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By | October 17, 2020

Did you know you can Create and Save Your Site Content And Pages, Posts and Blogs from your Website outside of WordPress? Make this your safe haven just in case.


MS Word


As you make and create that great content of yours by doing so within Word.

You are able to create a safe haven for your various pages, post, and blogs.

As you never know what may happen to your website hosted elsewhere.

Situations do occur, some beyond your or your hosting site’s control or just pushing the wrong button in error.

So just in case, something goes wrong on your WordPress Website.

You have MS Word to the rescue because you have saved your work then as well.

Here you can not only create all those pages, blog, and posts but also arrange it into Folders and Files and save this work all in MS Word that way if your website goes down or work is lost you have your backup copies on hand.

But you are creating a backup copy should something not go as planned or hoped for.


ARGH !!!!


There is nothing worse than creating such great work only to lose it for whatever reason and have to start again because you have not made a backup somewhere else.

(Imagine if you have created over 20 pages and posts or just as many blogs along the way and did not save you work elsewhere? ARGH !!!!)

What Happen to my work. Argh I forgot to Save Site Content And Pages

What Happened to my work. Argh I forgot to Save My Work

Fortunately, I have created a training session for the 10’s of thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members who may benefit from this and you have the opportunity to find out more too.

It is of great help particularly for Newbie’s who may not be familiar with such options or the programs they have (Word Perfect and Open Office are similar).


Two Golden Rules


Regardless of which programs you use or even when in WordPress, the two Golden rules will always apply when you Save Site Content And Pages, Post Or Blogs.




Creating Folders, Files and saving your work with MS Word.


Hint: They are simple yet many forget to apply regardless of their skills or level.


Golden Rule No 1. Save Your Work


Golden Rule No 2. Save your work regularly


No one has full experience in all they do.


We are always learning so am I. Fortunately, here in Wealthy Affiliate we have many great members who are also available to help in one shape, form or another.

Not to mention the other benefits you have when you join.

That’s why it so great being a member here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Regardless if you joined for free as a starter member or decided to go full steam ahead as a premium member.

This is how we learn, earn and grow with online marketing here at Wealthy Affiliate.

No matter which option you choose there is always something to learn here in WA.


Here you will learn the right way to Online Marketing as well.


This could be valuable training videos, or the live weekly training video session (Premium only).

It could be the many blogs and even training sessions created by various members such as the one below.

There is much more available but whatever it is we have the ability to learn at Wealthy Affiliate in many ways.

The knowledge gained will help you to go forward and reach those goals you have set for yourself. As a result, it will help you grow as a result.


Thoughts and Doubts

Sign up Page


If you are thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate give it a go. It is free to join and no credit card required nor is it needed.
You can even take a week to decide what you what to do with no pressure.

As I said no cost to you except learn to create content on your own free website(s) (you get two) to help and get you started even as a free member.


No get rich quick scams here.

Beware of Scammers

Be Ware of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing


The only thing I will tell you is this is not a get rich scheme and you will not be making or raking the money in within a week or month.

By the way, there are none of those hidden up-sells plus more up-sells you get from Wolves those driving fancy rented cars or a Yacht.

Don’t get hooked on them the only money to be made is the money you give to them but nothing back for you.


 Here you learn the right way to success.


You will need to build up a foundation for your business just like any other business has to do to be successful.

The only difference is this is your business so why not build a solid foundation and grow as a result.

So with your personal effort as well from the help you get at Wealthy Affiliate and its fellow family members.

You can build a solid foundation perhaps even a skyscraper down the track.

From there you can learn to earn as well as grow.


But that’s your choice.


If you don’t want to continue then don’t, simple as that. No questions asked and I wish you only the best for whatever future may lie ahead of you.

If you do, then welcome to the family and glad you decided to go forward in life and I will be one for the first to welcome you and congratulate you when you join.

Don’t forget to fill in your profile when you join so I and other members will know who you are. (These are Tens of thousands member so your first name will help)

For those who have already joined for free as a starter and may be thinking of going further forward, not only will you learn how to make money here at Wealthy Affiliate.

But you will get extra training and much more as a premium member but again that is your decision to make as well but you already know the benefits you are currently received.


Simply the best


Starter Vs Premium

Comparison Between Started Vs Premium

You can check out my comparisons between starter and premium member here as these are the Bare naked facts. Nothing is hidden from you.

As an added benefit at Wealthy Affiliate, we get to learn greater respect for each other.

Who for many has become like family and I for one am so grateful for that?

The best people I have had the fortune to be associated with I have found here and as I write this I can see their faces before me as I give them big hugs of thanks.

You too can have this feeling of being with a new family here in WA. You will be glad you did.

This is an added free benefit that has helped me and I know many others grow even stronger as a result of being here.

We have separate paths to take towards our journey to success.

But as we move forward we see many of our fellow family are also walking alongside parallel roads encouraging and supporting each other along the way.

Join us along the pathway to success and we will be there for you as well.

If you wish to look further into the training session below you can simply join for free as stated above at no cost to you, give is 7 days trial if you don’t want to continue that’s OK your decision.

Should you wish to continue you can take advantage of the extra bonus you get when you join for free and after 7 days make up your own mind if you want to go forward or not.

See you there and I would love to say hi and congratulate you for your great decision.



Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve

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