Wealthy Affiliate Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Wealthy Affiliate Light At The End Of The Tunnel is a follow on from a previous post where you will learn more about how great it is to be a Wealthy Affiliate Member


In the previous post, we discussed the concerns of being scammed and asked in the beginning two questions “What is Wealthy Affiliate”? The other “Can I trust something called Wealthy Affiliate”?


Light at the End of the Tunnel.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel With Wealthy Affiliate

 Don’t worry all is not lost. 


I am pleased to announce that there is that light at the end of the Tunnel and you don’t have to float outside of your body or leave planet Earth either.

You see when I heard those words Wealthy next to Affiliate bells started to ring and they weren’t the Church bells either but I persisted.

After all those scams I still needed to find an answer perhaps that was wrong but was it in this case?


After what I went through and I know some other members here in WA also had similar experiences.

Some suffered greater losses than I. Some woke up from their dream world quicker than I did and fortunately many others got to this great training group without issues and I am so glad they did.

After being scammed, of course, I was a bit skeptical so this time I did some further research (which I wish I did on the others I would have saved so much money not to mention the unnecessary stress).

But that was my hard lesson in life to learn but you don’t need to do the same.


Ticks of Faith Restored


What I found was that This was not a get rich scheme”.

So let’s lay it out in the open for all to see

If you are still looking for the fast bucks then you are wasting your time not mine I will still be here with my solid foundation and earning an income.

You are welcome to come back but you will still need to build that solid foundation even then it’s just that it will take you longer because you gave up now and went away.

Also, it is stated that you will not (most likely) make money within the first few months (it took me around the 6th month some earlier some a bit longer.

Remember everyone is different they also have different lives to live as well (But I took my time) as you need to build a solid foundation for the future just like a building.


To build a solid foundation takes time



If you build a house do you live in the house before the base foundation is made?

What about the walls and roof?

Do you live in it before they are up and secured because if you do then you are living an insecure world of the Get Rich fantasy world where you will stay left out in the cold as you have no solid protections around you?

Do you remember the story of the Three Little Pigs and the type of houses they had?

But the way many people were smug before the financial crisis as well until the NY stock exchange collapsed.

Some Big business didn’t take advice their walls came tumbling down because they weren’t solid enough.

So the statement “This is not a get rich scheme”.


Honesty (1st tick of faith restored).


Free to Join

I found out that you could join WA for free and become a starter member when you join.

I never ever needed to use my credit card not even to give details of any part of it either.

All I did was fill in my some basic details, create a password and a member username that you will be using this is a permanent username so choose wisely no rude or immoral name as we also have some youngster as members as well.

By the way, anyone caught trying to scam members or self-promoting to other members is not allowed and will be taken off the site.

That’s another bonus of wanting to join. WA doesn’t like scammers.

I also created a short description of myself on the site so the members already there know who I am that’s it.


Truth (2nd tick of faith restored).


You are given 7 days to try this out with Premium member status so you can check it and try it out and see if you like it or not.

Suggestion:  When you join as a starter member I suggest you learn as much as you can during those 7 days.

Also, take some time to look around the site and also other members training or blogs.

This will also give you much-added knowledge on what is available should you wish to be serious later and want to create your own business. 


Fairness (3rd tick of faith restored).

Upon Joining


You are also given 2 free websites with free hosting and 20 lessons to start off with.

The first course will help you create a website and have it running live within a few days.

There is also a video here to show you how quick a WordPress website can be set up and running live within as little as 30 sec.


Faith (That was definitely the 4th tick of faith restored).

Your choice and your choice only.

After the 7 days of the bonus period when you join for free, you have a decision to make based on what choice you want.

1. You can continue as a free member (but obviously the premium bonus would not be available as that was only for the first 7days and the basic options are given to you).

When you are a free member you still keep using the 2 free websites and free hosting for as long as you wanted. If you decide to quit then and there or at a later time end of story and end of possible success (Your choice).



2. The other option was you can continue and become a paid Premium member.


This may help your our further when looking at the comparison between Starter and Premium.

