Top 11 Reasons Why People Fail with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Works, yet here are the Top 11 Reasons Why People Fail with Affiliate Marketing. Avoid these, and find tremendous success online.

Why Do People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Some people who first start Affiliate Marketing struggle to become successful, while others succeed with great success.

Affiliate Marketing does work, so what is the confusion here?

It’s a scam or impossible to do, while others have made a full-time lifestyle working from home or anywhere around the world.

Anyone can succeed in doing Affiliate Marketing; however, two factors can separate one from succeeding or failing.

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Two Factors Separating Success or Failure

Mindset and Lack of Knowledge

These two factors can either make you successful or destined for failure.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer once stated

 “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Read that statement again as you go through the top 11 reasons why people fail at Affiliate Marketing and then let it sink in so that you can go from failure to success.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to affiliate marketing and wondering how or why it works or not.

Perhaps you have already started but still struggling along your online journey and need that extra helping hand.

I want you to be successful with your journey online, so you don’t have to struggle the hard way as I and many others did initially.

Learn what not to do to succeed for either yourself or your family.

 So let’s get started.

Top 11 reasons why people fail with affiliate marketing.

1) Not setting goals and plans at the start thinking Affiliate Marketing is easy.

2) Expecting the quick rich making overnight success

3) Shiny Object Mentality

4) Not prepared to put in the work and effort

5) Creating a website before you know your Niche

6) Niche too broad promoting everything under the sun

7) Selling not helping

8) Not doing keyword or proper keyword searches properly or wrong keywords unrelated to Niche or topic.

9) Content is King

10) Procrastination

11) Lack of or no adequate training to show you how to be an Affiliate Marketer Starting with multiple niches

Whether you are just starting or are already an affiliate marketer, setting goals is of paramount importance.

Setting goals is not that much different from setting up a vision board. It is there to remind you why you want to do affiliate marketing and what you want to achieve going forward.

When there are no goals set, finding motivation when things get a bit tougher can be challenging because many may give up due to a lack of motivation.

Work out what are your reasons for doing Affiliate Marketing.

Once you have asked yourself why and given your answer, write them down, keep them handy nearby, and reread them when in need as a reminder or adjust where necessary as you move forward.

If you have more ideas then add them to your list.

Here are some simple yet three powerful questions to ask yourself if you want to be successful online.

1) Why do you want to do Affiliate Marketing?

  • Do you want to be financially free from that 9 to 5 job?
  • Want to be your boss and work your hours?
  • Do you want to create financial stability for yourself and your family?
  • How much do you want to earn per month or year?
  • Do you want to help others find what they want or need?

2) What are Your Money Goals

  • How much money do you want to earn per month that would make you happy?
  • How much money would you be excited to earn?

With your money goals make sure they are realistic.

If you are thinking of starting an unrealistic goal, you need to reassess your thinking and reread the other reasons below.

It is not an issue if you want to make, say, $10,000 per month, but please note these below.

3) How much time are you prepared to put in to achieve your goals?

Some of you may be in a full or part-time job, while others may not be working for someone else.

Perhaps you are a working Mum or Dad.

Consider this and work out how much time you are prepared to make this work, depending on your circumstances.

This last question is vitally important, in particular with money.

Many set themselves for failure because they are always rushing to make money ASAP.

So if your goals are to make money within a week or month, then thinking strongly as this won’t work with that type of thinking.

Remember Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Quote?

Remember: You are making a commitment to yourself for whatever reason you may have or set earlier.

Very importantly, set a target and period of when you want to achieve this.

Please note this strong statement.

You need to realize that Affiliate Marketing will not be an overnight success, so thinking you will reach your goals within a month or two will be highly unrealistic.

Many people fail to see that being an affiliate marketer takes time to build a solid foundation with your website and how much time and how you use that time to invest in yourself to make it happen.

Working just once a week will not cut it for a couple of hours, especially when you first start, and the same goes for those who have already started.

Many will not see commission coming for around 3 to 6 months.

Depending on the Niche you have selected and many other factors, such as creating content and monetizing your website. (More on that later).

Compared to a typical 9 -5 job where you are paid by the hour in Affiliate marketing, you are putting in the hours in building your website.

You are getting it ready for the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find and index you. (Index means the search engines have found your website).

The fantastic part is as you build your foundation for your website and you create content around your Niche, you can move up the ranks in the Search Engines preferably on Page 1 of Google so that people will notice and see you.

Once they visit your website, they will like what you have to offer them, and in turn, they can click your affiliate link and purchase the product or service you speak about; in return, you earn a commission.

