What is the Difference Between Mindset and Attitude?

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What is the Difference Between Mindset and Attitude? Mindset is how you perceive yourself and the world, and attitude is how you react to it. Both can change.

Mindset and attitude can be both positive and negative depending on the way you think, feel, and act.

You should ask yourself.

Do I have a positive or negative mindset?

Depending on your answer, that will determine your attitude to life.

The question is which way are you heading or living now?

Remember you are in control

How you act and feel is always under your control.

If your life needs to change for the better then change your mindset and attitude to life.

As Dr. Wayne Dwyer once stated

Image of Dr. Wayne Dwyer with Blue skies and white clouds in background with statement of When you Change the way you look at things the thing you look at willl change

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”.

What is the difference between mindset and attitude?

Let us look at the two actions Mindset and Attitude.

What is Mindset?

Mindset relates to how you think and feel about any given situation.

This could be about yourself or anything outside like the world in general.

Having a certain type of mindset can influence how people react and behave in a range of situations.

Depending on the type of mindset you have can also determine success or failure in what you do in life.

Mindset can influence how people behave in a wide range of situations in life.

Depending on the way you think, feel, and act, both mindset and attitude can be positive or negative.

If you are having a positive attitude, your mindset will be positive.

If your mindset is negative, then your attitude will be negative.

So how come we have such a huge difference between these two qualities?

2 Types of Mindsets

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There are two types of mindset, fixed and growth mindset.

Some may have a variation but it is not an actual mindset on its own.

But regardless of the mindset, it boils down to two things.

A positive mindset helps you to reach your goals in life.

While a negative mindset can hold you back.

Yet through practice and effort, your mindset can change for the positive.

Here are the two types of mindsets.

Two types of Mindset Fixed and Growth shone two images of person with a fixed mindset with blue and while background the second in reddish orange backgroun with a growth mindset indicating a growing brain similare to the growth of a tree.

Fixed mindset

People with a fixed mindset have the belief that any skills and abilities can’t change.

As the old saying goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

I’m not good enough at this field.

This is a typical trait of a fixed mindset.

Your ability to learn and change doesn’t exist or you have reached your limits when you reach a certain age.

They believe you are stuck with what you have and that’s it.

Such people tend to avoid challenges or when faced with one give up.

Fixed mindset responses

This is too hard for me.

I don’t have time.

I can’t make it better.

Again, I made a mistake.

She’s so smart, I will never be like her.

This is hopeless, I give up.

Growth mindset

Here with have the opposite of the fixed mindset attitude.

A growth Mindset is the belief that there is always room for improvement and can change at any given time.

Those with a growth mindset understand that what you have now can change for the better.

You can improve what’s needed to move forward in all levels of life.

You are not limited by your fixed beliefs.

This is where your success comes to the fore.

When you have a growth mindset you don’t see failure as the final outcome.

Instead, you see them as stepping stones to learn from and grow as a result.

Yes, there may at times involve hard work and effort but to want to succeed in anything is life that is the way to go.

You want to learn, you make changes that are necessary, and move forward to make it happen.

You find ways to overcome those stubborn obstacles.

If at times it takes a bit longer so be it, yet those with a growth mindset continue until the goal has come to fruition.

Growth mindset responses

What I’m missing here?

I’m on the right track!

I will use and apply some of the strategies I have learned.

I can always improve, so I’ll keep trying.

Mistakes help me to learn better.

Is this my best work or where or how can I improve it more?

This may take some time and effort but I am willing to make it happen.

A variant of a growth mindset

Although this is not a mindset itself but is a variant of a growth mindset.

Innate Growth mindset.

An innate growth mindset is not a third type of mindset, but rather a variation of the growth mindset.

This is like a growth mindset but a belief that one can change and learn more.

They know and accept that through hard work and effort, one can change.

This type of mindset suggests that the growth mindset is a natural or inherent way of thinking.

An innate mindset is a strong belief in the potential for growth and development.

One where there is a willingness to embrace challenges and learn from failures.

The Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.

5 Powerful Ways to Develop a Strong Mindset

1 Be kind and start working on yourself

image of young person being kind to oneself blue background with self self talk on various ways to think positive

Treat yourself well and know you are worth it. Give gratitude for all you have and all you will receive ahead of time.

Learn to acknowledge your strengths but also your weaknesses as well. Know there is always room for improvement.

Be kind to yourself by acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

No one is perfect so don’t get all beat yourself up. “If you realize you make a mistake be honest with yourself.

Fix what you can, but don’t blame others for it.

Learn from your mistakes so they don’t happen again. Don’t let failure or defeat define who you are.

If you fall down 100 times, then get up 101 times and move forward.

If anything can be learned from negative experiences, it’s how to handle them better in the future.

2. Learn from those with a positive mindset

Two women talking live with mikes and setup on positive mindset

The best way to develop a strong mindset is to learn from those who developed a positive mindset.

You can read various books on mindset, and even learn from motivational authorities with self-talk on the subject.

These are the people who have created positive mindsets and succeeded in life and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

By reading positive and motivational books, you will see what a growth mindset can do and also have the right attitude.

At times, there may be things outside of our control, as we can’t control everything.

Yet with the right positive mindset and determination, you can overcome such obstacles.

You gain a realistic outlook on life.

You can read more here of must-read books of people who overcame adversity and those with a growth mindset who succeeded in life.

You can read more here about must-read books about people who created a positive mindset and succeeded in life.

3. Face Your Fears

Man holding tourch while on Elephant facing his fears seeing a large Tiger.

Everyone has something they’re scared of.

But did you know that facing your fears can actually help you grow?

It’s true!

When you confront your fears, learn from them, not live them again. Use it to motivate you to become a better you.

