How to start a home business

By | January 16, 2021

Learning how to start a home business can be exciting, a lot of fun but also if you want to be successful online taking the right steps will lead you towards success.



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In order for this to happen here are the five steps towards success.


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Getting Started How to start a home business online

Step 1


Take Action

If you want to go forward in life, regardless of what it is, you need to take action and move in a forward direction.

This will be the first step you are now taking.


The Taking action stage.

Just keep taking steps


This will be a constant focus on your success online.


In all the following steps towards your success, you will always need to take action if you wish to succeed online.

In fact, in anything you want to do in life, you will need to take action.

Even if you need to take small steps at the start, you are still going forward. 


Just keep going forwards regardless.


Don’t worry how long the journey will be as with each step forward you are already creating that reality you first dreamed about.

Later when you have gained some confidence and increased your skillset, you can then progress further with bigger steps as you learn and gain momentum towards your online success.

By choosing to take action and actually making that move will help make that dream into a reality.

One of the best ways to take action is to research and learn how to take the right action towards success online.

More on that later as we are now covering the understanding of the steps then the fun begins.


Step 2


Choose an Interest


Before you go into any business venture and in particular online, you will need to choose your interest.

This is so vital one that will help you gain great momentum with your website online.


The question you need to ask yourself is what interests you?


What is it that you want others to know about that will benefit them?.

Keep this question hanging around as you follow the next set of ideas.

Now take a moment and sit down with pen and paper then write down all the things that you have an interest in.

This includes any hobbies, passions including other activities such as sports etc.

Work on coming up with at least ten ideas if you have 20 just as great.

Once you have your list completed, break it down to say three (3) of the most powerful interests that you have.


When done, ask yourself?


Remember that question I asked you to hang onto?

Here it is again to save you scrolling up.


What is it that you want others to know about that will benefit them?


Here is where you related this question to the ones below.


  • Which interest do I have the most knowledge or experience with?


  • How can I enhance my website online?


  • How can this benefit the visitors coming to my website?


These, are important questions you will have along the way.


They will also be vital not only to your success but to your visitors.

This will give you some ideas that can benefit you when you get ready for creating that awesome website for your online business.

If you are still unsure or may have doubts about which may be the best interest choice.

We can help you out further as there are many training sessions to help you along the way.




Take for example that you have an interest or passion for tennis.

The best way is, rather than focus on just tennis in the broad and general sense focus first on something specific that people are really looking for that relates to tennis.

Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

This now becomes something specific to people needs rather than just a website on tennis. Tennis itself is far too broad at this point in time.


This focus on Tennis Rackets now becomes known as a Niche


Perhaps you may have an audience who are after specific types of tennis rackets.

In the diagram above I have displayed two different types of Tennis Rackets.

The Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket and the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket.

The two images above are available via Amazon of which I am an affiliate with. You can do the same and become an affiliate with Amazon as well.

When your visitor sees the racket above they may have an interest in this particular type or wish to look around for other brands.


Here you can give them a choice as shown above.


You could do even create a review of the various types of tennis rackets and let your visitors know why a certain type would be more beneficial than the other.

After reading what you have, your visitor will be better able to make an informed decision about which tennis rackets they make like.

They will then click on this image and it will take you to the Amazon site when they can look around and see what other options may also be available to them.

You can check this out for yourself perhaps you might find something else that may be of interest to you with your chosen niche, even a book on the subject.

There are various types of rackets shown which are great for beginners starting out or, for local club players, perhaps some who are semi-professional or others wanting to go further and become professional tennis players.

You are now providing a specific service on your website for a particular group of people interested in your product. This would also include any reviews you may create.

This would also include any reviews you may create.


Did you know that as of writing this post, there are over 3,307,056,000 (and counting) people online now looking for something specific?


Can you see the potential of the visits you can get on your website?


This is just one example of a specific interest which could be your Niche.


This is just one of the many millions of ideas or interests you could have.

There are millions of other interests, which people are looking for online.

Tennis Rackets is just one of them.

These are your target audiences and if they want to have what is best for them, they will get the best equipment around.

Therefore, why not be the best with your online website and provide them with the best service around.

From this alone, there is a great opportunity of becoming successful as you start to grow your own business online.

The main goal you will need to realize is that you need to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.


So far, you have taken the first two steps.


• Taking action 

• Choosing your interest.

This leads to the Third step and on how you can benefit by letting your audience know what you are offering them.


Take note:


Before you can let your visitors know what type of tennis rackets could be beneficial for them you first need to have this information online.

As they won’t be able to read what information you are giving them unless you have the third step in place.


Step 3


Build a Website


Build your own website


As we have used tennis racquets as an example, we will continue with this theme along the way.

As stated above, there are over 3,307,056,000 plus visitors online at this very moment searching for an interest or need.

This is why having a website presence is so vital in this day and age.

You know yourself, it is much easier and quicker to search online for something you have an interest in, rather than spending much time using money and energy in traveling around.

