Why is Blogging So Popular Today? Top 11 Reasons (Revealed)

Blogging with a website is one of the top 11 reasons why is blogging so popular today. Plus it’s fun, easy and you can earn serious money online.

Why is Blogging So popular Today?

Why is Blogging So Popular Today?

There are many reasons why blogging has become so popular. For one, it’s a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. It’s also a great way to connect with others with similar interests.

Additionally, blogging can be a great way to promote your business or website.

And, it’s a lot of fun!

Blogs provide a platform for people to share their expertise on a particular topic.

Blogging can be a great way to make money online.

Key Blogging Statistics

  • In 2022 there are over 600 million blogs found online on a worldwide level.
  • Of the 2 billion websites found worldwide over a third are blog related.
  • There are over 6 million blog posts relating to various niches uploaded every day online.
  • Over 455 million website owners use WordPress.
  • Yet there are less than 10% of bloggers generate income based on the types of blogs they are creating.
  • WordPress is the most popular web design platform in the world.
  • Estimated population of around 8 Billion people by the end of 2022

So let’s start

What is a Blog and how did it start?

The term Blog didn’t exist until around 1997. It went by a different name known as “Personal Pages” or “Online Diaries”.

In 1997 as the internet started to gain popularity the name changed to “Weblog”.

Later this changed again and became known as a “blog”. Shortly after many considered this a new fad.

It was tough for many in the early days, as people wanting to blog, needed technical and coding knowledge.

The person creating blogs became known as a blogger, and what they wrote at the time was blogging. Most blogs began as online diaries or personal pages.

Bloggers would share their passions or interests online for the enjoyment of writing. If anyone found their blogs online it was a bonus.

Blogging became friendlier to use when WordPress came to the scene. As a result, bloggers started to realize many other benefits of blogging online.

This was the early rise of blogging becoming more popular to this day.

Is Blogging Dead?

WordPress came along in 2003 with technological advances, blogging became friendlier to use.

The ease of creating a website resurrected blogging to greater heights.

In the early days of the internet, it was not as it is today. This is why some believed that blogging was dead or would have a short life.

There are around 10% of bloggers are making money online. As you can see, there is still 90% of the pie left, so you still have an opportunity to claim your piece.

They were mistaken, as blogging is far from dead.

What do People Blog About?

There are many reasons for starting a blog online, and they can be pretty much anything.

Some people still blog for fun, sharing their personal passion in life.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are blogging to let others know about their company and presence.

This can be at the local or international level.

More bloggers are now becoming affiliate marketers, promoting other people’s products or services. As a result of any sales made you receive a commission.

The number of bloggers is growing every day. More people realize that blogging online can reach a global audience and even earn money.

There are an infinite number of blogging styles available. All these various styles come down to one word, that is Niche.

A niche is a specific group of people seeking answers to an issue or problem they wish to resolve.

You can learn more about The Niche definition to get a better idea of what to blog about.

Top 11 Reasons Why Is Blogging So Popular Today

There are many reasons why blogging is so popular today.

Below are the Top 11 Reasons and also why Blogging can benefit you long term.

Anyone can blog.

Scrabble letter to form the work Blog on brown desk
What is a Blog

One of the great things about blogging these days is that anyone of any level can start a blog.

There are millions of niches out there to blog about. The best one is the one you have a passion, interest in, and knowledge about.

You are writing content for your audience interested in the same niche topic as you. Regardless of the niche topic, no two blogs are ever the same.

You are putting your unique twist on what you write for all to read and enjoy. You could share your life experience for the sheer enjoyment of it.

You may want to share the same to let others know they are not alone with what life has to offer or challenge.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are starting to blog to create their business presence online.

You could be a college student wanting to blog your way by earning extra income to help pay for your education.

You will find many stay-at-home parents blogging and sharing life experiences of parenthood. The stay-at-home mom is a popular niche and many are doing very well as a result.

Are you retired?

This is a great opportunity to supplement extra income to your pension.

Are you nearing retirement? Want to ensure you have added income before you retired blogging online can help you there.

Even blogging to earn online in various ways such as affiliate marketing is now very popular.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. Creating a website promoting other products or services is the way to go these days.

As a result of any sales made, you can earn commission as a result.

You don’t need coding or technical knowledge.

In the old days of blogging, one needed web design knowledge and much coding. Now it is possible to create a website with no experience, no coding or technical skills.

Once you understand how the process works, and you know your niche, you can create a website within an hour or less.

Then you can start blogging your content for your audience worldwide. I am not saying it is easy; you do need to make it work and put in the effort.

There are no quick rich ways to make money. Blogging requires effort on your part and is consistent work but lots of fun.

