What Is Online Marketing About

What Is Online Marketing About

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, is a subgroup of digital marketing. It may use 8 types of internet strategies to connect with its audience online.

Using such strategies help to bring greater brand awareness along with promoting the product or service it has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

Applying the strategies given will help you rank higher in the search engines.

As you create more content you will become an authority in your related niche market.

You gain the trust of your target audience online.

Gain higher ranking on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As you grow online you will bring brand awareness to your website and the companies you promote.

Why is Online Marketing Important?

Both online marketing and traditional marketing may be similar in their final aim.

That is to increase brand awareness of the business and make a sale on the products or services on offer.

There are also major differences as well mentioned further below.

With online marketing, you are able to target a more specific or niche audience interested in what you have to offer over the internet.

Traditional marketing doesn’t separate its audience and focuses on sales only.

The aim of online marketing is two-fold:

1: To increase brand awareness of the business.

2 To help and inform their target audience about the products or services on offer they are looking for.

Online Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

While both have the final aim to make a sale, there are still major differences between the two.

To a point, traditional marketing does work but in today’s age and time restricts what they can do.

With the internet taking over online marketing is the way to go to connect with your audience online.

According to Statista, there are over 5.16 Billion internet users worldwide, and as of January 2023, and increasing along the way.

This is where online marketing has taken over as the best means of connecting with your audience.

Tradition marketing methods used:

TV ads

Radio commercials

Newspapers ads and possibility articles

Magazine articles and ads

Billboards signs and those placed on vehicles etc.

Posters generally over telegraph poles and other areas people may see them.

Now some small local businesses may not even use such methods which is fine.

Word of mouth might be their best choice.

Word of Mouth with people marching with bull horns

So let’s get started

For other brick-and-mortar businesses wishing to expand, such marketing methods become costly.

This is why promoting a business or service online becomes the better choice as below.

The top 8 Key Internet marketing strategies used online.

1)    Social Media

Phone with words words of FaceBook in blue screen plus words of social media on brown desk

Today there are many forms of Social media platforms to use with Internet marketing.

Here are the most popular and preferred media platforms;






Such platforms can work very well when applied to online marketing.

Each platform can help you with paid ads yet it can be costly if not planned or budgeted in the right way.

For those new to online marketing paid ads are best avoided unless you have a large budget each month.

The reason is once you stop paying for ads so does your reach online.

Yet, you can also use these platforms for free and gain organic visitors instead but might take a bit longer.


There is a reason for the name “Social media.”

When you are on social media the aim is to strike a conversation with your followers.

You do this with active participation with your current followers.

This works much better than posting ads for your products or services.

You also have a greater chance to bring in more followers on your social media account.

2) Email Marketing

Desk with notepad, pencils in holder and desktop with workd E-Mail marketing writting on it with background colors

Email marketing has become an essential tool for small and large businesses since the introduction of the Internet.

In simple terms, email marketing is a form of direct marketing.

How often have you seen this when searching for something online?

“Sign-up for my newsletter and get this…or Sign-up and get a bonus.

Please provide your name, email address and I will send you a video, a free guide, or unlock a secret”

Here a business uses email to communicate with potential and existing customers alike.

Common reasons for a business to use email marketing include:

  • Adding subscribers to their email list for future use.
  • Helps generate new sales leads.
  • Following up with sales leads.
  • Converting leads into customers.
  • Communicating with customers with new promotions and offers.

Many Affiliate Marketers will use email marketing to build targeted lists.

Often they will provide more offers even free downloads.

Here is a sample of a free guide for permission to add someone to their email list.

Sample of Free Guide to get on an email list

Once you are on their list they will send out more emails for any future promotions.

Now creating an email list is great for both the customer and the one sending the email when used as it should be.

Of course, these days there are some out there who have other ideas.

If you are unsure or don’t know who the person or organization is never click the link better to be safe than sorry.

If it is a bank or an organization you belong to know that they don’t give out links to click in the email.

If in doubt go direct to the source you are part of.

If you don’t know who they are or have doubts never click any link better to be safe than sorry.

To create an email list you would have to sign up with a company that provides autoresponders for your email.

Of course, there is a payment for such services some will charge you at the start.

Email services like AWeber are free to start for your first 500 subscribers.

Here are some examples of types of emails to send out with your email marketing:

• Welcome emails for new customers

• Subscription newsletters

• Promotions

• Loyalty program information

• Follow-up emails after a visitor downloads something or provides their contact information.

3) PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing examples with ads on white background

PPC or Pay-Per-Click, is one type of online marketing used to drive traffic to websites.

You may notice these ads on websites, search engines even on social media.

The aim is to direct readers to a website or online store for the product or service on offer.

When doing a PPC campaign, marketers create ads that when clicked by the reader will pay for each click only.

Pay-per-click can be an effective way to drive targeted traffic to a website or direct to a store.