Some people travel miles and are disappointed with what they see and find they have used up valuable time and effort with negative results.

Your website will save much time, money and effort as they don’t need to leave their home to look for what they want and need.


Do you know what else is great about not leaving their home in their search?


Neither do you!


You can also be working from home online, creating an awesome website.

This is your new online business, which will become the foundation for your success.

Now learning to build your own website is easy with Wealthy Affiliate as all the tools of the trade are there.

In fact, once you have taken those first few steps, and follow the easy lessons within the training.

You will find that you can have your website activated online within 30 secs.

You will still need to keep taking action and create more wonderful content for your visitors all of which will benefit both your visitors and your online business.

From there you can start to build further and strengthen your foundation that will increase and enhance your website presence online.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you along the way with the many training sessions.

You will even receive two free hosted websites to work on and get you started even if you join as a free starter member.

However, the one important aspect of having a website that will become help you become successful leads us to a very important part.


Step 4


Attract your visitors.

Attract your visitors



Before you make money with your website, the main focus of any website is to attract visitors who will come and browse around and find you and see what you have to offer them.

This is the most critical and crucial stage.



This is the lifeline of any business.


As without customers, there is no business.

In the first few lessons within Wealthy Affiliate, you will be learning about the various techniques to improve, enhance and attract your visitor’s right to your website online.

These methods will help you move forward and increase your ranking with the main search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo amongst the many others yes there are more than just these three.

The greater the presence, the greater the people, the greater the opportunity.

Therefore, with the tennis racquets as an example, you will learn the best way to help not only to attract visitors to your site but also to help your visitors receive what is needed for them to make an informed decision.

A win-win situation.

All this is provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Those who wish to become really serious making a living online and helping your visitors can become premium members where there is more training, opportunities, and support with over 500,000 members within the community who are only too willing to help each other out.

There is so much information but there is also much to gain from that information for both your benefit and that of your visitors.

Remember, you can start for free first with no pressure to become premium unless you are serious about wanting to have your own home business online.


Finally, we move on to the final step.


Step 5


Earning Revenue


Learn and Earn Online from Home


We all know you want to make money ASAP who doesn’t? But the reason this is the last step is that you first need to build your foundation to let others know you exist.

But the reason this is the last step is that you first need to build your foundation to let others know you exist.


 Now that you are bringing in visitors to your website, you will then be able to promote other products and services.


These are known as Affiliate programs, which are free to join.

Joining these groups allow you to promote products and services without the need to have any inventory or shipping costs etc.

All you will be doing is to promote the products,  in this case, various tennis racquets from the many brands available

In doing so; you are sending the traffic from your website to the company website where they take care of all the paperwork, shipping, and inventory.

In return for the sale, you get a commission and this can range from a few % and in some cases 50% and over.

As I said there are millions of products and services, we have just been using tennis racquets as an example.


Just on Amazon alone, there are over 31,000 samples of tennis racquets on display.


Imagine, the commission you can get just for promoting any one of these?

So once, you gain the knowledge and how this all works.

You then have many more opportunities in which you can make money from your website.

You will learn all about the right techniques to build your website and build your business with Wealthy Affiliate as your support.


All the help is available to you within Wealthy Affiliate and you will learn how to earn and grow your successful business online.

There are many members at various levels of experience, from those with zero knowledge to others with many years of success and experience only.

All are there waiting to help you along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most active and helpful community you will ever find.

Would love to hear from you and seeing you become another success story like many others who are part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community Online.

All you need now is to take that first step and you will be seconds away from starting your own business online.


Important Note:


This is not an overnight money-making venture where you are told you just have to push a button or you will make thousands or millions in a short time.

They really don’t exist and those who tell you this are only after one thing.

Your money and will give you a bunch of broken promises in the process.

They are known as scammers or I call them Wolf’s in Sheep Clothing.


Guess what?


You can test Wealthy Affiliate out for a free 7 days trial.

All Free members receive two 10 lesson courses (that’s 20 lessons for free) alongside that you have a free Siterubix website with free hosting, and help along with access to many community discussions.

Should you wish to become serious in having your own home business and wanting to learn how to make money online, as a premium member you will find many added support and training lessons available to you and much more.

Oh, there are no up-sells once you become a premium member, no one will push you to take up the offer as you can stay as a free member for life if you wish, it’s just there will be limited options available compared to what you will have as a premium member.

Just wanted to keep it real and honest with you.


Trust me I am not a politician. 


In the first step, I stated that to make your dream a reality you need to take the first step

From there the world can be your oyster as the saying goes.


This is your moment to choose.


Do I want to be successful in your own home business online?


Are you content with the way with you are living now?

If you take the first choice then the image below “Getting Started here” will take you on your journey from dreams to reality online.




Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here





Always Strive to Succeed and your will Achieve


12 thoughts on “How to start a home business

  1. admin

    Hi Tom

    Thank you for your kind comment about this post. 

