Why Affiliate Marketing is Not for You

Learn Why Affiliate Marketing is not for you. Read the five essential facts you need to know before you think about working online with Affiliate Marketing.

 Why Affilaite Marketing is not for you

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Not For You.

These facts are also a significant reason for many quitting or failing online.

There is no need to be another statistic; instead, change your mindset, change your attitude with money, and you can become successful online.

5 Important Facts to Avoid with Affiliate Marketing

· Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich instant moneymaking scheme

· Not prepared to receive or follow proper training

· It is not quick and easy

· You won’t be earning money overnight

· Selling rather than helping

Let’s cover these statements one by one; you will find most of them interact with each other.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich, instant moneymaking scheme.

You no doubt have seen many YouTube videos and other fake ads online promising you to make how you can earn hundreds if not thousands in a day, a week, or a month.

They are not true, and as shown by many fake gurus, they are out to get your hard-earned money into their hip pockets and away from yours.

You will see them with their fancy cars, mansion, yachts, or some will throw money at you, saying this can be you just by doing what they say?

They do not tell you they have been in business for years perfecting their online swindles leading you to think they made this quickly, and so can you.

Such programs last for a few months before they disappear, only to re-appear with the same rubbish with a different name and a couple of adjustments to their plans and perhaps new actors.

They will give you their fake promises, fake testimonies (mostly from paid actors) trying to convince you to pay for their programs.

You will receive upsells and more upsells that can be in the thousands, yet nothing or hardly anything of benefit to you.


Because they know the emotions of people wanting to earn money fast for whatever they may have.

On the flip side, yes, many successful people online have done well and earned a full-time living from Affiliate marketing in one way, shape, or form.

The difference is, truly successful marketers worked for it honestly, truthfully, and in a respectable manner.

They help their readers give them the best advice and unique information to benefit them and not just sell for their sake.

Not prepared to receive or follow proper training

Whether you have experience or not, receiving proper training is vital for your success online.

Don’t think you know everything there is, as you will be surprised at how much there still is to learn if you truly want to be successful in the online world.

The reason for the struggles some affiliate marketers have can be Threefold for some.

1. Lack of or not applying the training given to you

2. Thinking you already know everything, you need to create success online for those reading this and already have an online business and are struggling. Then I ask you, how is it working for you?

3. Already received some training but have developed bad habits from improper teaching.

You are learning all the right fundamentals, ranging from selecting your Niche, choosing a domain name for your website.

How to create and set up your website and what is required to help with monetization and other areas such as SEO and social media promotion.

The list can go on as you engage more writing content and so much more.

Learning in the right order of things 

You may have noticed I put some of these ideas in the right order, Niche selection, choosing a domain name, both of which come before creating a website.

Those who are genuinely successful received the proper training that teaches them the right way from the word go.

I will show you what proper training looks like from the training platform that has been in business for 16 plus years and still growing strong.

The best way to learn about Affiliate Marketing is to receive the right training from the word go.

You can learn in parts and even ask questions to clear or clarify anything you may be uncertain of, and guess what?

You will receive answers from real people, not from bots or email responses weeks down the track if you are lucky.

If you are not prepared or willing to receive or follow proper training, this will set you back big time.

Proper training is vital to your success.

It is Not Quick and Easy.

Saying Affiliate Marketing is Quick and Easy can be such a deceiving and misleading statement many tend to give.

Even to the point, some tell you to push a button and make money overnight with little to do.

I make no apologies but this is so wrong and is so annoying when I see such rubbish fake statements online.

Affiliate marketing can be advantageous, satisfying, and rewarding.

Still, it is not a quick way to success or easy, as they will lead you to believe.

You need to put in the effort and do the hard yards, especially at the start, regardless if you are a beginner or if you have started already somewhere elsewhere.

It would be best if you learned how to work online from the word go; this entails finding your Niche, creating a domain name, writing content, SEO, and much more.

Thankfully, I will show you the best way to do this for beginners.

You won’t be earning money overnight.

Again, this can easily fall under the above facts, as Affiliate Marketing is not an overnight success.

You most likely will not see financial rewards, perhaps for the most part, until around the six to twelve months if you put in the work effort.

Remember this:

You are building a solid foundation for your business online, and this takes time for various reasons.

Part of the building is getting your website first indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

You need to create your website with content relating to your selected Niche (you can read about The Niche Definition here later on).

There are many other factors required to enhance your website.

Think about this:

If you are taking shortcuts and learning the wrong way, how can people find your website on search engines?

Another reason why it can take time, as people need to find you before they buy the service or products you have to offer them.

If you feel you do not want to make an effort going through the training, you most likely will not want to make an effort in other areas.

If that is the case, Affiliate Marketing is not for you.

Best to keep your standard 9.5 (Just over broke) job working for someone else.

It might sound harsh to some, but in reality, if you want anything to work out properly, you need to learn how to do things the right way in the first place.

Remember, this is the future online business you are creating.

Selling rather than Helping.

You need to have the correct mindset to be successful.

One crucial fact why many people either fail or quit is having the wrong attitude when working online.

With so many scams out there and fake promises, many people start to believe that they can easily earn overnight.

Perhaps be able to quit their day jobs just like that, only to be disappointed very quickly to the point that they will either fail or leave far too quickly.

Don’t Think About Money.

An important factor is not to think about making money; yes, I know we all want to make money online for various reasons); however, this is the wrong approach.

Money is the result of the work you put in, along with the help you offer your visitors coming to your website.

If you work for a boss, do they pay you in advance, or do they expect you to work first then reimburse you for the work you put in?

The main difference between working for a boss is that with Affiliate Marketing, you are the boss providing support, help, and valuable information that is of benefit to your readers.

Once they are happy and know you are giving them what they are looking for, then they will buy your service or product by clicking the affiliate link you have created.

Yes, you are selling the product or service on behalf of the affiliate network you have joined.

So what is the difference between Selling and Helping?

The difference is between Selling and helping; as an affiliate, you provide valuable insight for your readers’ benefit, along with why this will be of service to them, not to you.

You are writing unique quality content, letting your readers know what is available for them, how they can benefit, and enjoy what you have to offer.

Quality Value for the visitor first, the rest will follow.

Okay, so if you fall under any of these essential facts, this is not for you.

Unless you are willing to change your attitude and mindset, this is Why Affiliate Marketing is not for you.

In Summary:

Should you have any questions about the above or feel this would benefit you, please feel free to comment below.

Your input is valuable chiefly to others who read this as they may be in the same position as you.

Now that you know what not to do, you are now better positioned to succeed with affiliate marketing.

In the next post, I will discuss “What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners,” where you can get started for free and test the waters out to see if this is for you.

So if you are interested in starting your own online business the proper way, TAKE ACTION NOW.

Here is a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

One can help you achieve success rather than the other way round.

Quote by Dr Wayne Dyer

Changing your thought process will help you create the correct mindset, helping you achieve greatness online with your website.

Wishing you every success


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