Broad vs Narrow Niche Which is Better for Affiliate Marketing

One of the first things to know when starting affiliate marketing is your niche. Should you have a broad vs narrow niche? Is one better than the other? Let’s find out

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Should I go with a Broad or Narrow Niche when starting affiliate marketing? What is the difference?

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One very common question many newbies ask is which niche is the most profitable to do as an affiliate marketer and how quickly can I earn money as a result.

This is really the wrong attitude to take if you want true success online.

Sure you can make a quick buck here and there then what happens, you begin to struggle because you are wanting to be a jack of all trades but end up being a master of none.

The most profitable niche is really a myth as you can be successful in any niche as long as your put in the work and effort and give it some proper thought before you even get a domain.

This thinking is the wrong way around.

This is one of the reasons why so many fail in affiliate marketing.

You can be successful in any niche as long as you are helping your audience with what they are seeking rather than just chasing money first.

Money is the result of the work and effort you put into finding your niche and knowing how to help your audience find a solution to their problem or issue they want answers for.

This is why some thought needs to be taken before you start and where you first need to ask yourself questions before you select your niche.

If you simply gave some thought to your niche before you started you most likely would have found success quicker.

Now quicker doesn’t mean tomorrow or next week or even next month.

Affiliate marketing takes time as you are learning How to Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Online business.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative but takes time to build not only the content you are writing but also you need to build traffic (visitors to your site) first.

One of the first things you should avoid is chasing after money, instead, you should focus on finding an audience based on your niche and getting traffic to your site.

Think of it this way no visitors (traffic) to your website means no sales

Affiliate marketing is based on one thing and it’s not sales.

That is why knowing the difference between a broad and narrow niche is so important along with how can you use them both wisely.

What is a Niche

Many people tend to get confused about what a niche is but there is a simple explanation.

A niche is an audience who are looking for something specific for their needs.

Pretty much everything you look for both online and offline is one type of niche.

However, there are variations of niches and not all may be suitable in the way it is used.

When first starting online the key focus should first be on what niche you want to become involved in and fully understand The Niche definition to you.

There is a vast difference between the term broad niche vs a sub or narrow niche which I will explain shortly and one that can make or break you when first starting online with affiliate marketing.

Along with the best way to approach both types in terms of choosing your domain name to what your niche topic will be about and focused on.

Choosing Your Direction is planning ahead before you start finding a niche.

Before you get your own domain and even before you select your Niche.

One part that is very important is to ask yourself a few questions first.

If you are in it just for the money think again as Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich way of making money quickly.

Here are some questions to ask yourself first and then make a list of your answers

What are my passions in life?

What interests me the most that I can share with others?

Do I have any hobbies I can share with people with similar interests?

What skills and experience do I have?

How can I help people online with what I know or love?

Write them all down then when you are finished answering your own questions bring it down to one main aspect you have the most passion, and interest in and want to share with others online.

Note: You don’t need to be an expert but as you research more along with your passion and the way you write your content you will show your experience and expertise along the way.

This is the first part of much research you will be doing.

So now once you know yourself more and have a list of all select the most popular and comfortable idea you have.

This is where your niche idea comes into play.

Now that you have chosen what you love to do type that idea into Google and then you will be able to see where you can improve and if you should have that broad niche or narrow niche or the best way around it.

Now you have your niche idea time for research and whether your website should be broad or narrow or both. i will explain that a bit more in detail shortly

What is the difference between a broad Vs Narrow Niche

Perhaps one of your ideas is here.

Ok so let’s look at the difference between the two, broad and sub-niche with some examples below from the chart.

As stated earlier, anything can be termed as a niche, some may seem fine but can still be too broad to start with.

Broad Niche

Here are some broad niche markets that fall under the overall term niche. also are some of the most popular ones.

  • Fishing
  • Pets or pet supplies
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Home décor and Furniture
  • Food and Beverages, Automotive
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Gardening and Landscaping

    The list can go on and on but you get the idea.

    All the above examples are very popular niche markets and highly popular and sought after.

    As stated still are broad and can be broken down into something more specific that a particular audience would be interested in and this is where your narrow or sub-niche can reside.

    That is basically what a broad niche is and I will give more examples along the way to break it down further.