    Whenever we tried to do something in a positive way the Ego tends to whisper and says this is too much work just give up. Unfortunately many listen to this and simply give up with what could have been a major and positive turning points in not only their life but in the lives of many around them be it family, friends and even people such as you who come to read what others have to share.

    The scams of making quick money by the thousand within are week are just that scams. There is no quick rich money making ways except for the scammers who do unfortunately take millions from innocent people over time.

    Not for me I have been scammed before looking for that shiny object until I found Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you that the right and honest way is by going through the training provided and then taking action yourself if you want that success. 

    This also means that one needs to understand it will not happen over night or withing the week but as your progress and do what is shown everything will connect and that in turn will give you the opportunity to connect in life.

    Wishing you well Tom in all you do.


  2. admin

    Hi Juliet

    Thank you for the visit great to have another member that has been doing well in starting your own business. Certainly the 5 steps may seem simply enough but what many need to realise that in order to make those steps work that 1st steps needs to begin in Taking action. 

    Definite step is a favourite but it won’t happen unless we take that import step and keep going forward. When the first 4 steps are done step 5 becomes your reward. In fact the training given can help you get some rewards along the way even while learning. 

    Wishing you every success available with your own home business.



  3. Andre

    Hi Allan

    Thank you for the comment much appreciated. Certainly the only way to success is to go forward and take action.

     I certainly agree with you that the availability within the internet world is so much easier than it was ever before and this creates that opportunity to learn the best way to be successful in life with your own home business.

    As for creating something from what seems nothing many people would be amazing on what you can create for others to help them alone in life. 

    Hobbies and other interests are far too often undervalued and with all the training that is provided along with taking those 5 steps to success. 

    Then the world could be your oyster.

    Wishing you every success going forward.


  4. Andre

    Hi Derek

    Certainly a popular subject as times are ever changing and with the general 9-5 just over broke (JOB) it is becoming tougher with the low pays many are experience. Here  by learning how to start a home business will enable you to work on not only be successful in your own right but can also give you a much greater freedom in life and for many can give that added value to home life with family as well.

    It is not to say it’s easy work and you still need to put effort in what you do but doing so can give you greater benefits in live.

    The steps are simple yet deep when you get going.

    So thank you for your valued comment Derek and wishing you well in all you do.

    Just keep going forward


  5. Derek

    Starting a home business is a very popular subject to deal with at the moment. In this article you are introduced to the 5 basic steps to getting your business set up.

    The steps are laid out logically to take you from knowing nothing to being able to set up your own home business.


  6. Allan

    Hi Andre,

    I agree that everything we do in life takes action.  Success only comes to those willing to move forward and take risks.  The fastest growing business is in the online business.  With so many people having access to the internet all across the world, you would be silly to not take advantage of the opportunity.  A business online can be created from anything.  No matter what your hobbies and interest are, you can turn it into a profitable business that can provide a lasting income for years to come.     

  7. Juliet

    Thanks  for this post. I am so happy I started my own online business. These 5 steps may seem little but they are mighty steps. wealthy affiliate has helped me follow these steps. I have been able to build my own website, I had no prior knowledge of doing anything online. Now my online business is up and running. Of course I love step 5 the best!

  8. Tom

    Great post!  I agree wholeheartedly when your say “just keep going forwards regardless”. This has always been an issue for me personally.  I get excited to create something new and attack all of the steps head on but then as things progress I seem to lose momentum.  I have to keep reminding myself that in order to create a sustainable online business that it takes time and sometimes quite a bit of time but the payoff will be worth it.

  9. admin

    Hi Cathy

    Thank you for visiting my site. Also great to have another member here who knows how wonderful it is in many ways. Yes nothing will happens unless you take the necessary actions and even if it is one step forward today you are already closer to success than you were yesterday. I have learnt a lot since being a member which has help me to learn just that How to start a home business but more importantly teaching you the right way online.

    Welcome to visit anytime and thank you once more.


  10. Cathy Cavarzan

    I must say I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is awesome by the way. I agree starting and having a business online is exciting!  Action nothing happens unless you take action. you hit the nail on the head with that. Sometimes it is only little step but as long as you take a step your going towards success.

  11. Andre Post author

    HI Kristina
    Wonderful to hear from you. You are totally correct with Denise Linn’s Quote.
    With websites, it can be a lot of fun and also some trials and tribulations but if you want to start your own home business online then the work needs to get done.
    It can take a while but the rewards of achievement can be very gratifying as well.

    May I say, Kristina your website, is a great example of the wonderful achievement you have made as well.
    I love your New Age website but it is more than just New Age One that must be visited and experienced.

    I like it very much.
    So great work on your achievements as well Kristina.
    Wishing you great success not only for your website but for all that is.
    Namaste 🙂


  12. Kristina

    Hi! Great post, lots of information in it 🙂
    I think that many times what stops us from doing what we want to do is that we are afraid it won’t be perfect. Instead, we should follow the advice from Denise Linn: “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to get done!” Creating a website just the way you want it might take a while, but it’s a lot of fun to test different looks.
    Regards, Kristina

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