Mistakes and failures

Mistakes and failures will happen along the way, but learning where things went wrong and fixing the issue will bring success down the road.

There will be times you will fall. When that happens, ensure you get up again, and if you keep failing, then work out why fix the issue and get up and continue.

Not getting back up when there are issues faced is the difference between success and failure.

It is not how many times you fall but how many times you get back up and climb that mountain where your success is.

If necessary, tie your laces up, so you do not keep tripping because of the same problem.

Just make sure to get up and move forward.

1) Not setting goals and plans at the start thinking Affiliate Marketing is easy.

Goal Setting and planning ahead are vital to your success from the start.

Just thinking that affiliate marketing is easy will and can undo any work you have created plus you are giving yourself the wrong mindset.

As mentioned briefly above, Affiliate Marketing will not be an overnight success and, as such, is not that simple and easy to do.

In other words, there is no quick fix or only pushing a button and waiting for the money to come rolling in.

It takes some hard work, but it can be simple by having the right Mindset in place.

The meaning of affiliate marketing is simple to understand: You become an affiliate for a merchant program relating to your Niche.

Write some great informative and unique content for the benefit of your readers.

Your visitor will click your affiliate link and buy the product or service; in return, you receive a commission.

That is the basic concept of what affiliate marketing is; however, you need to make an effort to build a solid foundation for your business.

When first starting, you will require putting in the hard work to build authority with your website.

As you become more engaged with your content, you will start to attract more visitors to your website, thus increasing the chances and opportunity to gain more commissions and sales for what you have to offer your readers.

Creating content regularly, and maintaining your website to keep it up-to-date and fresh is essential.

In short: Affiliate Marketing is not easy, but when you put in the time and effort into your new business, it becomes advantageous long term.

2) Expecting the quick rich making overnight success

Have you seen many of those annoying pop-ups or especially on YouTube, someone gives you their story on how they made thousands within a week or month?

With lines such as;

Make $500 within minutes using this simple Copy & Paste technique.

Get paid $600 in an hour instantly.

How I manifested $10,000 overnight

Make $1000 a day with your phone.

Seen these, and you can find many more along the way.

There is a common term for this: Clickbait, and you are the bait.

Once you believe in their sneaky sales pitch talk, and trust me, many are very good at convincing innocent people. I used to be one of their bait at the start.

Due to your emotions of making instant cash for whatever reason you may have, you take their bait, and then they have you hook, line, and sinker, as the saying goes.

Many know how to market based on your emotions and give you the ultimate bait to MAKE MONEY QUICKLY AND EASILY.

Many are true to their word with their success stories as affiliate marketers, yet many who give fake testimonies even use paid actors to state their success in following their method.

Please don’t fall for the quick-making money trap. You will lose money as I did during my starting years in Affiliate Marketing.

However, quitting was not an option, and fortunately, I found a place where you can learn how to succeed and be honest with your business.

That is why I want YOU to know what to expect and what not to take.

3) Shiny Object Syndrome

Similar to reason No. 3 with promises of quick money, this can be a quick way to lose money and fail.

We are all guilty of looking for the new best thing jumping from one product to another, and waiting for the fireworks to happen when we get there. 

In the meantime, you are purchasing product after product spending your hard earned money with nothing to show for it in the short or long run.

For existing marketers, the same happens; they are working on their website, and may even be doing well, then an ad comes up showing the next best thing that will increase their earnings.

The Shiny Object Syndrome attracts their attention elsewhere from what they should do. 

They try out the new program to find out it doesn’t work as effectively as stated and, in the meantime, lost their real focus on adding value to their readers.

They get a bid discouraged until another ad or video comes up, which sounds even more promising, only to lose more time and perhaps even spend more money.

In the end, there is nothing to show except the loss of time and visitors to their website. 

No wonder many starter affiliates give up because they got distracted from the Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS for short when they could have been successful if they just did what they meant to do.

Stay focused and do not let distractions get the better of you; otherwise, your website will quickly fall behind and lose people visiting your site.

As a result, this also means fewer visitors and fewer chances of making money.

4) Not prepared to put in the work and effort

Take note of point 3 earlier.

“How much time are you prepared to put in to achieve your goals?

Here there is no work ethic, and many who have failed feel all they need is a website with a bit of content, post their links all over the place, including everywhere on social media, and then wonder why they are not making money getting visitors to their site.

Note that nowadays, most social media sites consider posting just links as spamming and may get you into trouble and be banned.

