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What is The Best SEO Keyword Ranking Tool Available? Look no further than Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Track your Ranking, View your competition, and Brainstorm Ideas.

Produce the Keyword Data you need in a matter of seconds.

With the Jaaxy Research Tool, there is so much value to gain, that can give you the upper hand for the awesome blog posts you are creating online.

I enjoyed using Google Instant to do some keyword research when I first started working online.

Then I found an enhancement to the Google search box with what is called The Alphabet Soup Technique.

Still, it can take time to scroll the pages to the end and find your keywords’ true ranking, just within Google.

The Alphabet Soup Technique can take a bit of time too but certainly worth it.

With the other research engines such as Bing and Yahoo, you would need to do another separate process in finding a great keyword for your blog or post to get your results.

This all can take a lot of valuable and precious time. 

Then came Jaaxy

JAAXY Keyword Tool. The Best SEO Keyword Ranking Tool Available Check it out  Click To Tweet

Did you know that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo control 97.7% of search engine findings? 

With their new advanced technology, Jaaxy has gone even further up the ladder to cut that research time along with finding the best keywords available from all search engines in one hit.

Within Jaaxy, algorithms are in place that will find the Best SEO Keyword Ranking results based on all three search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Using Jaaxy will help you research your chosen keywords and show you the best keyword search results to help you gain higher rankings with the search engines over the competition based on your selected Niche.

Learn how you use it for your blogs and improve your SEO rankings .

Not only that here are some other benefits you have with Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Check out your competitors
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Find Average Searches Monthly
  • Check out the Traffic for your selected Keyword
  • Compare your competition related to your keyword
  • Find the best SEO score to give you that added advantage over your competition in your niche and keyword selected.

More explanation of these is further below with examples and findings.

Sample Search

Let us look at an example to get a basic understanding of how The Jaaxy Research Tool works.

For this example, I will use the keyword ” Lose Belly Fat.”

In the image below, you will find besides the keyword individual results that give you an idea of how a certain keyword(s) would rank when found on the first page of the search engines.

You want to create a blog on losing belly fat but are not sure the best keywords to use in gaining traction on the search engines.

By finding the most appropriate term related to your Niche will not only give you the best keyword to use for your title.

You will also be able to create great unique content which will help the search engines understand more about what your blog is about.

Using the best keywords can help you rank higher with all the search engines. 

I have typed in the keyword search “Lose Belly Fat,” which is generally a broad keyword.

This is your starting point, by using the Jaaxy research tool will help break down your broad keyword to a more specific keyword relating to the selected Niche you are writing about.

An important reminder to note for the blog post:

You are writing content for a group of people looking for something specific to them and how it will benefit them.

Therefore, the choice of the keywords used will be on that particular group of people and not just a broad term such as lose belly fat.

The keyword you type in is just one example of how it would rank along with other given keywords that automatically come up for you and help improve your SEO.

As the screenshot is too large for one image to show, I have separated this into four images.

This way you can see all keywords that automatically pop up even though you may have typed just one keyword.

The first two images are about the original keyword ” Lose Belly Fat” while images 3 and 4 will show you a deeper level using the Alphabet Technique.

The Alphabet Soup Technique is an automatic addition to all versions of Jaaxy.

Once the keywords are entered, you will see a result within seconds, giving you even more keyword search terms to think about.

Plus, as shown in images 3 and 4, you can delve deeper, giving more options not just for that single blog post but also for giving you ideas for creating additional posts along the way.

This gives you other ideas on which keywords may be better than the one you typed in the beginning.

Keywords at your fingertips (not all keywords work well).

As you can see when choosing your particular keyword (in this case, Lose Belly Fat) will show various factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Knowing this will help you along with other factors that help you rank higher with your blog or post should you use that keyword.

With image 1, you can see the keyword “lose belly fat” now when you look at the stats for this particular word.

Looking at the last section called SEO, you will see the number 77, which is considered normal (in reality not that great to use).

The reason being with the QSR (I will explain the meaning of these letters further below) you will see 161.

This shows the amount of competition you are up against for that particular keyword; in this case, “lose belly fat.”

You don’t want to be competing against so many competitors as it can become quite difficult to rank against them in search engines.

Your ultimate aim is to get to page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and at least Google as they are the largest and best target to become part of.

The aim is to get the highest SEO and the lowest QSR for starters; then, you can look at the traffic that comes to your site along with the Avg amount of searches per month for that particular term.

So as you look at the list, you will find other keyword choices to use instead of giving you a great chance of ranking higher with the search engines.

Image 1

Image 1 Jaaxy Keyword Research Sample

Image 2


Image 2 Jaaxy Keyword Research Sample

Take note the keywords listed are a combination of what people have typed in on their browsers, and you can see that some keywords really don’t make sense; they are not the ones to use.

