Scams Watch Out

Scams Watch Out is the warning given. Do you watch out for scams online? Have you been a victim? I call them Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Scams Watch Out- Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Scams Watch Out- Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Here are some of those Wolves who at times hunt in a pack.

I can help you avoid some of the ones I have experienced and along with some others revealed as scams.

Have you clicked a link only to find the words that state that you can make thousands within a week or just with the click of a button you to can go from rags to riches?

These are just some of the home/making money online scams?

Just waiting to grab that opportunity and bring you into their Web of Deceit.

Have you been “ripped off” trying to find a way to make money online?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

These are the ones you want to avoid. They have other names like Con-Men, Rip Off Artist some I can’t say here, some even have the hide to call themselves Internet Gurus.

To those who have been ripped off, I understand how you feel. I have suffered earlier from this pack of wolves.

Let’s focus first on some of these Wolves who are always looking for ways to make money online by scamming you of your hard-earned money.

As they take your money you end up usually with nothing in return except a smaller bank balance or worse money owing on your credit card.

Below you will find some of the Wolves or scammers that are out there waiting to take your hard-earned money from you with nothing to get in return.

There are many to mention however, I will mention the ones I have come across.

 Like Leeches in a swamp.

Such Wolves do nothing but prey on the emotions of honest folk such as you and me. They are like Leeches in a swamp.

They focus on people whose situations in life may not be the best at the current time knowing that their emotions will suffer should life issues change for the worst.

This is where there are ready to pounce and take advantage of people’s emotional state of mind.

Once they have that, it becomes easier for them to snatch the money from their victims and at times disappear only to reappear later with a different program and start again.

They are very cunning in the way their operations work.


Many times in their videos, they insist that to get such and such an offer, you must act fast otherwise the opportunity may go away at any time, or if it does come back it will be very expensive.

The idea is to place pressure on their victims and place them on the spot.

This forces you to make an important decision in an emotional state of mind that can only be detrimental to you but beneficial for them.

Some reasons they rely on (not all) tend to be basic emotional issues we face in everyday life.

These may be but not limited to:

Job dissatisfaction

Need for money

Emotional financial situations

Need for Instant cash.

Loss of Job

Want a better lifestyle and perhaps just better living conditions?

That’s how they get you and that’s how they got me at my weakest moment in time.


Don’t let your emotions get the Better of You.

That is how they try to squeeze you dry with all you have and then some to the point of taking as much blood from the stone as possible.

Such ravenous Wolves work in a pack and support each other indiscreetly.

So now I will expose who they are where you will see pictures of human parasites in my opinion that we call Scammers and who act like Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Scams to watch out for:

1) Push Button Millionaire Program (PMB) by Ivan Block (on the left).

Based on Binary Options where you need to register with a Broker of his choosing and then need to deposit at least a minimum of $250.

PMB coffee shop scam review

Ivan will state in his video that he is giving this to you free yet he is getting a commission for referring you.

This is a system that he states will give you heaps of money yet the support team doesn’t trust you to deal with the broker’s help.

Support will tell you that there is no need to use the broker over there much to the disappointment of the Broker.

All you need to do is use the link PMB gives you and not use the binary systems provided by the brokers.

Their so-called Broker will ask you for Coloured photocopies of your Credit card. Not black and white but has to be colored copies.

Along with some form of Gov’t ID plus at least a Utility Bill which all must have the name and address match and must be in Color.


Relegation laws state this is required according to them and that any withdrawals given need to be verified so that the person receiving the money is the same person who opened the account.

Even though they have no problems debiting your credit account without other forms of ID.

PBM guy in coffee shop scam review

PBM guy in coffee shop scam review

Just out of interest In the screenshot you see Ivan Block greeting two (according to him) strangers at random who have stated they never met him nor “never made a dime online” Ivan‘s quote.

The man who never made a dime online is none other than Jack Clayton owner of Instant Traffic Commissions another scam I will be doing a review on later.

Look at the picture here as well as the one on top of the beginning of the review. If anyone can identify the lady please comment below and let me know so all can find out.