There is a lazy attitude to this, and one needs to realize this is a business, and like all businesses, whether it is brick and mortar or online business, you need to make an effort to make it happen.

It would be best if you remembered this is your business, and you are accountable for your actions. You determine how your business will be successful or not.

You are not working for someone else; you are working for yourself, so the attitude needs to change (refer to reason 1 with the goals you set from the start).

When they fail, so many people blame everything else under the sun except themselves, as that is so easy to do.

5) Creating a website before you know your Niche

Many to start can find this a big problem later, especially when they don’t have the proper training to explain what to do, how to do it, and how to build that solid foundation with their website.

Quickly a Niche is something that a group of people is interested in that benefits them. In other words, you would not create a website about Health and then start promoting everything else that has nothing to do with Health.

Your Niche also needs to be specific (which I will explain further in the next point). Once you know what your niche topic is about, then you create a website with a domain name around your Niche.

You build your website with content relating to that specific Niche that the group of people is interested in and continue to create great content that is unique and your own, not a copy-and-paste version from someone else’s website.

If you copy from someone, that is plagiarism, and Google and other search engines WILL penalize you, then you may as well not continue.

6) Niche too broad promoting everything under the sun

As stated above, the Niche you select should be specific for that particular group of people with a specific interest.

The example I gave above about Health would be too broad of a niche, so you would need to break it down when selecting your Niche.

Health covers a lot of areas instead, focus (preferably something you are passionate about or have knowledge of is best)

For example, weight loss is still too broad even though it can be about Health, so break it down further, such as Weight Loss for women over 40 or weight loss for men over 50.

Now you have selected a more specific niche that a particular group of people would be looking for as they have an interest.

For more details, look at the article on the Niche definition to help you start creating your website.

7) Selling Not Helping

Yes, we all know we want to make money online, which is the original aim of creating our moneymaking website.

Nevertheless, if you learn the proper way, you will find this is the final goal or dream to attain, but you should not focus on money when writing content for your readers.

Placing too many links, ads all over the place, fancy pants widgets, and many other distractions on your website will only lead people away rather than attract them to want your topic is about,

Think about this yourself when you are searching online for something interesting to you.

You go to a website, then instead of reading what is of relevance to you, all these pops-ups come along (some quicker than others).

The page is full of ads, many of which have no relevance to what you are seeking,

The colors of the page are too much of another distraction.

Too many fancy animations again another distraction.

All these lead to people going away due to the many distractions.

Too much focus is on selling what you can, but not enough attention to giving your reader value in providing useful and unique content relating to the topic on hand.

Then affiliates wonder why visitors are not staying on their website or not clicking any links to make a sale.

The following statement might sound strange to say for many affiliates who are struggling or want to start.

Do not, I repeat, do not focus on making money; instead, focus on adding value to your readers and building a relationship with them.

The rest will come later; this is a biggie because many fail online as they have their priorities the wrong way around.

8) Not doing proper keyword research relating to your content.

Many newbies may not understand keywords or keyword research, yet those who already have started should know about it if they receive proper training and have a great keyword tool such as Jaaxy.

Those unaware of what keywords are the words you type in when searching on the web.

That is how you came here by the keywords I used in my title, and the keywords and the content you are reading now are specific to those looking to find reasons why people fail with affiliate marketing.

9) Content is King

There is a saying Content is King, but Keywords are Queen, which is true online.

You can write some excellent content; however, selecting keywords will be a significant factor in how people will find your site, depending on your research.

Your keyword and the research you do will let search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo know about your topic and see the relevance of what you write with the keywords used.

Now you may see why keyword and keyword research are essential and, when used properly and correctly, will help you get to the top page on Google.

10) Procrastination

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”

Procrastination is the Bain of many delays and failures in life.

This ties in very closely with reason five above in not being prepared to do the work and your work ethic.


It can also be laziness to get the job done.

How many times have you said, “I will do this later” or “I want to take a break, but you never come back to complete what you set out to do and finish?

You know you need to complete your posts or improve your SEO to your website; instead, you peek on Facebook or other Social media sites and stay there.

By the time you realize about doing your work, it’s late, and then you head off to bed.

Here are some thoughts to overcome Procrastination so you can FOCUS more on creating your online business.

  • Do not blame others or make excuses for your failures, as you are responsible for your actions in whatever you do.
  • Focus and discipline are required even more so when creating your online business.
  • Do not let Procrastination be your downfall; you are better than that.

11) Lack of or No proper training that shows you how to be an Affiliate Marketer.

