Is the 3 Step Method A Scam

Choose, Create, Cash, is what the 3 Step Method is all about. Cheap overpriced Scam that offers nothing but low-quality options but is so keen to rip you off.

Activate membership for just $9


Although the three steps Choose, Create and Cash stated above are Important when relating to making money online.

What they describe is so generic and oversimplified you can easily find the same method online for free.

Why is there a need to pay $37 just, to begin with, is beyond me?

You won’t learn anything new in fact there is no training given just upsells along the way which also doesn’t give any clues why you need them.

This is really one of the worst attempts I have seen of a cheap scam.

Perhaps even scammers would be disappointed with their poor attempt to con their way to success using people’s emotions and money.

There are many red flags right from the start, so let’s get into it and why you shouldn’t get involved with such a useless program that won’t work for you.

You will find there is a much better and truer way to work online that actually teaches you properly and honestly.

There is a better alternative if you truly want to learn how to make money online.

You can even start for free with no obligation with my  No 1 Recommended Method.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

This means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

However, as far as the 3-Step Method is concerned, I have no affiliation nor do I intend to I have already paid into the system and checked them out for you as seen below.

3 Step Method Review

Product Name: 3 Step Method

Founder: Unknown (First of many red flags.)

Product Type: Get Rich Quick Scam using Affiliate Marketing Module

Price: $9 Claims to give you a $50 discount from $59 Note upsells later

Is It Recommended? Definitely not, a total waste of money.

Why? The original concept is far too generic, has no proper training it is full of Red Flags and Paid Actors with fake testimonials. Scam.

What Is the 3 Step Method?

The 3 Step Method is a poor attempt to try to trick you into believing you can make money online using their three simple steps and have money raking in with only 20 mins of work each day.

The concept of what they give in their so-called training is simple, generic, and can be found anywhere online for free.

You will find that there is more involved with what they state.

In addition to this, they don’t even provide any training or further detailed ideas on how and what to do with what you are given.

Yet they want you to pay at least $9 for something can get for free.

This is simply a sales funnel and a bad one at that, trying to promote sales filled with empty promises and fake testimonies.

It is another typical get-rich-quick scam similar to a previous review I did on the Copy-Paste Money System that follows traits along the same lines or methods as they all do.

Who is the owner of 3 Step Method?

You will also note with the red arrow that they can’t hold this position for long.

This program has been going on for years and the same generic email is always given.

As for who is the owner well that is a big RED FLAG, no one knows.

If they have a genuine Money system that works as they state, then you would want your name to be known.

Unfortunately, their name can’t be found anywhere online.

All that is given is they are based in Delaware according to the email I received when I joined.

Upon checking further with their address the address actually belongs to the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce another red flag with their address.

You can do a simple Google search yourself if you wish, here is the address 1201 North Orange Street Washington Delaware 19801 USA.

Yet their Geolocation information according to SEO Stats their country is in The United Kingdom.

As you can see something is not right with this program.

So how does this work?

When you sign up well at least to the first $9 level you are given the Three Steps they claim will get you those thousands a day by working just 20 minutes a day.

Here are the three steps I briefly mentioned at the start

Step 1 of 3:  Choose

Now, this first point is totally correct and is the first part anyone wishing to do affiliate marketing should first consider.

Here you are told to first choose your selected niche.

If you are not sure what a niche is here is my simple statement:

A Niche is a group of people looking for something specific to their needs.

You as an affiliate are there to help them solve a problem or solution they are seeking.

You can read more in detail on the niche definition if you wish to understand a more detailed read which is so much more than the whole three steps given in this system.

They will tell you to make a list of your interest and break it down into one which can be of service to others when promoting your income stream.

They even tell you to Google these details, so what is the point of paying money to them if you have to Google this?

Step 2 of 3:  Create

Here they will state once you have your niche to build a website.

The second step is to create a web property which could be as follows according to the 3 step method

  • A simple webpage or website
  • A Blog which is really part of your website
  • Social media accounts:

Their setup solution to this is to create a website or webpage and to register a domain name from a hosting provider they do not do this for you.

Again something you can do for yourself online.

