What is the Commission Hero Affiliate Program?

What is the Commission Hero Affiliate Program? Is it worth your hard-earned money? Be prepared, to earn well, you need to spend lots of money initially.

What Is The Commission Hero Affiliate Program Is It Worth Your Money


Would you love to work from home?

Give your day job the flick (eventually) and earn thousands a day using their 3 step technique that Commission Hero brings?

There are many methods to earn money online using Affiliate Marketing, and Commission Hero will show you one of the ways to do so.

It can be quicker but can be costly for a beginner.

Here you will learn how to use paid Facebook ads as the main source of selling and promoting ClickBank Products.

If you are a beginner, this may not be the cheapest way to start affiliate marketing.

If you follow what is taught you can do well, if you have the financial resources to do so at the start.

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What is the Commission Hero Affiliate Program?

Commission Hero Affiliate Program is an online affiliate marketing training course.

They will show you how to make money online by selling various ClickBank products while using Facebook Ads as the main source using Paid campaigns.

Commission Hero is legitimate affiliate training. It’s one of the top courses for making money online created and taught by the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world for many years running.

Here is a snapshot of Commission Hero’s statement on what and how this can benefit you. 

Commission Hero statement

You will learn how to use Facebook ads to get readers to your landing page. 

In turn, this will take them to the products you will be promoting.

In this case, Clickbank products, where Robby Blanchard will teach you in his course.

Is Robby Blanchard Real?

Yes, Robby Blanchard is the real deal and not fake, unlike many others who have much to hide along with their program. You can read more on that here.

Robby has moved from working as a personal trainer and coach to becoming the #1 Affiliate with Clickbank.

Robby has made a small fortune along the way online and created his Commission Hero Course to help others improve their life by showing his techniques on how to earn money.

Now he has the freedom to work anywhere from home or wherever he wishes where there is an internet connection with just a laptop if needed. 

Two Main methods to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing.

Earning money online with affiliate marketing is generally done in two ways.

Paid traffic can be the quickest way to earn money online quickly, be aware that there are added costs involved apart from the cost of the course itself.

However saying that, if you are prepared to put in the effort and follow what the course teaches your costs will be nothing compared to your earning.

Commission Hero uses this approach, Robby is so helpful when teaching you the best and quickest way to give to earn that $1000 a day, as stated above.

Commission Hero will show you ways to earn that money without needing a website or using Email Lists.

Organic Traffic

This method is the long-term approach and certainly is much more cost-effective. 

Just note this method which is best for those wanting to create a website that they own and can take time to earn online.

Generally speaking, some may see some income coming in around the 3-5 month mark. 

However, in most cases, it can take up to a year and will depend on your work ethic and the positive mindset you take in wanting to be successful online.

This method shows you ways to build a traffic-producing website that is yours while you learn how to build a solid foundation for your website for years to come.

With a website you own, this is yours to keep while having the option to promote various products, including those within ClickBank that would relate to your niche. 

If you are only relying on a single method from other programs, should they close down your ability to earn online will cease too?

You are helping and not selling. 

The main focus here is to help rather than focus on selling. 

As you help your visitors find what they are looking for and need an answer to their problem or issue, you establish trust, and they will more likely buy products or services you offer from you. 

Money is the end reward as a result. 

Helping your audience, building trust with your visitors should be the main focus.

The reason why so many affiliates fail, as affiliate marketers, is they place too much emphasis on making money first.

When you change your attitude from selling to helping your readers first, You build trust with your readers, and that is where you will make money online. 

One can be quicker but more costly.

For some beginners new to affiliate marketing, this can drain your money if not done right.

The second is slower, as you are building a solid foundation for years to come.

You are building trust in your readers who are looking for your help.

Also note, once you build trust and authority with your website using the organic method, you can use the paid traffic techniques later to help you further. 

Whatever way you take, Paid or Organic traffic, one main point always applies.

No Traffic No Sales

What Do You Get with the Commission Hero Affiliate Program?

Here you will receive the Commission Hero System to show you all you need to generate thousands in commission. 

Using the 3 step system will help you make commissions online faster.

