Copy Paste Money System Review

Just the wording in the Title, Copy Paste Money System should be enough warning to avoid this total Scam full of Red Flags. Avoid at all costs and here’s why.

Copy Paste Money System Scam Alert


If earning thousands a day with a simple copy-paste money system and only need to put in 20-30 mins a day, don’t you think everyone would be doing this.

Unfortunately, there are some who fall for this fake trap and lose out big time.

As a result of such fake programs, this is why the need to let others know to avoid them, let you know what they are about and what they falsely state.

This is exactly what Copy Paste Money System is, a total scam, fake, and full of paid actors from Fiverr, along with easily manipulated bank accounts.

So let’s find more on this scam and why you shouldn’t get involved with a method that doesn’t really work.

There is a better way if you truly want to learn how to make money with my  No 1 Recommended Method but more on that later.

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This means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

However, as far as Copy Past Money System is concerned, I have no affiliation nor do I intend to.

Copy Paste Money System Review

Product Name: Copy Paste Money System

Founder: Chris (Chris who no known details given)

Product Type: Get Rich Quick Rich Money Making Scam

Price: $47 or further offer at $37

Is It Recommended? Nope, not even with a super long stick.

Why? Total Scam, Full of Red Flags and Paid Actors

What Is Copy Paste Money System?

The Copy Paste Money System tries to promote sales filled with empty promises and fake testimonies.

In short, this is just a typical get-rich-quick scam created by this person we know as Chris.

There are a lot of Red flags you will see in this video attached below.

You are told this system works even for the beginner.

This is precisely who they are targeting, mostly those who know nothing about any form of online work, scams, and how to really make money

All you get are cheap promises, fake testimonies, and marketing scarcity tactics playing on the emotions of people, and consequently, this has resulted in many people being scammed in the past.

All the typical fake boxes are checked with these types of cheap scams, just look at what he (this Chris) got himself with cash.

These images are the typical types used in so many scams over the years such as huge mansions, expensive cars, Yachts, Jet skis, and Cash.

Oh and of course your own personal jet (heck why not) to think you can have all this for only a pittance cost of $37

Fake Images Claimed by Copy Paste Money System

Since this article has been published, the owners of the Copy-Paste Money System have taken their Youtube videos off or were taken down by Youtube.

So now I wouldn’t be surprised they are thinking of a way to create a new name for this using the same spammy methods.

Many of such scammers close their fake programs down and then create a new name for the same program with little or few tweaks in order to scam a few more before they are taken down again.

So that is why it is not available nor is their website, which seems to have been taken down along the way.

This is great to hear. Letting people know of such scams is important so others don’t get ripped off.

So how does this work?

The truth is no one knows as the website keeps changing and you need to sign up and pay upfront first.

Not an honest way to let you know what is involved and how to go about it.

Like a case of shoot first, ask questions later except in their case they shot you, and no need to ask questions because they took your money when you’re’ down and out.

Not being told anything about the details is another huge red flag that will tell you this is just another scam.

Fake Testimonies

The fake testimonies as I stated are from Paid so-called actors who fake the earnings for this system for a fee

Let’s check out some

In the video, you will see this person below giving thanks and stating this simply works.

Banjoman from Fiverr giving false claims  for Copy Paste Money System Program

This person is known on Fiverr as Banjoman15.

As you can see, he mentions his services along with his fees.

Banjoman15 various false images on fiverr

Even tries to fake appearances as well.

You gotta laugh at the real beard he is wearing LOL wow that looks so real amazing not to mention the fake mustache.

Here we have another Fiverr Actor who gives a planned and scripted sob story.

Generatecashhbiz image on Fiverr

Here is what he has to say about Copy-Paste Money Scheme

In Fiverr he goes by the name of Generatecashbiz’s Gigs as seen below.

Generatecashhbiz many images uses on Fiverr

These are just two of the many other paid actors used in the testimonies

All are fake and the earnings are not real at all.

Pros and Cons


  • A discount of $10 sounds great
  • Images of Cars, Yachts, etc look nice
  • That’s it for the pros


  • Totally Scam
  • Full of Red Flags
  • Another Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Uses Paid Actors from Fiverr to Lie
  • total Lies on Earnings and are Fabricated
  • Total BS
  • No details about the True identity of the owner named Chris, or is it short for Christine using a male voiceover?

Is Copy Paste Money System a Scam?

Ok, let me think about this.

Yep, total scam

There is not much more you can say about this Scam.

Do You Want to learn the right way to make money online?

How about learning about a true and tried tested method that is honest and supportive.

I have fallen for some of these types of scams in the past until I found a training platform that teaches you the right way to earn online.

You can even join totally for free (no credit card required) to see if affiliate marketing is for you, if not you just log out and that’s it.

However when you go through the training, even as a free starter member you are shown what affiliate marketing is, what is a niche, how to build your own website and how to earn online and so much more.


This is not a quick rich money-making scheme that is full of fake promises you actually need to put in the work and effort.

You will be taught how to build an actual online business long-term based on your selected niche which is all explained in the training from the word go.

Oh by the way, the owners are real

Here are their images

Kyle and Carson Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle & Carson have been in the business of helping fellow affiliate marketers since 2005.

There is a strong community with over 1.4 million members who are worldwide and only willing to help you if you have questions along the way

You will find a support 24/7 live chat from fellow members worldwide with both Kyle and Carson chiming in here and there along the way.

There are three forms of memberships

Starter, Premium, and Premium Plus

The starter membership is free for life but also know that after the first 7 days you are limited with the bonus offers you get when you try it out.

You can still work online but the program is intended for those that are serious about wanting to find financial freedom and be able to work from home online.

It does take some time but that is true affiliate marketing, Not some scam method promising you fake riches.

Here is a chart with the comparisons of the three forms of memberships so you can decide which one you want to choose.

So if you want to learn the proper way with total honesty and transparency then check out my No 1 Recommended Program.

If you do take my offer I will welcome you along with the two Co-founders in Kyle and Carson

See you on the other side of true success.

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