You will need to pay for the domain once selected along with hosting and other possible costs but that is normal.

They state to find a package that has a website builder but does not tell you how or what to do.

Then once you have your website you now start to create content on your site based upon your selected niche.

Here again, there is no training, nor any guidance.

There are no mentors, community support, or anything like that to help you understand how and what you need to do when creating content.

Plus I might add there are other factors that need to be added to your site such as about me pages, privacy policy, affiliate disclaimers.

If your niche is relating to health you also need a medical disclaimer and more.

This is not taught nor even mentioned in the so-called 3 step method.

Keywords are another vital topic.

They don’t explain anything about Keywords which is crucial to your success online, nor how do you go about finding the best keyword to choose and why.

This is why Training is needed to learn it all if you truly want to be successful online.

Here is a disturbing part mentioned in step two when creating your blog.

Keyword stuffing given in this statement

Their statement as per the image above is to use as many keywords relating to your niche as possible or your blog may not be picked up by search engines like Google.

This is totally false and an old method called keyword stuffing.

You do not use as many keywords as possible relating to your niche.

This is an old Black Hat method banned by Google and other search engines.

Using this method they teach will get you penalized by Google and the other search engines and if that happens you are basically nonexistent online.

No wonder those who may have fallen into their trap failed if they listened to what they stated.

The proper use of keywords to your post is as follows:

  • You use only one major keyword for that particular post also that keyword needs to make sense.
  • Place it once in the title. Here you have a maximum of 60 characters for the title.
  • Place it in the first paragraph preferably at the beginning.
  • You would add your main focused Keyword once in the body of your post preferable in a sub-title.
  • Finally have it towards the end of your post and that’s it. No more needed.

First Paragraph is your attention grabber along with your title.

The importance of Keywords is vital not just in the title but also in your first paragraph.

Within the first paragraph, you have normally a total of 160 characters to give the readers an idea of what this post is about.

So make sure you answer the topic within that first 160 characters as that is what your reader will see online.

The rest of your post you would write naturally that will directly answer your readers find a solution or problems to what they are seeking.

These days each post should be at least 1,000 words.

Google loves longer posts but makes sure your post is unique to the point and answers the questions or problems your audience is looking for.

Give No Fluff, No BS, and definitely no selling, you are helping not selling and give your readers a choice to decide.

Social media

Here they will let you know to join the various social media sites.

When done join other groups and build your following.

So nothing wrong here I also liked the fact they mentioned not to buy followers as these days you can easily pay a fortune and received fake followers normally known as Bots which they don’t explain in detail,

They will state to be proactive with the groups you follow which are great and to share your post.

This is where they don’t explain so important parts.

Not all groups allow for promotions and this can get you banned from the group you joined.

There are rules to be followed which you should read and see when you first try to join.

Finally Step 3 of 3 Cash

In the final step, they said now you have done the hard work now it’s time to start cashing in.

This is not entirely true as your website is and always will be a work in progress.

You need to create content on a regular basis, especially at the start and more like 2-3 posts a week.

This will show Google and the other search engines you are serious and not just a one-night stand online.

Ideally, you would need around a min of 15 to at least 25 posts that are just informational to improve your authority with the search engines such as Google.

Then once you have gained some authority then you should start thinking about becoming an affiliate.

However, the 3 step method wants you to rush in quickly which is the wrong way, and in their words cash in.

Here they recommend ClickBank.

Now ClickBank itself is a legit organization that has thousands of programs in many areas and niches.

Unfortunately, just like the 3 Step Method which is also a ClickBank product they have many other programs that are just scams and a waste of money.

This is where they want you to focus by choosing ClickBank products and are just telling you to click their promote button.

No training on how or what to do just click and promote.

First, you need to join ClickBank a simple and basic step they neglected to say.

Do you know what a hoplink is?

Another part they didn’t bother to tell you.

Why because they have no training or an inkling to do so then just want you to click and promote and away you go ready to sit back and earn your money quickly.

They will tell you to add the affiliate link to your website or social media account.

Again not correct, if you add affiliate links on social media, for example, you have a high chance of not only getting banned but your accounts will be closed.