Keywords need to make sense.

It is best to look for keywords that make sense first and then look at the stats given the best results.

Now, as you can see, just typing one Keyword will give you many options to think about, which you can see from both images 1 and 2

I have broken down deeper with the best results for the original term given and later will show you a deeper way that can add more ideas ( which I will show you in images 3 & 4)

Keywords need to make sense

As you can see above, any of these keywords would be great to use as:

1) They all make sense with the wording

2) All show great results.

So the best choice would be to first look at the SEO with the highest number and the lowest QSR

In this case, the bottom two are the best as they both have an SEO score of 89, yet the last one has a QSR of only 37.

Knowing this gives you the best keyword choice to have as your title and create your post on that.

There is far less competition to compete against thus giving you a great chance of ranking on page 1 of the search engines.

Alphabet Soup Technique

As I stated earlier, you can delve even deeper still from that one original keyword you used at the start.

This technique is called the Alphabet Soup Technique, which is already part of the package included within the Jaaxy Research Tool.

So let’s look at how this works.

As you can see from the menu in Image 3 below, you will see Alphabet Soup, which you would click and then type your keyword.

Again using the same keyword, “lose belly fat.”

If you look at the next two lines under the keyword, you will see the keyword then the plus sign, and below that lose belly fat  plus A

This example shows you keywords that have to do with the letter A, and you can always go to the next letter until you get to Z.

So just using these letters alone from the original keyword gives you more in-depth keywords to use for your current post title.

In fact, you may even find further ideas for creating more content to write about that all relate to some form of losing belly fat.

Image 3

Image 3 sample additional keyword search using Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Now, I have selected the first keyword, and from this, you click the Search button to your right, which will give you results from this new keyword and other keywords.

Here you can see the results, and this is only a small section I gave.

There may be some higher SEO Scores along with low QSR; however, if you look at the words given, some really don’t make any sense at all and won’t help you rank much regardless of the higher scores.

As I mentioned, keywords need to make sense, so you will see a few from this list that makes sense and still has a great score; in fact, some of these are better than the ones given for images 1 and 2 when you look at the results.

Guess what you can even click the first keyword here: “Foods to avoid losing belly fat,” and get even more keywords plus using the Alphabet Soup on this.

This is the power of using the Jaaxy Research Tool and why Jaaxy Is the best SEO Keyword Research Tool available for you and your website in the future.

Image 4

Image 4 sample further breakdown for keyword search using Jaaxy Keyword Tool

This is only part of what Jaaxy can do for you; there is so much more to help you further along, as you can see from the top menu title you can have when using Jaaxy.

To give you an idea, the menu below shows you all that you can do with Jaaxy. All we have covered so far is the Search (keywords along with the Alphabet Soup)

Jaxxy Research Menu image

So let’s look at what each section means for you.


This shows that for this keyword, you will have an average of about 27,561 searches the keyword will attract per month, which in this case, is excellent.


Here we see the number of visits to your website should you rank on the first page of the search engines again 4686 is excellent.

Now we are getting into the most important sections.

QSR, which means Quoted Search Results:

This will show you the number of competing websites found on Google that use the same keyword as you.

This is where the lower the result here, the better.

In this case, 161 is the number of your competitors using the same keywords as you, which is a lot of competition.

Preferably 100 would be the maximum number you would want to have; however, anything under 50 is best.

So if you scroll down and look for anything under 100 in the QSR, you will find four under 100 QSR keywords.

In images 1 and 2, there are quite a few under 100, which you can see but I gave you a broken down one with 7, all under 100  with 2 under 50, which ended up being the best. 

Recap on which to choose


Firstly the keyword needs to make sense.

Look for the highest SEO Score.

Followed by the lowest QSR

From there, you can look at the highest traffic and highest Avg and your other choices.

If you were to post a blog on keyword tools on “Best Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat,” this would be the best choice to use compared to the other keywords.

But don’t discount the other terms used as they can still give you an added boost in writing more posts later on.

Using other SEO techniques can help your website gain better traction with Search Engines.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

This section can automatically help you to eliminate what can work and what does not work well.

Green indicates it is a great keyword to use.

Yellow indicates it is OK.

While Red states this would be a poor keyword most because the competition would be far too difficult for you to rank your site using that particular.

This is why I used the keyword “Best Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat,” which, although the Avg and Traffic are great, the QSR shows competition of on;y 37 websites competing against yours, which is really great.

Now we move to the last Catagory

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is based on the traffic and the competition where the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for that keyword when you get on the 1st page.

This score is based on 1 – 100, so the higher the number, the better results if you score well with your site ranking.


