Gold Growing On Trees Not Money


Gold growing on Trees, not Money. Understand the growth cycle of a tree learn how to apply these principles, build a strong business foundation and earn online.


For the Eucalyptus tree to survive a long time it needs to have a solid foundation to make it strong and tall.

In the process, it is able to adjust to the current conditions and as it does, by steady growth is able to absorb the gold within its roots that bring this beauty to its leaves.


Now image this tree is your current or newfound business.


Learn how to grow your own website, in the process, instead of growing gold you will have the opportunity to earn an income as you learn the right way working online.

It’s a simple process just Learn, Earn and Grow just like the Eucalyptus Tree did.

Eucalyptus Trees Absorb Gold into their leaves not money.

Eucalyptus Trees Absorb Gold growing into their leaves not money




 So Gold Found Growing on Trees?


Yes, Gold has been found growing in the roots, bark and leaves of Eucalyptus Trees would be closer to the mark mainly on the leaves.

It was Geoscientists that made such remarkable discovery as minute traces of Gold particles were found in the leaves of some Eucalyptus Trees in Australia.

The area is around the Kalgoorlie Goldfields of Australia and to some extent shrubs growing around them as well. As a result of this amazing discovery, the Geoscientists managed to receive and learn vast amounts of knowledge.

This could have a large impact on the mining exploration companies in the future.


Such a discovery has given mining companies a new outlook on new ways of searching for gold.

One that can take place above the ground first rather than automatically drilling into the ground.

This can reduce so much unnecessary damage to the land as well as it’s surroundings.

Diagram of Gold being absorbed via the roots of the Trees.

Diagram of Gold being absorbed via the roots of the Trees.

In the detailed diagram, it shows how Gold grows on trees.

(To see larger version click the diagram) as the trees are sitting on top of gold deposits that is buried deep underground, up to 30 metres (about 98.5 feet).

During times of drought (which can be long) these trees search for moisture via their roots system.

Some of the roots go much deeper into the ground (refer diagram) in search for more moisture.

In the process of absorbing the moisture, the gold particles are also taken up by the roots of the tree.

This is then carried all the way to the top into the leaves.



Before you decide to go prospecting in the Goldfields with the hope of growing your own trees or plucking leaves from the trees in the area.

Remember that if you are thinking of getting cash fast this way it most likely won’t happen.

According to the Geoscientists you would need to harvest about 500 trees growing over a gold deposit site just to make a gold ring.

So don’t grab that passport just yet unless you want to visit my beautiful country then, by all means, you are most welcome.

It might be more prudent to look at other opportunities to make money.


Even Harry Potter had to go to the bank to get his cash from Gringotts, there was no wand waving for any instant cash there.

No push button techniques, no easy money making techniques.

That just doesn’t exist and if anyone told you otherwise they are like Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

So what does gold growing on trees have to do with having an online business?


As I stated in the beginning that by understanding the growth cycle of the Eucalyptus tree.

You will Learn how to Earn and Grow your online business.

From the roots up. But this time with money.

Clicking the Getting Started link below will show you not only how to get started with your future in online marketing but also will show you how you can learn, earn and grow in more ways than one.


Getting Started – How to start a Future.


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To your success and good fortune in all, you do in life.

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42 thoughts on “Gold Growing On Trees Not Money

  1. Andrea Gerak

    Now this was a very interesting read, thank you Andre! Isn’t it amazing to see where can one find gold? In every sense 🙂

    1. admin

      Hi Andrea;
      Thank you for the visit very much appreciated.
      Yes it is amazing how the process of gold can be brought into the roots system of a tree and end up in the leaves.
      That’s why when I read about this incredible method I could see the same type of technique being used with growing up a business.
      Really it’s not much different the procedure is pretty much the same.
      The trees learns that to get deeper down to the moisture it will need to dig deeper but doing so it also builds a stronger foundation.
      As it digs deeper through the absorption process it earns a bonus in the fine particles of the gold this way it earns while it is learning to build.
      As through all of this it is still able to grow tall. By not giving and looking more like a weeping willow it strives to go forward and continued it’s search for moisture.
      A search that will yield the best results in the long term as it’s foundation will now become strong and continue along it’s success in surviving the elements around it.
      All this is just like a business.
      Learn Earn Grow not much different be it a tree, a business or even in other ways in life.
      Anytime you wish to visit again please do so and you are welcome to let your friends know about this website
      Many thanks again Best wishes for you success in life
      Take care blessing you.

  2. JennPGD

    Hi Andre,
    Dropping by to say hello. Hope all is well on your site.

    1. Andre Post author

      Hello Jenn good to hear from you. Yes all is going well here. Much to do as always but loving it.
      Thank you for dropping be wishing you well in all you do in life.
      Please visit more often.
      Look after yourself take care be well and sending blessing to you.

  3. Gary


    What a very interesting read, I had never heard of this gold absorption process, but what a great way to detect gold below the ground.

    As for the moral of the story developing an online business, while avoiding the Wolves, is surely the wise way to go.

    Thanks for the great information and the nicely laid out site, my best,


    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Gary
      Thank your for your visit to my site, appreciated.
      Yes when I found out the gold absorption process I couldn’t believe it either it really is fascinating of how this works without human intervention.
      I am hoping that the mining companies take a very strong interest in this occurrence.
      I am sure it will save a lot of unnecessary damaged to the environment not to mention a reduction in costs with some of the equipment.
      And yes as you have seen the growth cycle is really not much different to growing your own online business. Feel free to revisit and let your friends know.
      Take care and be well.


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