Same with your website you just don’t add links they need to be attributed to part of your post in the correct way which this method doesn’t teach.

Then they need to be shared properly which you can use social share type plugins for that.

More of that is explained in my recommended Training below when you start the free course.

So far I have given you more correct information than what they have in their measly 1,000 odd word blog post which is their so-called training.

You got more advice from me for free.

Their 3 Steps are totally generic, some facts are correct but many are false and will get you into trouble.

If you truly want to learn the right way they have a look at my #No 1 Recommended Training.

You can start for free with no obligation and first see if Affiliate marketing is for you or not.

This is not a quick rich money-making way but a true and tried training method with over 1.4 million community members willing to also give a helping hand.

The Co-Founders Kyle and Carson are real and also around to help and communicate with their members.

Kyle and Carson Co-Founders of Wealthy Affilaite

Their initial welcoming Video

When you first give your email you will be taken to the opening video link as below.

This person is giving you a breakdown

One of the many Red Flags created.

At the start of the video, there is a man talking about in a roundabout manner on the 3 Step Method.

This a spokesperson at the start of the video who is not the owner nor a member but is a paid actor on Fiverr.

All he talks about is from the script he got that talks about the usual quick scam money-making schemes about having a lifestyle and all the rest of the mumbo jumbo.

He doesn’t explain those three steps as you need to sign in and pay that $9 first to see what it is about,which I already gave you an explanation above and saved you $9.

By the way, you are most welcome.

The next is some of his various images on Fiverr followed by a video promotion he has to be hired for jobs.

Fiverr actor Louis for 3 Step Method

The issue here is this is just an actor hired on Fiverr I have nothing wrong with these actors.

They are doing a great job as acting is their profession, I just wonder sometimes how they feel personally knowing they are helping scammers rip off people.

That is the first of the three Actor Amegios.

Fake Testimonies

The fake testimonies as I stated are from Paid so-called actors who fake the earnings for this system for a fee.

In the video, you will see these two people giving testimonials of how great the 3 step method is but that are just fake testimonials just like they are fake people and hired actors.

Let’s check them out.

I won’t bother with added videos as you can see them in the first video given above.

Here are their Fiverr images when you recognize their faces.

Actors from Fiver promoting 3 Step Methods giving fake testimonials.
Actors from Fiver promoting 3 Step Methods giving fake testimonials.

If you watched the original video, you will see that these are just paid actors and give fake testimonials and are not real results as they would lead you to believe.


  • Refund is available from Clickbank
  • The 3 steps give some basic truths.


  • Although Basic truths are given they are generic and available free anywhere online.
  • No indication of who is the owner or founder of the 3 Step Method Hugh Red Flag.
  • The address given on the email is actually Delaware State Council of Chambers another Red Flag
  • Website is based in London ???
  • The spokesperson is not the owner but a Paid Actor from Fiverr
  • False and fake testimonials from again Fake people hired from Fiverr to state otherwise
  • Added Upsells from original initial $9 sign up.
  • First Upsell Earn 3x More Income ($97)
  • Second Upsell Done-For-You Income Stream ($147)
  • Third Upsell Top Secret ($47)
  • No training given
  • No support both from the Owner or community
  • Very Generic step given poos quality and some false.
  • Not worth your money.
  • They Charge you for giving generic advice in their 3 steps.

Is The 3 Step Method a Scam?

Due to the fact they have added some truths in their 3 steps.

I wouldn’t call it an outright scam but the 3 step method they give is just a generic blog post with some truths and some false methods that will get you banned.

I don’t recommend this plus the added upsells would just become a loss in your pocket.

As I said, if you truly want to learn the right way, then check out this option where you get all the training you need.

You will also learn how to not only build your website but how to create content and promote properly.

Should you wish to be serious as an affiliate marketer online you can upgrade to a paid membership.

This will give you so much more training and resources you really need to go forward online.

Or just try the free version to see if affiliate marketing is for you first with no obligation and no credit card needed.

This is not for time wasters but for those who want to secure a future with their own website for years to come and not be a fly-by-nighter.

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