    Narrow niche

    This is where you start to focus more on that particular group of people (your audience) that are looking for a specific niche they have an interest in.

    The samples I have above are too broad although we have now some ideas of the topic you are interested in and now it’s time to break it down a bit more to that narrow niche.

    So we need to break it down a bit more to something more specific you might as a consumer be interested in.

    A narrow niche is specific and limited and a broad niche is less specific and less limited.

    This is why doing some research on your niche topic, looking at what are your passions, interests, hobbies, and what knowledge and understanding you have for that selected niche.

    Let’s use Fishing as an example

    When you look at the broad side of things there is far too much in the area relating to fishing and not everyone would be interested in certain parts or areas of fishing or can relate to it.

    When you first start your website for your niche you will want to create some informational posts on a particular topic to drive your visitors to your website and build upon that traffic you need.

    This is why the need to break it down to something more specific for that particular audience you are targeting for.

    Now you need to work out what type of fishing you want to focus on first.

    Trust me there is a method to the madness and later the broad vs narrow niche will come together.

    Here is a chart from the training platform I am part of where you are able as you can see find the right niche for you as well as content ideas.

    So the main question was fishing and within a few seconds, the following list came up.

    Niche Finder tool showing various Niches under main term Fishing
    Finding My Narrow Niche for Fishing

    As you can see there is more to fishing than just casting a rod and hoping to catch a fish that itself can be another niche content you can write about.

    So now we have brought down fishing to various areas you can focus on.

    Let’s continue with fishing and go again with the first choice Fly fishing.

    Niche Finder tool showing various Niches under main term Fly Fishing
    Breaking down my Fly Fishing Niche Further

    Just on fly fishing alone, you can see there is so much to write about.

    Even create more sub-niche ideas along with more content to write about that particular topic.

    Let’s go deeper one more time to show sub-niches for Fly Fishing for Trout

    Fly Fishing for Trout Niche Finder

    Can you see the importance of narrowing down your niche to your particular audience that is looking for that something specific to their interests?

    Here we are talking about certain types of Trout one may want to catch

    This is the power of narrowing down your niche using the niche finder so you can solely focus on a particular target audience.

    What is a niche website?

    A niche website is based upon a sub-niche of the broader niche segment of the market.

    Here you would focus on creating helpful content designed to help solve a problem, answer or issue to what your audience is seeking online.

    Once you have selected your particular niche you would then be writing helpful content on that specific narrow niche that will answer what your readers are seeking.

    Such as the fishing examples mentioned above.

    At the start of your affiliate marketing, you would not be selling as you have no traffic to sell to in the first place.

    So in the beginning your niche website will be focused on writing informational content to help your audience and build your traffic along the way.

    This is where we start to break down certain niches into sub-niches using the charts above as examples.

    Fishing was too broad but by breaking it down we are able to select some more specific to the audience we are seeking to find.

    Should I Go With A Broad Or Narrow Affiliate Marketing Niche?

    Should my website domain be broad or narrow?

    This is where we can start to mix both broad and narrow niches together for a better user experience for your audience and for you as an affiliate marketer.

    We will continue to use Fishing as an example to be our selected broad niche topic.

    We know the narrow niches to start writing content with but one part you don’t want to do when giving your domain a name is to have it narrow as that will restrict your website presence.

    As you are building an online business you need to think long-term. That is where selecting your Niche for your domain will come to the fore.

    So here is where the two work best together.

    When choosing a domain name it is best to have a broader niche name than a specific narrow niche.

    So you don’t want to call your domain flyfishing dot com if you want to be able to write more on the various forms of fishing.

    So instead to allow you to expand gradually over time your domain might be called bobsfishingventures dot com as an example or allaboutfishing dot com if they are available.

    Use your imagination but don’t make the name too long, avoid dashes, and hyphens between the name, and definitely avoid a copywritten name as that can involve legal issues.


    So now you know the difference between a broad niche compared to a narrow niche,

    You learned not only what a niche is but also how to narrow down a broad niche to something more specific for your targeted audience.

    There is so much to learn so why not learn from my No 1 recommended training platform and even start a test trial for free?

    This way you can see if affiliate marketing is for you and learn the ropes the right way to online success.

    Strive to succeed and you will achieve
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