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By | October 17, 2020

To all my readers I have recently created a new Page on Facebook called Learn Earn Grow.


Here you will be able to learn all you can with the knowledge given, earn respect for yourself and others and grow in order to go forward with your chosen pathway in life be it physical, mental, spiritual or all three.

To access the page please click on the Image to your right and it will take you straight there. 



Start Each Day With A Greatful Heart



I would love for you to pay a visit and should you like the page please click the like button.

The new page will soon involve more than just being an affiliate this will include many other aspects of what the words Learn to Earn and Grow can relate too.

I have been developing other websites which will discuss more on spirituality, health and well-being, and many more important other aspects of life.

You can also find my on my other website






Thank you for your time in reading this.


Remember The Light is within you; let the light grow strong, for you are the Glory of ALL THAT IS.


Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve


2 thoughts on “Fan Page Facebook – Learn Earn Grow

  1. Sandy

    Hi Andre, I have, for some years now, been trying to come to grips with my spiritually…I have lots of questions. Maybe it’s my age but I have been trying to fit all the pieces together. The changes I have made so far, I’m liking!!!!.

    I have LIKED your fb page. It will be fun to stay in touch.

    Cheers, Sandy

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Sandy.
      Thank you for the like on FB appreciated. Yes it is very important more and more these day to be more in tune with our Spirituality.
      We do need to begin to accept ourselves more before we can learn to accept others.
      I am glad you are becoming more positive within your life that is fantastic.
      You have my contact and if you haven’t already you can connect also on Twitter, Google + and Pinterest as well.
      Of course along with FB which we now have a connection.
      Thanks again for the like as well as popping over here appreciated.
      Take care be well may the light forever grow strong within.


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