Never allow your fears to control you.

Instead, acknowledge them and give thanks for the opportunity.

Past fears that show up again are trying to show you the lessons needed to reach your goals in life.

4. Think Positive Thoughts

Person cutting parts of work from I can't do it to I can do it think positive

Negative thoughts can make you feel stressed and anxious.

But you can work on yourself by challenging negativity, and then expect good things to happen.

In other words, don’t focus on the bad things in life; instead, focus on the good.

When you change your focus, you are able to bounce back regardless of any setbacks.

Changing your focus to a positive mindset will give greater

5. Imagine Your Success

Child with helmet, goggles and camera flying in the clouds sitting on a suitcase while pointing and imaging success in life.

Do you want to reach the dreams and goals you have in life?

If you do, then start to believe in yourself first.

To visualize success, be creative and use your imagination by seeing and feeling it happen. The stronger it feels, the more real it becomes. By doing so you plant that feeling deep into your mind.

Give that visualization a real feeling when you reach your goals.

The more you visualize this happening, the stronger your mind will become.

You will see yourself as more active in life than a victim of life.

Remember, success can take time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight but the more you focus and work on it things will change for the better.

This is only a start but a powerful one at that.

As you build your positive habits the stronger you become and the happier you will be.

How Your Mindset Can Affect Your Success

The type of mindset you currently have will show you where you are heading in life.

The issue is which is it, positive or negative?

The way you think and act in life can show you if it is a positive or negative mindset.

It will determine if you are heading forward in a positive direction or falling over.

Now depending on the type of mindset you have, it can either change your life for the better or keep you down and out.

By having a positive mindset, you see things in a different light.

You will have higher expectations of yourself and others.

But, with a negative mindset, you will see things and have lower expectations of yourself.

Positive Mindset vs. Negative Mindset

Tree in the shape of two heads on the lett relates to fixed mindset bare and nothing happening on the right relates to growth mindset growing stronger

With a positive mindset, you want to achieve what it is in life, you know and believe that there is no reason why you can’t do it.

When you put your mind to it, you become more determined to achieve your goals.

You also believe nothing can stop you from making it happen.

On the other side, someone with a negative mindset believes that everything can and will go wrong.

Most often those with a negative mindset tend to give up and feel there is no hope of trying anymore.

How Mindset Affects Success


A positive mindset encourages you to achieve your goals.

A negative mindset can hold you back.


Having a positive mindset helps to build up your self-confidence and self-esteem.

A negative mindset lowers your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Stress Management:

A positive mindset leads to a better ability to deal with stresses and setbacks.


A positive mindset helps you to find your vision and your best self.

Strong personality:

A positive mindset helps you to develop a strong personality.

What is Attitude?

An attitude is the way our minds think and respond to something, and it’s our general outlook on life.

Attitudes are something you develop based on your learning experiences in life.

The good news is they can change.

You can change your current attitude to a positive one.

Achieving this is through observation, interaction, and experience in life’s teachings.

Ways To Develop a Positive Attitude

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others:

This is a big issue with many,

Why is there a need to compare yourself with others?

There is only one of you.

Everyone is different and at different learning stages and levels in life.

So why compare yourself to others?

If something doesn’t work out or meet your expectation don’t stress.

Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel worst.

This can affect your thoughts about yourself along with what abilities you have.

Or even cancel out what you thought you had.

Having a positive mindset means having a healthy approach to life.

It can help us achieve success in everything we do.

This can be in careers, relationships, or life in general.

With a positive outlook on life, we handle challenges better.

Which results in achieving greater things.

The Relationship Between Attitude and Mindset

Attitude and mindset are not the same but can relate to each other.

Attitude is how we act in the world, while mindset is our approach to life.

If we have a positive mindset, we approach life with a positive attitude.

With a negative attitude, we tend to have a negative mindset.

Which can lead to failure and disappointment.

The Difference Between Attitude and Mindset

Attitude is a person’s perception of the world or their “way of looking at things.”

Mindset is a set of beliefs about oneself, and the world around us.

This comes from life experiences as we grow in life.

Attitudes can change through training or guidance.

Mindset is more like a state of mind that can be harder to change for some.

Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Attitude

For some, mindset can be harder to change or adapt to, but it is not impossible.

To create a positive attitude toward life, we need at times to hard work to make it happen.

The more we do the easier it becomes to change our beliefs and thinking.

It’s important to understand ourselves before trying to reach for new things.

Why are Attitude and Mindset Important?

As we learn to have a better attitude about ourselves our mindset starts to improve.

As our mindset improve our confidence increases.

As our confidence increases, we approach whatever lies before us in a positive frame of mind.

With this knowledge, we can achieve what our minds set out to do.

We learn to understand more about ourselves and begin to accept others in a much better light.

Our attitude is the way we act and our mindset is our approach to life.

To overcome the many challenges in life, achieve our goals, and be able to live a fulfilling life.

Then we need to reset our thinking to a positive attitude and mindset.

Thoughts on Attitude:

Having a positive attitude and mindset can help us live better lives.

You start to enjoy life more and are able to handle any challenges in a better light.

By doing so you are able to achieve the goals you set in life with passion and determination.

So although to some that may be the same they are not.

Yet changing our mindset can lead to a more positive attitude, and working hard to change

The more we do the easier it becomes to change our beliefs and thinking.

It’s important to understand ourselves before trying to reach for new things.


Having a positive attitude and mindset can help us live better lives.

You start to enjoy life more and are able to handle any challenges in a better light.

By doing so you are able to achieve the goals you set in life with passion and determination.

So although to some that may be the same they are not.

Yet changing our mindset can lead to a more positive attitude, and working hard to change.

Strive to succeed and you will achieve
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