online correctly is paramount to your success.

To be successful in the online world of affiliate marketing is not overnight nor is it a weekly success.

There are some, who would want you to believe that you can make thousands if not more within the month.

This is not true and the ones who want you to believe this are generally the scammers or frauds.

I prefer to call them Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Beware of Scammers

All they want to do is, take you for a ride with your hard-earned money and give you nothing but a boatload of rubbish. 

One that will most likely create more headaches than you can handle along with taking as much of your money from you and into their greedy hands.

Why am I giving you this caution?

I was one of their victims too in the past when I first started over two years ago.

I believed in their false promises, which played to the emotions of making fast hard cash with as little effort as possible.

Sadly, to say I did lose a few thousand dollars in the process now I take this as a hard lesson and steep learning curve.

There is no push-button technique nor is there any quick way to earn cash unless you win the lottery.

I learned the hard way so I do not want you to face the same situations if you haven’t already been hit.

Nearly gave up until

I was just about to quit just like in the first image digging for a way to succeed and about to turn until I came upon an Online Training Platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

I know, the name got me too at first but they had a program where you could join as a free member.

Here you will learn what you need to start you off along with two Site Rubix websites and free hosting to try out for 7 days.

If you wish to leave after that no harm is done not even to your credit card, as it is not required.


If you feel that you want to be serious about being successful online then you can purchase your own website (preferred choice) which you can also purchase for as little as $15 odd dollars.

It took me three days to decide to go premium and have never regretted making this great choice. I am still a proud member.

However, this is only for premium members with plenty of lessons and training materials you could spend months just on that.

You can find more on this here, which will also show you the comparison between a free member to a premium member.

There are no upsells either, the prices quoted for premium members have pretty much been the same for over 18 years plus, a testament that they are not chasing after your money but seeking to educate you to be the best in what you do.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Yes, your hands may get dirty with all this Gardening type work online.

Know this:

That dirt on your hands is the result of the labor of love you have put into creating that Niche of yours.

Through your hard-earned efforts along with your loving and beautiful nature, you have helped to produce a Garden of Eden.

In this case, your own successful Website for the world to see.

One where visitors from all over the world will visit based on the help and knowledge you give and share.

From this, you will find that when your visitors like what they see along with reading what you have to offer they will want to take action themselves through your website. 

They will select the link you provide them with where they can purchase what they have an interest in and you as the affiliate, obtain the commission from the sale.

These are links are called affiliate links which are explained with the first free course you get when you join for free.

So why not be that Gardener and learn how to create your own website and make that your Garden of Eden.

This is your opportunity to learn how to make money online and grow your own online business.

Now is the time to take action to create a future success one where you can even work from home online.

So if you want to [Learn How to Earn Online click here]

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Believe in yourself and always go forward.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve
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