My recommendation for PBM: Red Flag Scam.


2. Michael Fox with Easy Money Machine

 No doubt you may have seen Michael Fox with Easy Money Machine, another scam.

He is the one you will see driving the Lamborghini and claiming how he bought a huge mansion with cold hard cash. (Fox alright)

Easy Money Machine Michael Fox Scam Review showing off car

In the link, he claims that by the end of the video you could be making the thousands you see displayed on the screen.

If you watch his videos to the end and join, it will cost you $49 to get to the next stage.

This takes you to another video saying congratulations (for what? Congratulation because you just gave him $49 maybe?)

By the way when the original offer of $49 comes up.

 As usual with such scams you are offered a choice should you decide to exit.

You are asked if you wish to exit or continue. If you exit great decision you made.

For those who wish to continue you are given a discount on the offer down to $29.

Should you do the same again and decide to exit again the same window pops up.

If you continue again your discount now is $9 but don’t give up now as do the same thing once more.

Guess what? The same window is back again this time it states “OK fine you can have it for free”

So it just went from $49 to free? 

If you still decide to exit you are leaving according to them leaving behind a supposed $225,000 package.

By the way, there is no Error, if you exit only if you accept then you have a major error.

Easy Money Machines Scam
Easy Money Machines Scam

This is a ploy to get you inside for more of their Upsells that increase each time you accept that extra offer he tells you to take The Upsells to continue.

He will talk about getting an even better opportunity at a higher level just like the millionaires.

Look at the image to your right they state the income builder software has a value of $225,000 really?

They will state you can get it for $197? Yeah right.

Gradually he asks for you to grab the opportunity to upgrade.

So this time you click OK and accept you pay  $197.

This will take you through another long boring useless video talking about how great you are for taking this offer.

You are going to get lucky and rich.

So far you have paid $197 plus $49 if you took the original offer. Do you feel rich yet? I know Michael Fox does he has your money now.

But wait! There’s more to get closer to the millionaires.

This offer states you can have this for $295  a real steal. Yep, you got that right.

So you accept and pay then get taken to another video.

Him again, for the last killer blow, this is a $225,000 value package but the golden one that will take you to the cream at the top will only by $175.

Wow, a discount over the other Upsells.

By the way, he claims this last Upsell is worth $19,000 alone.

And to think if you keep clicking the original video you thought you got the opportunity for free.

Perhaps it would be better and cheaper to spend $49, go to the movies and enjoy your time and go home happy.

This is another scam to avoid.

You will just lose your money and although there is supposed to be a 30-day money-back guarantee you will be struggling to get that as well.

Have a look at the fine print which is on the same screenshot I have just copied and pasted this portion for your ease.

Read between the lines (highlighted for you).

Copyright © 2014 Easy Money Machines. All Rights Reserved.
This Site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated,  endorsed, or sponsored by Google, ClickBank, CLICKSURE?, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, or Bing nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Clickbank, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube or Bing.
And examples of the product owner’s and other person’s RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT AN INDICATION OF FUTURE SUCCESS OR EARNINGS.
Please note Michael claims that all these people making money are real, he guarantees in his video that everyone will make money using his system yet they are nothing more than paid actors or friends within his money-laundering scheme.

On the screenshot above it states and I Quote “makes me $1,000 – $2000 a day”.

My recommendation for PBM: Red Flag Scam.


 Now this one is a bit different but it is important to be aware of them.

Clicksure with WOT
ClickSure with wot review

With Michael Fox’s Easy Money Machine the payment you make for that goes through ClickSure.

WOT clicksure
WOT ClickSure

If you look back up their statement above they state they are not affiliated with ClickSure but it is through ClickSure they deal with and all correspondence is done via ClickSure.

Now the problem that I have with them is like Michael Fox’s delays with the refunds ClickSure seems to do the same thing.

If you have a request for a refund you would open up a Support Ticket.

This is fine however they keep sending you emails for you to reply within 24hours otherwise they consider that you have resolved the issue with the supplier.