Heaps of videos along with a done for you landing pages and ads

Inner Circle community support, Even also share your wins and keep the motivation going along the way.

Images to use that are proven and earn money given free within the course.

To see the full benefits of what you get here it is.

What Does Commission Hero Affiliate Program cost?

There are three methods of payment you can choose from.

Your options are simple and easy to select from.

In fact, check out their free training.


This is not live but a webinar replay available for you with plenty of success stories and amazing secret tips available for you, and when you watch the training in full you will see the true value of Commission Hero.

Other costs monthly costs 

Remember to make money online with Paid traffic you also need to spend money to get those quick high rewards.

Click funnels: Around $97 per month (these are your landing page builders). You also get a 14-day free trial within Commission Hero.

ClickMagick: $37 – $197 per month is a tracking tool (Optional)

Autoresponder: Usually, around $15 a month plus (this helps to collect and send emails)

Facebook ads (the lifeblood of the training and ways to make money online) can vary depending on how much you want to spend. Best to base this on your personal budget.

Yet you can easily start for say $20 a day if you wish then as you start seeing the success raise the mark for bigger gains.

As you can see, this does add up but remember this is part of using paid traffic to earn those thousands of dollars quickly.

Being part of the inner circle will give you the maximum benefit of making money from Commission Hero.

You have Another option

The other option is to use the Organic Way to build traffic.

Commission Hero does not cover this method.

Here will save you thousands, and you can even start for free and see if affiliate marketing is for you (no credit card required).

It may take longer to generate income, but you will learn so much along the way.

It is always best to assess your current financial situation before you choose which way to go.

Two Options to take

Option one.

Opt-in with Commission Hero for a quicker result, but be prepared to spend money aside from the course costs before you earn.

Just know as a result you can earn thousands even per day following the 3 step program.

Option two.

Join my No 1 Recommended Program start learning for free while saving big and when you are ready to be serious, take the option to upgrade to the paid membership to give you more bang for your buck organically.

There are no additional upsells along the way and starter members don’t need a credit card.

Commission Hero Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


  • Be mentored by the #1 Affiliate for Clickbank
  • You do not need a website
  • You don’t need an email list however they do have module training for this alone.
  • Inner Circle Support
  • Legit strategy using Paid Methods
  • Robby Blanchard is a real human being and not some made-up behind the scene character.
  • By using their 3 Step Program, you can earn money quickly (according to Robby)
  • Plenty of Video Tutorials
  • Not a get rich quick method you do put in the effort.
  • You will learn the right way to use Facebook ads
  • Free training video
  • Real support within the Facebook group


  • It can be expensive for some Newbies as methods are based on paid ads therefore not best for beginners
  • Added Costs outside of course fee
  • Only uses Facebook Ads which for many have gotten them banned from Facebook
  • Not for Lazy People
  • Clickbank with Commission uses is illegal in some countries.
  • Facebook is also not available in some countries which is the main basis of promotion using Commission Hero.

Final Thoughts

Commission Hero is a legit course and can help those who can afford the added costs plus the actual course cost to make money online quickly.

To benefit further there are upsells at $297 per month on top of all other costs so be prepared to spend if you want success along the way.

The program is not a scam and is legit, so is Robby Blanchard.

Robby’s training can certainly benefit you in earning money quickly if used according to the training.

It can be expensive to run using a paid traffic method that is to be expected if you want to earn money quickly and take chances.

Promotions are focused on Clickbank products which some can be scams themselves,

Clickbank is illegal in some countries along with Having Facebook where you would be promoting with paid ads.

Alternatively, you can learn other ways to make money online without the many costs involved with using paid traffic at the start.

This is via the organic method and takes longer but once momentum is gained you can use paid traffic later.

So if you want to know the secret to making money online without added upsells while receiving all training you need to be successful online?

Here’s My #1 Recommendation

Free trial with no hidden costs.

Do you want to learn how to earn online and grow a solid foundation for your own successful online business?

Be with a training platform with over 1.4 million members worldwide and learn the proper way without spending thousands in the process.

Yes I Want To Start Now learning how to earn online.

Got Questions for me? Just leave your questions and comments in the comment section below.

I look forward to personally answering you ASAP.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve
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