Before starting on a PPC campaign keyword research is vital.

When doing keyword research, you will be looking for the most profitable keyword to use for your marketing campaign.

Once clicked they generally take you to a landing page or within the website content created.

This is where online marketers need to ensure the ads are compelling enough for the reader to click the ad.

From there also make sure that what you advertised is true and not created as clickbait.

For example, you may create Google ads for your website.

Google then displays this ad on search results for a specific keyword of your choosing.

In return, you pay Google 50 cents each time someone clicks on the ad and visits your website.

The cost can vary depending on the keywords and what platform you use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

When first starting PPC Campaign there will be the initial tweaking and shuffling on various platforms.

You may need to experiment to see which works best for you at the start then stick to the most successful method.

PPC advertising can be a very effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

There are 3 main areas to focus on with starting a PPC Campaign.

1) Know your targeted audience

2) Do thorough keyword research relating to your audience

3) Have a good budget each month ( at least $500 to start off with).

 4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO on while hat with black ribbon around it

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s organic, unpaid results.

When we are talking about SEO we are usually referring to Google as it is the largest search engine in the world.

Bing and Yahoo come next but are nowhere near Google but also important search engines.

Google uses “crawler bots” to crawl the web and build an index of the content available online.

When someone searches for a keyword, Google provides the most relevant results.

Search engines aim to connect people with reliable, valuable, helpful, and relevant information.

You can read more here on Google’s Helpful Content.

All Search Engines have their own algorithms in place along with some complex rules.

No one knows exactly what they are the main reason being is to stop some people from abusing and gaming the system.

As an online marketer, the aim is to create relevant unique, and helpful content for their readers.

When done right using various SEO strategies will help you rank on page one on the search engines.

The aim of any marketer is to rank on page one of Google and other search engines.

This is also known as search engine results pages (SERPS)

When found on page one you have the greatest chance for your readers to find your content.

5) Paid Advertising

Coka-Cola on red billboard sign regarding paid advertising sample

Paid advertising is when you pay for online ads to promote a product or service online.

You can place Ads on websites, social media, and search engines.

Paid advertising is a wonderful way to reach potential new customers and make more sales.

Paid advertising can be expensive, and not all ads may work well.

For paid advertising to work, one would need to create ads that are relevant to your target audience.

Choosing the right platforms is another area that needs planning and testing.

Like PPC you may need to experiment and see which platforms work best for you.

Which platforms work best for you:

Say you want to target your advertising toward the younger generation.

Here social media like Instagram or TikTok may work better.

If you want to target your advertising toward other age groups or certain groups of people.

Here your ads might be best suited to search engines like Google as the better option.

Businesses also need to track their ad campaigns and see how well they’re working.

Using free tools like Google Search Console can show you how many people are clicking on the ads.

This is a great way to see want is working well and what you may need to focus less on.

To sum it up, paid advertising can be a powerful strategy to use.

It can be expensive if you don’t plan a strategic budget as not all ads may be successful.

6) Influencer Marketing

Words influencer in block letter on brown desk

Another strategy is Influencer marketing.

Here you can receive endorsements from those high up the ladder who show an expert level in their fields.

This could be an organization or a particular person a great example is Tony Robbins.

So, to be an influencer marketer, you need to show a certain expertise in your field.

If you have this authority you can connect with other influencers in the same field.

From there you can also join an influence network.

To join such a network your network will need to be large.

As an example, Instagram requires you to have more than five thousand followers.

Influencers work well together to help promote each other’s products or services online.

7) Content Marketing

Words content marketing in black on white background with laptop

Content Marketing although not the same as Affiliate marketing,

Although both work well side by side there are differences within each other.

Let’s start with content marketing and what is it.

Without content marketing, affiliate marketers will struggle.

That’s how important it is.

Content marketing is what it sounds like it is about creating content.

The main aim of content creation is connecting to your audience.

The content you create is around the chosen niche for your website.

Content marketing revolves around two main categories.

Information content and commercial content

Informational content

When first starting a new website, the content you create should be informational only.

There is no commercial intent, so no selling, no affiliate links, etc.

Reasons why Informational content is important.

Creating informational content when first starting a website is important for several reasons:

  1. You are establishing yourself as an expert in the field relating to your niche.
  2. You gain credibility and trust with your audience.
  3. Improves search engine optimization (SEO). Using relevant keywords can help improve your ranking for the content created.
  4. Informational content can generate more traffic to your site.
  5. Visitors are more likely to stay longer on your site due to the help you are providing.
  6. Helps to increase your brand and build a loyal following.

Commercial content:

Reasons why Commercial content is important.

  1. Commercial or promotional content is about promoting products or services.
  2. Helps persuade potential customers to take action based on the information you provide.
  3. Commercial content helps to increase conversions when done right.
  4. Creating high and relevant content can boost your brand recognition
  5. Good keyword research will help improve your SEO and Rankings
  6. Commercial content also can provide value for your audience.

8) Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing in block letter with blue background

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies available.

As an affiliate, the final aim get commissions from the merchant you are promoting for.

Yet this is where many fail due to selling for the sake of it and not helping their readers.

It is here where content marketing blends well with affiliate marketing.

While content marketing has two main areas as mentioned above this is where the two work side by side.

It is here when the two blend together to give an affiliate marketing the edge over others.

One of the main reasons why affiliate marketers fail is that they are selling only and not helping.

The information content is vital for affiliate marketing for the same reasons below.

Helping not selling

The goal may be to make money online but making money should not be the focus.

It might sound strange for a newbie to read that statement.

Yet your aim should be on helping not selling.

That is what affiliate marketing is about, with an emphasis on helping your readers.

It is here where good keyword research comes in along with seeing what people are also asking online.

A good example is on Google with people also asking along with forums like Reddit, and Quora.

Top 10 reasons why affiliate marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing:

1) Low Start-Up Costs

Compared to other business ventures online you don’t need an arm or leg to do affiliate marketing.

You can start with affiliate marketing with little investment.

If you have a computer and an internet connection you are halfway there!

2) No Employees

Affiliate marketers don’t have to worry about hiring staff.

This means no added expenses for sick leave, holidays superannuation, and more.

3) No Inventory, No Shipping, No Customer Service

As an affiliate, you don’t need to store products or deal with logistics or customer service.

There is no need to deal with the financial aspects or customer queries. That is the job of the merchant you are an affiliate for.

All you do is create content on your niche website and help your readers find what they are seeking online

4) Earn While You Sleep

One of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing is your website is live 24/7.

Because your site is live 24/7 it gives you the opportunity to reach customers on a worldwide level.

5) Work from Home

Working from home is the perfect way to become successful as an affiliate marketer.

Yet you can also do this part-time while still in your current job.

To think no more commuting to work there and back.

No traffic to worry about saving you those anger and frustration driving.

No need to worry about the cold or rainy day travel on the bus or train in the cold days let alone finding a place to sit.

No work business work attire required, you can work in your pajamas if you want.

One very important part is more time for your family pets included.

6) You Have Complete Time and Freedom

As an affiliate marketer, you are able to select your hours and work where you want.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop at least.

This gives you all the freedom and being able to set your hours gives you added time for other areas in life.

You still have to put in the work and effort as affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-scheme.

The great part is you work to live not live to work.

7) You can write your own paycheck

There is no limit on how much you can earn online as an affiliate marketer.

It is up to you to select the amount on your own paycheck.

The more you put in the greater the benefit for you.

You can work part-time or full-time even if you have a job already work your own hours where you can.

8) Turn your passions into profits.

Here is a wonderful statement to answer the above point.

“If you find the job that you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

This is one of the great parts of affiliate marketing.

You can create a website and talk about your passions or hobbies that you can share online.

There are many people worldwide that have the same passions or hobbies.

So what not share your knowledge and make money in the process?

9) Previous or extra skills not required

Of course, if you have particular skills and talents online is great.

But affiliate marketing doesn’t need you to have any skills or technical knowledge.

All you need is a passion for your niche and the drive to succeed.

Getting step-by-step training on how to do affiliate marketing will benefit you more.

10) Secondary source of income

Starting up as an affiliate marketer doesn’t need you to leave your current job

You can do it as a side hustle for extra income, you can supplement more income on top of your retirement payments.

The many strategies given will only increase your success online with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more on how to build an online business you can check out my No 1 Recommend Training platform.

The Right Way to Online Marketing

There can be many Advantages of Online Marketing and using various online marketing tools, techniques, and some online marketing strategies will help propel you further forward.

However, regardless of whether you are using certain online marketing tools or strategies or any other online marketing options becoming successful going forward will depend on you learning the Right Way To Online Marketing.

By doing this you will then gain that Advantage in Online marketing over others who may be taking shortcuts to no avail.


So now you know what online marketing is about plus using the top 8 key strategies will help you to succeed.

You will gain the authority and trust of your readers but also help you rank higher in the search engines.

Applying any or all will help you further along your online journey.

Do you have any questions on the topics discussed if so let me know in the comment section below. Further reading of interest

That will help to increase your business name and improve the brand of the product or service you provide.

By using such tools and strategies you are then able to attract the right group of people to your website generally known as visitors.

Please let me know if this has given you some further insights into learning about What is Affiliate Marketing and what are the basic fundamentals for you to go forward online.

If you wish to learn more about How to create your own online business then here is a great opportunity where you can get started for free and see if this is for you.

” Learn, Earn, and Grow Online”.

Take the opportunity. Try Wealthy Affiliate NOW.

Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve

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