So if you are wanting to blog with a website all you need is the right training to understand how it all works.

When blogging with a website you are building a business that is yours to keep. If you are serious and committed you can turn your blog into an online business.

Even earn passive income in the process.

Blogging online the right way will help you co nnect and achieve greater goals in life.

Regardless if it is for fun or to make money online for a living.

Regular blogging sharpens your writing skills.

The more you get involved with blogging the more your writing skills sharpened.

Even if you have never blogged in your life.

As you keep on writing you gain more skills and knowledge along the way.

The more you write the greater your writing skills improve.

Once you get the hang of it the writing process becomes easier as your writing skills improve.

As for grammar and spelling, there are many forms of checkers online that you can even use for free.

Build your authority as a blogger within your niche.

Did you realize as a blogger your content writing is not enough?

You could write the best blog post in the world, yet no one will find your website if it is not indexed online.

Indexing means your website has located on the internet by search engines such as Google.

This is the first major step for any blogger or website online.

In the meantime, you continue to create content for the benefit of your readers.

As you create content with the right methods your posts will get ranked in the search engines.

your aim is to get ranked on page 1 of Google.

The ultimate aim is page 1 on Google.

Page 1 is where you want to be as this is where people search online.

The aim is to be consistent in creating content and helping your audience find the answers they seek.

Google notices this and can boost not only your ranking for the content you create.

You will find your website gains further trust by increasing your domain authority

As a blogger, Google wants to see you are serious and want to help your readers.

Gain Trust and loyalty with your readers.

As your content rankings improve, so does the ability to connect on a larger scale worldwide.

Those looking in finding answers will see your post on the web and click on your website to read more.

Creating content that is helpful for your readers will gain further trust.

As you build that rapport and they trust you more return visits will occur.

Those seeking to earn online need to note there is a fine line between helping and selling to your readers.

Regardless of your niche, the aim of a blogger is always based on helping and not selling to your reader.

Your role is to help find and give solutions for the reader’s benefit to what they are seeking to sort out.

The product can sell for themselves so you are in effect the helper, not the seller.

No one likes to have a salesperson right saying buy, buy, buy but want help and advice instead.

This is the difference between being successful or a failure online.

This is where the trust factor comes in with your blog content.

The more you are helping the stronger the trust built between you and your audience.

Blogging can benefit local or international businesses.

Not that long ago local businesses relied on pamphlet drops to the letterboxes. Even the good old White or Yellow pages.

Some of these old methods still exist but more people are now going online to where the action is.

It has become more practical, and easier to search online than having to drive around.

Another reason why blogging has become so important in today’s society. To be able to let others know what is on offer for them when searching online for what they need.

This can even expand further from the normal local level they once had.

Look at various food delivery services.

You will find an increase in local businesses offering delivery online by using an app. That app takes them to a website and a menu appears.

That menu is one form of a blog the business has created. From there you choose what you want and have it delivered to your door, rain, hail, or shine.

This opportunity now only allows one to let people know who and where they are and what they have to offer.

With more trust built others will come to their website and buy food from them. Word of mouth is very powerful as friends share the great food and service given to others.

This becomes a win-win situation for both business and the customer alike.

The same goes for international businesses.

The greater their presence online the greater opportunities to gain more business worldwide. All this is from blogging on a particular niche topic for others to see.

I am sure you have heard of a business called Amazon. It started as a bookstore. They have managed to expand more on helping others find what they are looking for.

The rest is history for Amazon and it has become one of the most trusted websites worldwide.

Create your own piece of real estate online.

You may not become as well known as Amazon who knows? Yet, by creating a website you are creating your own piece of real estate online.

One that you own and can build upon for the long term. This is where many bloggers find success online and earn a living as a result.

It will take time at the start much like building a house. You prepare the land before you set upon building that foundation you will build your house.

With a website, you plan ahead, work out your niche then create your own domain name. Then that house you build will be your blog posts creating content for the benefit of your readers.

Of course, there will always be maintenance to do like you would with a house. The more you created online the more success you will find.

There are no shortcuts to building a home the same with your website if you want it to be safe and secure.

You can work part or full-time.

A great benefit of blogging is that you can do it on a part-time basis or even full-time. Those working part-time need to plan ahead of time as many may already hold down a job.

This will leave fewer hours in the day to work with.

Those who are able to blog full-time for whatever reason still need to plan ahead. There is time for creating content and time for a personal life at home.

If you are blogging for fun no problems you have all the time in the world.

If you want to make a career out of blogging online with a website this is where planning ahead is important.

