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Want to work from home and be your own boss? Then Join One of The Best Training Platforms. Learn how to build your own website and how to earn money online.

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Have you had that thought each morning as you are heading to your current 9-5 job?

“Here we go, another day slaving hard making someone else rich and not much going for me here at work. There has got to be something better than the way my life is going now with work”.

Are you earning at your own potential?

Would you prefer to be your own boss and work your own hours?

As an affiliate marketer, you can certainly do that.

I am not saying to quit your job just yet, as a website owner you will need to learn how to build a solid foundation for your new website based on your chosen Niche.

No 1 Training Platform for Affiliate Marketers

Being a true affiliate marketer is not one of those quick-fix money-making ways that are out there to simply mislead or rip you off.

That is not what affiliate marketing is about.

Here you will be able to learn the right way with a platform that has been in business for just over 18 years and still going strong with over 1.6 million members.

The training platform I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate which was created by two friends back in 2005, Kyle and Carson, who are the Co-Founders.

Wealthy Affiliate created by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, and who better to teach you properly than Kyle and Carson themselves?

Both were 6-figure earners before going into the partnership and felt there was a need for people to be able to learn how to build a website without the need for all the techie parts one needs then.

But that is not all they teach you are taught many ways such as what is a niche, and how to build your website with your niche.

How to create and write content on your website and be able to get yourself ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As a starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get to test drive the training platform for free with a free sub-domain to get you started, not to mention Free Hosting.

This is a great way for any newbies. You are able to dip your toes and see if this is for you at no cost to you.

Those who are serious and want to create their own business online can take a step further with the other two paid membership options Premium or Premium Plus membership.

The upgrade memberships give you so much more bang for your buck along with a Keyword Research tool in Jaaxy added to your membership for free.

Note for Website or future Website Owners:

Your free SiteRubix Sub-domain

I already mentioned the fact as a starter member you will have a free sub-domain website to get you started.

Having a free website is a great way to learn the ins and outs of building a website when you first start.

The free sub-domain belongs to Wealthy Affiliate and it is not yours to keep this is the same with many other places that offer you a free domain.

They are never yours and if you get one elsewhere should a business close down for whatever reason you lose it all.

However, once you feel you are serious and want to start your own business online then paid membership is the best option.

When you decide to go further as an affiliate marketer and feel you want to take the premium or premium plus membership your best option going forward is to have your own website.

The sub-domain you get as a starter member lasts for around the six-month mark which is more than ample time to see how serious you are in wanting to build your own online business.

A Great benefit that Wealthy Affiliate has just recently brought in is that should you upgrade to the premium membership you will receive a free dot com domain that you can own outright.

Or if you choose the Premium Plus members you get 2 free dot come domains you can own.

A dot com domain which is the best to have is around $15 (you get Free credits for that) Plus you also get free hosting, a free SSL Certificate, Free 24/7 Site support as a paid member, and much more.

Purchasing your own domain is outside of your membership as this is not governed by Wealthy Affiliate but by ICANN which is the governing body for websites worldwide.

Having your own website gives you a greater chance to improve your ranking with the Search Engines than a sub-domain.

Benefits of your free sub-domain.

Now you may be thinking what is the worth of a subdomain and can you still earn money online with it?

There are a few reasons for this.

  • As a starter member, you get to test the waters out with the free sub-domain and see if affiliate marketing is at no cost to you.
  • You can build upon your free website and when you are ready to be serious you can take either the premium or premium plus membership where you will get 1 free domain for premium and 2 free domains as a premium plus member for free which is included in your package deal.
  • You can earn online but remember, regardless if it is a free domain or one you own it takes time to build your online business.
  • This is a long-term journey. Affiliate marketing is not a quick fix to quick money unless you want to be scammed online.
  • When you decide to be serious and take the next step forward as a paid member once you get your own domain you can simply transfer your content from the free domain to your own domain within a few clicks of the button here at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • As a Premium member, you can have up to 3 websites hosted for free with your membership
  • As a Premium Plus member have up to 10 websites hosted for free.
  • Once a paid member you get to keep your free sub-domain in fact once you take the paid membership you can easily transfer your sub-domain to the one you own with a few steps with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The benefit of keeping your free sub-domains is that you can use them to test any changes you make with plugins, themes, etc. instead of your paid ones. Sometimes doing so on your own website can change your theme or some plugins can clash causing you further issues. This way if something goes wrong it is a free domain and not one you own.
  • The only main downside with free sub-domains is those starter members who wish to purchase their own domain and have it hosted free at Wealthy Affiliate need to be paid members.
  • Plus, when you decide to join affiliate programs, they will want to look at what your website is about and if it suits their needs. At times many may not accept you if you use a free domain as they often feel you are not serious yet.

benefits of owning your own domain.

When you have your own domain, this takes a turn for the best toward your success online.

  • Purchasing your own domain means this is yours to keep while you continue with the registration each year.
  • You can purchase your website at many hosting sites including here within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Paid members can host for free within Wealthy Affiliate for up to 3 websites as a premium member or up to 10 websites as a Premium Plus member.
  • Should you upgrade you get additional benefits for free whereas some other places may charge you for extras, some of which you don’t need. here are the many additional benefits you get as a paid member of your websites.
  • Regardless of where you purchased your website, should you wish to transfer them elsewhere you can.
  • You can even purchase a website elsewhere and transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate and benefit further from what is on offer to you.
  • Having your own domain makes it easier to join affiliate programs as they will want to see what your website is about and if it suits their needs to have you as an affiliate for them.
  • You have a better chance with your own site to get accepted along with having your website ranked higher in the search engines.

This is another opportunity to Earn, learn, and grow.

If you don’t have a website just yet, you can find more details of how to go about this with my No 1 recommended program.

This will enable you to reach the levels you need to be.

Be able to learn how to promote products or services and the opportunity to earn a comfortable living and start to create the financial freedom you have been seeking.

Please note that you do need to work to achieve success along with having a positive mindset.

There are no freebies to quick money as they are scams.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Jaaxy Best Research Keyword Tool Around

An important aspect when creating content for your website is to find the right keywords based on your Niche and one that people would be searching for online.

This is where Jaaxy comes into the picture and even better it is included with your paid membership should you wish to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate.

Essential Keyword Tool for all Website owners.

Find high-quality Keywords to enhance your Marketing Campaigns or your Blog Posts online.

For Premium and Premium Plus members, you get more bang for your buck at no extra cost with unlimited searches depending on your selected membership

Premium members get Jaaxy Lite while Premium Plus members get the full Jaaxy enterprise plus Alphabet Soup X Beta version within your Plus membership.

Jaxxy Enterprise alone with worth $99 per month or $999 yearly but as a plus member that is included for free.

Analysis of competitors’ sites gives you the opportunity to check out your competition and see how their website is set up along with the keywords they are ranking for.

Find low-cost Domains.

Perform a search below and get started with Jaaxy.



Do you want to be able to Learn How to Create Your Business online?

Wishing you all the best.

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