If you take the option within the first 7 days when you first joined I will ensure that you get the first month for only $19 this can give you more time to make your decision if you so desire to stay and keep going forward towards your online success.

It took me 3 days to go premium as I could already see the benefit and I am glad I did.

That’s already saved me $28 for the first month and the same saving I will give to you for the same decision if you take the offer within 7 days not to mention a bonus waiting for you when you do become Premium.

After that, the monthly fee is $49 but for that, you get 12 training courses that have 60 lessons in total compared to 2 courses of 20 lessons when I started.


With the payment of $49 per month, you can have another choice of going yearly instead which can save you around $207 for the year.

This is how it works out $19 for the first month if you take the 7 days option then $49 per month after that that for the year adds up to $558 per year.

Now if you take up the offer and go yearly straightaway during the 7-day offer it will cost you $329 per year.

So you can pay $558 per year or $329 per year which will save you $229. Again your choice.

Again your choice.

There is no pressure to go yearly you can stay as a monthly member I guess that depends on if you want to save money or not.

But the way I will make sure that should you go yearly with the options I just gave you that will be the same price you paid each year.

There will be no increases.


Thought I might be honest with you on that option to your choice as well.

Not to mention all the extra live training videos, the training by other members along with the support of the fellow community members who just like you is there to learn how to earn and grow their online presence while supporting each other regardless of their skills levels.

That’s why I said earlier to look around during your first 7 days to see what else is available for your learning. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of learning available to you not to mentions the other resources as well.

More resources are also planned for 2015 from the owners Kyle and Carson.


Freedom to Choose: The final 5th tick of faith restored with no pressure on which choice I make be it as a starter, premium, monthly or yearly.


Where are you going to get expert help at no extra cost?

You see some are newbies others are experts within the online world the same support is given to all at no extra cost by the way.

All these are members just like you so no matter what your level is super, basic or an elite online marketer with all the technical knowledge members are here to help out where they can and it cost you nothing for that.

The other support you get is you have a real support team that actually replies back to you and fixes any issues you may need them for. 

Oh, the owners also put more than their 2 cents worth in as they too help answer questions and support members during their own business schedule of running a successful business, running their own websites, looking after their families and their family here in WA.

Talk about being busy yet they managed to do all that so why can’t we manage to be successful without the extra load they have? It is not impossible.

There is much more about this great place but that is for another blog in the near future but I guess you may need to join for free to find all the options available.

I have mentioned other parts on some pages here as well plus you can also check out the difference between a starter member and premium members.



Please do give it a try as I stated it really is free to join and try out.

If you feel you don’t want to be successful after the 7 days then don’t be successful and that will be the end of it.

No one will be chasing or hunting your down but you will always be welcome back should you change your mind.

 I look forward to sending you a welcome note when you join and should you become a premium within that first 7 days as mention above I will send you that bonus I mentioned earlier.


Always Strive to Succeed and you will Achieve



2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  1. Kristina

    Hi Andre, this is great information!
    Finding a good and helpful community when you want to build your own website is so important and there are so many scammers out there who will rip you off in an instant.
    Especially if you are a newbie and not that tech savvy you really need a lot of good help and no get-rich-quick scammers!
    Regards, Kristina

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Kristina

      Thanks for the visit.

      Yes one vital part many may not realize is that having a community that can help you along your journey with your business website development can have such a positive effect in moving forward.

      The good part of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a scam free environment and anyone trying to do so are banned.

      This is great especially for newbies as you so correctly stated and also if you not as tech savvy as me the amount of training you get help is second to none.

      This is not a get rich scheme but a way to learn the right way with any online or even affiliate marketing.

      They will teach you how to build your website and build a solid foundation.

      You certainly will learn earn and grow here but only if you want to go forward and be successful.

      There is no push button techniques but by your own effort with the backing of so many community member plus the founders do a lot of work helping your out.

      Thank you once again I treasure your visit

      Look forward in hearing more from you and your own success with your site booksforthenewage.com truly a wonderful place to go for self-learning and more.

      Take care be well Kristina



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