Goals and tasks need to work out around other areas in life. Working out when you are able to blog and when you enjoy other areas like family time if you have a family.

There is also time for research and a time to write and a time to watch TV or play games even go on social media.

You can allow for a certain time to research, time to prepare your ideas, and the structure of your blog. When you are doing that is all you are doing.

If you want to eat, clean, and do anything else set a time for that. Right now you are working on your business if you want to be successful.

Those working full-time may have extra hours up their sleeve but that doesn’t mean you can slacken off as a result.

Whether you are blogging part or full time you are your own boss.You set the hours for your time and you choose how successful your plan is to be.

Your success is dependent on you and your attitude.

You develop discipline

The more you get involved with your online business the more discipline you will become. The more disciplined you become the more confident you will become.

Your writing will improve, and you will gain further knowledge when doing research. You will see a more positive attitude you have within yourself.

Before you start writing around 80% of your work is in the research the other odd 20% is writing your content.


You are playing many roles as a business owner online. There is keyword research which is vital to connect with our readers along with what you write.

Another aspect of research is checking your competition online. Yes, you will have competition.

Your part is to write more unique content others will want to read instead. Be better than them with what they write compared to what you write on the same topic.

Always check the top 5 on the first page of Google that relates to your topic. See what they are writing to get in that spot and do better.

Never copy and paste their work.

Look at their writing style are they answering the questions people are asking? What are they doing that you can do better?

Find more on what people are asking they don’t include and add that to your content. Sticking to the tasks at hand and keeping to a schedule creates more discipline within you.

You also become more confident and relaxed. As you do so you become more efficient and more effective with what you write.

Connecting worldwide creates your presence online.

As already mentioned, your website will need to be found first (indexed) on the internet.

The content you are creating will also be indexed and then ranked on page 1 of Google where people will find you.

This allows more people to find you and be able to read what you have to share with them. As you create more useful content for your readers, your content can rank up high as a result.

This enables visitors to your website and increases further your authority online. This helps to increase more opportunities to earn online.

The better the ranking online the greater the opportunities for people to find you. Your domain will also increase in authority along the way.

You will be seen as an authority with what you have to share online.

Blogging can be fun but not always easy

Blogging is becoming very popular, and it is only getting better. Better does not imply easier.

Blogging can be as easy or as hard as you make it. It is and will always be up to you how much effort and work you put in.

Nothing is perfect and will never be, so there is some compromise to be made if you want to be a blogger.

Learning how to earn money online the right way is essential. Not all affiliate marketers are successful as there are many mistakes some make.

You can read more on why some affiliate marketers fail online below.

How does blogging with a website work?

I have mentioned websites a few times above so how does blogging with a website work?

Blogging is a method of creating content aimed at a particular audience in mind. Your website is the hub where all your blog content is stored.

More people are finding that blogging can not only be fun but there are ways to earn you money online.

The best and easiest method is known as affiliate marketing. Here you are blogging to that specific audience on a particular topic.

The aim is to help your readers find what they are seeking online.

Remember helping and not selling?

Learning the right way how to create a website and blog can bring many opportunities to earn online. How about becoming your own boss and working your own hours?

Not traveling to work apart from one room to another or working in bed with a laptop, your choice. Even earn passive income while you sleep as your website is connected worldwide 24/7.

It is low-cost to get started and no need to carry or deal with products yourself. This is one of the main reasons why blogging became so popular.

Due to the earning ability where there is no limit on what you can earn regardless if it is part or full-time.

The question is are you serious about wanting to have your own online business?

Do you want to quit your day job when you reach your goals online?

To find out more on how to get started here it is. You can even start a free test trial at no cost to you and see if this is for you or not.

Test Drive Your trial Now


So now you know not only what blogging is and how it started but also that anyone can blog. Even make money online more so with a website.

There is an endless amount of niche choices to make and share with your audience worldwide.

Even there you can learn more with the proper training. Being able to blog is easier than before because you don’t have to be a website geek to do so.

Blogging has changed for the better. It is becoming more popular than ever before.

Now you can be part of this opportunity and have your share of the vacant 90% still available worldwide.

So why not take the opportunity and give it a test trial? I will be there to support you along the way should you join as a starter member. Should you decide to be serious and upgrade you can do so as well.

The Premium membership gives you a free dot com domain.

While the premium plus gives you 2 free dot coms domains to get you started.

You will get the right training and as a premium plus member even more. This training platform has been around for over 18 years and is more active than ever before.

Do you have any further questions about what to blog about or how to best select your niche?

Let me know below and I will respond to you shortly. Better still, take the starter trial membership I will be the first to welcome you and be your mentor along the way.

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