As you can see in the images above, you also have Domains.

Should you want to find if a Domain is available relating to your keyword, it will show you the best you wish to have.

All that is needed is to click the Search or Find more details as shown, and it will let you know if a domain name is available.

If it is available, you can purchase the Domain and own it outright.

Let’s look at two examples of this Domain search.

The original keyword of “Lose Belly Fat,” even though it is not the best keyword to use as a post, however as it is general and can be used as a title of your website that would relate to your chosen niche.

From the title of your niche, you start to break down further with keyword search, to create individual posts for your targeted audience.


Keyword Search Engine Tool

Upon searching this domain availability, there are normally three choices that may be available to have a domain name, also known as a URL

Here should you wish to purchase the domain, you can choose.

Choice of Domains types

Normally the best in order are dot.com, followed by dot.net, and then dot.org.

Other domain types, such as info and others, are not always the best or most popular to use.

However, this is your choice on which you prefer, along with the availability of the domain.

So as you can see that instead of spending separate searches with the many search engines, just with one click of the button, all three search engines will show their individual results for your site ranking on one page.

This is the power of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

But with the recent upgrade of Jaaxy, you can combine the knowledge using the Alphabet Soup Technique.

That is an added value with Jaaxy that will benefit all online marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and website owners seeking to gain better rankings in search engines.

That is why Jaaxy is the research tool that packs a punch not just for your keywords but allows you to see the best keywords to use compared to your competition online.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool The No 1 keyword Research Tool in the World

Jaaxy, the research tool that packs a punch not only for your keywords but also with your competition Click To Tweet

Not to mention the many other benefits Jaaxy has to offer, such as.

As you can see from the two main images you will see in the Heading Titles, there are many research qualities.

  • Affiliate commissions for referring online via your website
  • Opportunity to earn extra credit for your searches for any free starter members online.
  • Higher commissions for Jaaxy Pro versions and even higher for enterprise members. (Pro and Enterprise require membership payment)
  • Jaaxy is a keyword/domain/website/ranking research platform, and more.
  • Find out where your post is ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo is with just one click.
  • Plus, there are many more features within Jaaxy reserved for members.

Jaaxy expands the availability of finding a plethora of keywords, terms, and phrases that help you find keywords to use in general and give you many great ideas when creating new content relevant to the niche your website is about.

Unlimited Keyword Search

Jaaxy will help you give you the true metrics to your keywords and for Pro and Enterprise members to give you the edge over your competitors in showing how they rank with the same or similar keywords.

With the Jaaxy Keyword Pro or Enterprise versions, you have Unlimited Keyword Searches

This also gives you another edge: seeing how some websites rank with the keyword you may have chosen.

It is so beneficial that it can help you rank on the front pages of various search engines such as Google, Bing,/Yahoo.

Yes, it is known that Content is King, but Keywords is the Queen.

We all know that without the Queen (in this case, keywords), what will your domain be about?

Let alone writing content.

With your Queen supporting and nudging you with the best keyword to use in writing, great content is of paramount importance, but having a grasp of how well your chosen keyword will perform will add to your success.

Writing great and regular content is of paramount importance, but having a grasp of how well your chosen keyword will perform will add to your success.

So What can I do?

Below you have the option of testing out some keywords for free, and as stated, when you become a free member, you get 30 searches to try it out.


The real benefit is with the Pro or Enterprise paid version that will give you that edge should you be serious about making money online with your website.

If you are still uncertain about creating a website or don’t have one or are unsure if this is for you, you can check out below and try out for free how to build a website.

This is a test trial for 7 days, but you receive a free website from working on along with two 5 lesson videos by one of the Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a great way to wet your feet, and if you feel it’s too much work in creating an income online from home, nothing is lost, but knowledge is gained.

However, should you feel that you are serious about earning some income either part-time or later, you decide to make this your full-time living working from home.

You can take the option and become a premium or Premium Plus member, which includes the total package of Premium Plus the highly regarded Enterprise version within the package.

Jaaxy Enterprise

The Jaaxy enterprise alone is $99 per month or yearly at $999.

However, the benefits don’t stop there.

By becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus member you will get the Jaaxy Enterprise included with your Premium Plus membership at no extra cost to you.

This alone is a saving of $999 per year.

All further details are given here should you wish to find further success online.

If you are serious about earning online, finding the right and most profitable Keywords is a  must. 

Jaaxy is one of the most Advanced Keyword Tools designed for all Internet Marketers regardless if you are a newbie or at an advanced level.

Content may be King, but it is the Queen in Jaaxy that rules the roost.

So if you want to increase your website presence, and increase your earnings online Take Action Now, and Get Started with Jaaxy. 

Strive to succeed and you will achieve

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