Why is Affiliate Marketing So Hard?

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If Affiliate Marketing is Such a Simple Concept, then Why is Affiliate Marketing So Hard to Do? If this is the case, is Affiliate Marketing Worth it in 2021? 




Why is Affiliate Marketing so Hard


How does Affiliate Marketing Work?


This image below will show you the simple concept of Affiliate Marketing and how it works for you as the affiliate for the Niche you are promoting.

  • A visitor (your future customer) goes online to search for something they are interested in purchasing.
  • They see your website relating to the same product or service they are seeking.
  • As they read your content and like what you offer them, they will go through the link you provide and purchase the product or service.
  • As a result, your new customer purchases the product or service, you have now made a commission.
  • You have just made money online.


How Affiliate Marketing Works



That is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell.

This concept, as you can see, is simple and straightforward.

Now you can see the concept is easy to understand, yet many still struggle with this simple concept and wonder why being an affiliate is hard.

When you look at the above image, there is nothing more to it. However, Affiliate Marketing is the same as many other areas, even in the brick and mortar business.

You have a business you have the products or service the idea is to sell that product or service, and when you gain a customer, you make a sale on what you have to offer them.

Not much different there; however, although the idea is simple, the work involved takes more effort, work, and time.

Here is where many face difficulty working as an affiliate marketer online.

It feels too hard to do for many, and as a result, they give up and quit.


So why is Affiliate Marketing so hard to do then?

Like the old saying Goes

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Vince Lombardi


Are you Three Feet from Gold?


Three Feet From Gold


Which one are you?


Affiliate can be easy or hard, but that depends on you.

Here are some of the main reasons why many feel Affiliate Marketing is hard


Having the Wrong Mentality


To succeed in Affiliate marketing required having the right mentality and a positive mindset.

Have you heard of the saying, “You are your worst enemy?”

Affiliate marketing, although as we have seen the concept is to understand it still required work.

Thinking this is as simple as throwing links and expecting people to click and purchase doesn’t work that way.

It would be best to change how you think about what you write with your content and show your intent to help.

Shiny object Syndrome getting distracted.


A significant problem is why many find it difficult with Affiliate Marketing and then wonder if affiliate marketing is worth it.

As I briefly mentioned above, there are so many scams with these so-called gurus telling you how to make $100 or more a day by simply pushing a button and doing nothing else.

They are fake lies, and the only ones that will make money are the charlatan who can be pretty good at convincing you.

Even showing off with their so-called fancy cars (rented) fake testimonies (which are from poor and desperate actors who get paid cheaply for doing so) or their fancy yachts and mansions again all rented for the video they show you.

Most of the time, the programs they offer you are so cheap, but once you are in, they give up upsells ranging from $197 to $1997 and more as there are always further upsells.

None of them offers you anything different from what you can learn for free or for a smidgin of the price; get all the proper training along with help and support along your journey online.


Playing on your Emotions


I have seen some throw money in your face online.

Yes, some are good at what they do and can be genuine as they are successful in their own right, but most know how to play on your emotions.

They know you want a better lifestyle and want to quit your day job and have heaps of money.

Who doesn’t?

That is why they are so good at faking it to make you feel you can quickly and become a millionaire soon.


Not Willing To Work for It


Not doing the Work


Expecting everything to fall in your lap without any work effort will not give you the positive results you seek as an affiliate marketer.

Those who think Affiliate Marketing is a quick get rich money-making way are on the wrong pathway in life.

They don’t exist and are full of scams, full of fake gurus giving you false hope while in the meantime taking you for a ride while ripping you off with your money.

So if you are thinking of making money fast, this is not for you.

It would be best to keep your day job, work hard for a boss, do what you are told, and get your regular pay.


Selling rather than Helping.


Here is a big issue for many, including those who have tried affiliate marketing or those just starting.


Please note: You are not the salesperson.

You are not the salesperson; the product sells for itself.

You aim to help the reader make their own informed decision on how the product or service benefits them.

You are not there to sell but help.

It may sound counterproductive as an affiliate who wants to earn money online, but here it is.


Do not focus on money.


Instead, focus on helping your readers to make their informed decision on what they want and need for their benefit, not yours.

The money earned is a benefit as a result of helping your readers coming to your website.


Affiliate Marketing is a long-term commitment.


You are building a solid foundation for your online business long term and, as such, require having the right work ethic, patience, perseverance, and having the right mentality if you want to earn money online.

If you want to earn big time like many successful Affiliate Marketers I know of, and you can do it, you need to work for it, especially at the beginning.

Remember also, if you have never done affiliate marketing or built a website, it can and will be daunting even more so if you don’t have the proper training to learn the correct way to make your business empire.

You don’t need to be a geek these days to build a website, nor do you need coding knowledge.

This brings me to the final point.


Not having the proper training.


You have already read on some of the main reasons why Affiliate Marketing is hard, but as you can see, it doesn’t need to be.

Reading the many reasons why many struggles online may also wonder if Affiliate Marketing is worth it, especially in 2021.

Many have realized it is easier to work from home and start to find a way to work for themselves as affiliate markers.

Although this is great and fine to do, learning how to work online properly is another issue to deal with.

As many still do not know how to go about it the right way and, as mentioned earlier, fall for those scams and that quick rich mentality on to fail and lose money in the process.


So what is the better option in learning how to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer?


Getting the proper training will teach you the right way and the proven process to build your future business online to become the boss and work your hours.

You will first learn your Niche’s basics of creating your website with WordPress, which is the best and most popular platform around.

You can even start for free to get you started, and when you find how much you can benefit, there is an option to upgrade to the Premium membership, which will unlock all the entire training and added resources.

This option is only for the serious ones to be true to their word in wanting success online the proper way and is not a fast way to earn money.

The starter membership will help you create a website, and from there, you can see if this is the way to meet your needs and wants in life.

There are two courses available for free with ten lessons in each.

You make the informed decision if you want to go forward or not as this is your life.

The platform I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate, and it is here you will learn all the proper techniques to build a website and other methods to get you ranked with the search engines.


Number 1 Training Platform for Affiliate Marketers


Show you how to get traffic (visitors to your website)

Will explain how to create content (remember you are helping, not selling) correctly.

There is so much to learn yet so much to gain from the training.

More when you become a premium member.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and unsure if this is too hard for you, go with the Starter membership.

Even if you are still uncertain, this would be the best option.

The Starter membership is the way to go, which is free, and then when you realize how you can benefit more by becoming a premium member, which is the best option.

You can, of course, go straight to Premium if you wish, but I would prefer you to start with the free program and go from there.

After all, this is your future we are discussing, not mine. I am at the Premium Plus stage, which is the third and final membership just introduced, but you don’t need to go there; you have plenty of time for that should you wish.

So are you’re ready to become successful online with your own online business?

If so, select the image below, and let’s get you started and I will meet you on the other side with a special bonus should you go further.


The sky is the limit



Remember, you are building a solid foundation for your website, which is and will be your future online when you can and will earn money first by helping others solve their problems. The return to that is making money online as the benefit of that.

Here is some further additional reading for you.






Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve


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