ClickSure has a bad reputation as per Web of Trust (WOT).

You can easily download this to your computer and it will give you an idea of any particular website that has been rated by the viewers.

Above is a screenshot of the ClickSure website along with the instant message you received from WOT (on the right-hand side a larger version.)


With Michael Fox’s Easy Money Machine the payment you make for that goes through ClickSure.


4. Nighthawk system created by Guv Donovan

NightHawk system hawk photo scam review
NightHawk system hawk photo scam review

This one is very similar to PBM in that they deal with the Binary System and have the same basic procedure.

You download the Free programs by Nighthawk and again you open an account of their choosing with a broker.

Again you need to deposit a minimum of $250 then when you have registered and set up and money has been deposited you will then get the final link to both so you can start trading.


You will also get a phone call from a broker.

Funny now that I think about he sounded the same as the one that spoke to me with PBM, had the same attitude when I said I don’t need a broker as per email instructions.

Never heard from him again either.

In the video, Guy Donovan talks about how his software won a competition and beat 600 competitors to win a $250,000 prize for being the best trading program.

No details of the competition, nor where this was held, or any other details were given.

According to Guy Donovan, he invented this unique program.

It will give you the winning edge over the others.


Because it is the best out there and all the others are scams according to Guy Donovan.

I was getting emails from the NightHawk support team (who are terrible by the way), providing you with a video link promoting Push Button Millionaire the same one I reviewed above.

This is the email I got from NightHawk promoting either PMB, money magnet system with Vince Hunt it changes regularly.

Both are the same money systems using the Binary Options.

Nighthawk System

NightHawk system video photo

21 Mar
To Friend
This message contains blocked images.
Hey guys,
After testing this ALL week I’m now thrilled
to be able to offer you the download:

I’ve racked up $6,342.22 in the past 4 days!

You may unsubscribe or change your contact details at any time.

Talk about Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. I did say they work in a pack.

 My recommendation for PBM: Red Flag Scam.


 5. Money Magnet System by Vincent Hunt

Yet another Binary System scam that is being promoted by Vincent Hunt.

Money Magnet with Vince Hunt Scam Review
Money Magnet with Vince Hunt Scam Review


Another leader of the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing pack.

Ironically these binary systems were promoted in an email to me by NightHawk System who claims they are the best.

NightHawk has also promoted PBM as well, unfortunately, the link has been closed down and replaced by the above.

So much for NightHawk being the best system around yet, they continue to promote other binary systems which do the same job.

Here you will lose your money badly.

My recommendation for PBM: Red Flag Scam.

These are just some scams mentioned, there is much more out there.

So Beware of those Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

I speak about these from personal experience and many others have experienced such scams.

Perhaps with your help, we can expose more so that others like us will benefit by staying away from these heartless people.

Would you like to place a review of your own?

Did you experience such scams yourself?

Have you been scammed before?

Perhaps with some mentioned above or you know of others not mentioned here.

Then send me a comment below on your experience and what happened. I am sure others will benefit from your support.

The more scams we can expose together, the more we can help others to save their precious money just like you.

So please don’t be shy, if you wish to place a comment about any scams you have experienced go for it.

Let me know and we can put it in the comments section. 

I may be able to post your review as part of the Scam Watch with you as the reviewer.

Perhaps you have heard of some making money online scams or wish to report email scams you may have heard of.

Feel free to leave any comments below.

Let me know I would love to hear from you.


Don't Feed The Bad Wolf Warning


Please be advised that my comments about the above scams are my personal opinion.

Perhaps you may have some success if so congratulations.

For others, consider the above comments as a warning should you wish to enter their sites.

I take no responsibility for your actions should you wish to join any of these sites you do so at your own peril.

Don’t Fall for such Scams when you can learn the right way to succeed online.

Learn how you can create your own business online your way

One that will teach the correct way to build your online line business venture.

This is my #1 recommendation and this may be for you.

Take the test trial and you can make up your own mind without using a credit card.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve

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