For many would-be marketers just starting this is a big issue.

There are so many so-called training courses available, some are cheap, some super expensive, yet most do not cover what you need to know from scratch.

Instead, they give you some concepts and ideas, then if you want to learn more, you need to upgrade, which is fine, except they tend to split it down more and create further upsells to gain an advantage over you.

Some costs can be $47 to start, then an upsell comes along, which you need, but it is $497 but wait! There’s more; if you genuinely want to have an advantage over others and want to be successful and make millions quickly, take the best offer of $997.

In the meantime, you learn little or not much at all due to the rising costs of such upsells. In the end, you are more confused and uncertain than when you started and broke in the meantime.

No wonder some people feel Affiliate Marketing is a scam or don’t work.

Guess what?

It doesn’t need to be that way.

I fell for the same trap many times when I first wanted to do affiliate marketing, spent thousands of dollars, got scammed, and had nothing to show for it.

Until one day, as I was like you, nearly ready to give up. 

I found a training platform that taught me the right way to build a business and offer the option to try it out for free and get two separate courses of 10 lessons each for free.

No credit card is required, and I could opt out anytime I wanted.

This opportunity was a great way to test the waters, as the saying goes, and see if this is for you.

Two days later, I took the Premium offer because I could see the value and worth of the training I received, and that was just over six years ago and still there.

What’s more, once you go Premium, there are no up-sells whatsoever.

The platform updates and upgrades more added benefits for its 2.000.000 members each year at no added costs.

You pay your premium cost, which can be monthly or yearly, and that is it.

Also, your Premium membership does not go up each year, either.

They have been in business, helping many affiliate marketers, both new and not so recent, for over 15 years.

This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn how to get started, find your niche, and build a solid foundation for your website.

You have the opportunity to become the boss, work your hours while learning to be successful online, and even earn while you learn.

As I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, I can easily say to become a Premium member, which will give me a higher commission.

Instead, I know many may be cautious, particularly if you have been scammed before.

Trust me; I am not a Politician.

My suggestion is to become a starter member and receive the two training courses available to you.

You will learn how to get started, by going through the training; during the first seven days of joining, you will also get some Premium bonuses that time and a free sub-domain to create your first website.

If you find affiliate marketing is not for you because you are not ready to be successful with your own online business, you can log out, and that is it.

However, once you go through the training and the members’ support (worth the cost on its own), you can become a premium member, but that is your choice, and I will not harass you to do so.

Best Option to take 

I feel it is the best way to go so you can make an informed choice, not because I said so, but because you want to be successful online.

Here are some of the training lessons you can get for free this consists of two courses of ten lessons each.

The premium member receives around 120 lessons; most go for around an hour each.

However, going Premium is for those who are serious about making a future for themselves.

That is why I am suggesting starting for free and giving it a test trial while learning the ropes to see if this is for you at no cost to you.

Of course, you can go Premium straight away, but I would prefer you to try it out first and then make your choice Depending on how serious you are about being successful online.

Here is some of the training you see should you choose the premium membership; however, Level

1: Getting Started is available to all Starter Members.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Online Entrepreneurs Course 1 showing all 5 levels of training
On Black background white writing with coloured images

So how about it?

Are you ready to build your business empire, work your hours, and be your boss?

Seeking to gain that financial stability? Check what you stated in reason 1 in the beginning?

Do you want to succeed online and learn the right way?

Are you dedicated to creating a business online for yourself and your family?

Now that you have read the Top 11 Reasons Why People Fail In Affiliate Marketing, you will not need to understand why; you can now learn how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Your success in Affiliate Marketing depends on you.

If so, then take the opportunity now and click the link below, and I will see you on the other side at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for your time in reading about this, and if you have any questions about the above, please post a comment, and I will answer you ASAP because you are worth it.

Always believe in yourself and in all you do.

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  1. Hi Eric

    Thank you for your valuable input. Yes, it is all about the mindset and the attitude one takes with them. That is why I gave Dr. Wayne Dyers Quote which states it so correctly. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” He was spot on when he said that.
    Yes, you can make money but not the way so many fake would be gurus make you believe. It was a pleasure to read your comment wishing you every success going forward.

  2. Hello Andre,

    I totally agree with your list! It’s all about the mindset. Money is really the byproduct of affiliate marketing. As long as your main focus is to help your readers, the money will come.

    I’ve had many people in the past ask if it’s possible to become rich. As you stated, you can, but don’t expect to become rich and successful overnight. Anyways, thanks again for sharing!


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